Shit, win a natty, and somebody will probably put him up for an Augusta National membership.


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14 responses to “Fore!

  1. Maybe not ANGC, but I bet the Cousins’ family would probably say, “Come out to East Lake anytime, JT.”

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  2. DawgStats

    This is only way I can see Dash. Thanks. Not missing much I guess.

    Kiiiiiiiiddddingggg. He’s great


  3. Ran A

    LOL! So true…


  4. bucketheridge

    I think Billy Payne could push that nomination through.

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  5. Salty Dawg

    LOL Senator!


  6. JT, no sandbagging allowed…just go all out, all the time and take us to the promise land.


  7. rugbydawg79

    Man this dude is on a ride.


  8. Ole Dokes

    “Golfing” should be outlawed as a verb in the South…

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  9. MGW

    He’s got the mentality for it for sure. He’s also probably one of those ass holes who starts shooting in the 80’s in like his third round just on sheer athleticism.


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