Had you going there for a second.

This is pretty good.


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13 responses to “Had you going there for a second.

    • Down Island Way

      Little nicky shoulda’ wore that one out, “let get back to you after i google”, offered the reporter an analyst position, “how’d you get past security” and so on…

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  1. Sweet D

    Maybe we are seeing the softening of Saban. Sorta like when your mean ass dad became this sweet grandfather. And you’re like, who tf is this guy?

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    • MGW

      I don’t know, I kind of got a “don’t you dare try to talk football with me like you’re on my level or I’m going to embarrass you” vibe.

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      • rigger92

        Yeah, there is a little snark there. He probably was thinking “that’s an odd question considering it’s a media event”. Seemed kind of out of place to me.



    “WGAS what the Big 12 says?” Am I doing this right?


    • rigger92

      Yes, at least as far as I can tell. If I knew better I would say that using 12 sets in the big12 would be unusual but that’s just a guess.


  3. mddawg

    Happy Nick Saban is scarier than Angry Nick Saban.

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  4. Russ

    Surprised he didn’t storm out of the presser. The guy had the gall to call him “Nick”.

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  5. Salty Dawg

    I’ll admit I took it hook, line, and sinker! LOL


    • bucketheridge

      Same here Salty Dawg.

      If he told me that wide receivers play under center then I’d question it myself, at least for a moment.


  6. godawgs1701

    “At Big 12 media days last week, back when they were still a conference…”