BREAKING: bummer

Saying this sucks doesn’t do it justice.

Needless to say, it’s not hard to figure what the subject of tomorrow’s MPC will be.

RIP, Charlie.


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    Agree, drummer since 1963…the year I was born…I feel a little older today.

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  2. gurkhadawg



  3. Salty Dawg

    Thanks, Charlie, for your music! RIP

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  4. waltergeiger

    he was the absolute best! RIP


  5. mg4life0331

    Jfc Senator. I’m at work and my internet is slow. All I saw was the header and thought about our wideouts.

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  6. Morris Day

    Just damn.


  7. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Charlie Watts was 80. Man… the Stones are all really old. It’s no longer a joke everyone makes because they’re touring in their 60’s or whatever. You think because they toured for so long and kept touring, and you’d joke about how old they were that it gave them armor against time. But time is no longer on their side, and I say that with affection and wistfulness.

    When I was younger I never appreciated the Stones the way I do now that I’ve spent the last 15 years building a classic vinyl collection.

    Tough day.

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    • fisheriesdawg

      It’s for that very reason that we’ve decided to take our 7-year olds to the Stones show in November on a school night. They’re not really ready for it yet, but if we wait until they’re really ready to go they probably won’t ever get a chance to say they saw the Rolling Stones (minus Charlie, sadly).

      Gonna be quite the story for them to tell people when they’re in their 70s, kinda line someone in my parents’ generation being able to say they saw Hank Williams when they were a kid (cue Waylon singing about his dad taking him to see Hank in Lubbock, but he didn’t show). Y’all just pray for us that we don’t have any meltdowns.

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      • waltergeiger

        i took my daughters when they were about 16 and 12 to a show at the joke by coke. they are 25 and 21 now and they still talk about that night. both are into vinyl and old school rock.

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    • unionjackgin

      It was a joke because we lost too many rock stars at a young age and it seemed ridiculous for them to keep touring.

      But as social attitudes about aging, vitality and the importance of an active, passion-filled lifestyle are key to living longer, I think we should applaud them for touring and making new music.

      Godspeed Mr. Watts …

      On a side note, two other mainstays of music stages are calling a close to their career.

      Tony Bennett has retired at age 95 –

      Also, Wanda Jackson, who decided to go on tour with Elvis rather than attend her high school graduation, just released her final album last Friday. It was produced by Joan Jett.

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    • Don in Mar-a-Lago

      Tough day.

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  8. kokainmothershed

    Not to make light of one’s passing, but I imagine most of us that clicked here are relieved it isn’t something impacting the Dawgs. Personally, I was fretting, “whose ACL now?”

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  9. Texas Dawg

    Sadly, given the age of most of our musical icons along with the wear and tear they put on their bodies when younger this will be happening frequently in the next few years. See all of them you can, while you can because time is running short my friends. If this next round of Delta Covid doesn’t screw it up, I have a list of must sees that will be touring soon. Doobies (with Michael McDonald and Tom Johnston), Genesis (Banks, Collins/Collins, and Rutherford) and a few others that I missed when younger. I missed seeing Bob Seger before he quit touring (at least he’s still alive) so I don’t plan to make that kind of mistake again. I will be skipping the one’s that are the Classic Rock band in name only with little to no original members remaining (ie Foreigner-only original is Jones and he is out from time to time)


  10. Mary Columbia Cty Office

    Oh my – my favorite band was the Stones. I grew up in the 70s and early 80s with my dads Beatle’s albums but my roommate in College had me switch over. I think you can love both. Saw the Stones in 89 and maybe 94(?) in Atlanta. My old Boss saw The Stones in 1975 in Chicago for what was rumored to be their last tour. Somehow, Keith Richard survives. Sad Day.

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  11. This hits like a big bass drum. I’ll listen to the RS catalogue all the more intently now, Mr. Watts.

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  12. RangerRuss

    RIP Charlie Watts.

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  13. hassan

    Between Dusty Hill and Charlie Watts, heaven has a new rhythm section.

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  14. artistformerlyknownasbman

    He stayed in the pocket for longer than I’ve been alive. He was the decent one of the bunch – probably the only one that didn’t deserve to pass away. He will be sorely missed. Keith Richards has said on occasion that if Charlie ever left the band, that would be the end of it. As much as I love them, after this upcoming mini-tour with Steve Jordan on drums, I’m inclined to think it’s time to close up shop.


  15. Journalists reached out to Keith Richards for comment, but nobody could understand a damn word he said.

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  16. Scotty King

    A great quote (can’t remember the source) about The Stones and Charlie:

    “Mick and Keith want to be each other and they all want to be Charlie”.

    Just a class act in an industry with very few.

    From “Shine A Light”:

    May the good Lord shine a light on you
    Make every song your favorite tune
    May the good Lord shine a light on you
    Warm like the evening sun

    BTW, I thought the Dawgs had another injury when I saw the header.

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  17. cowetadawg

    Damn. Just damn. Class act all around. His steady beat in “Miss You” under the bass and solos just made that song IMO. I could go on, but I’m too bummed to try.

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  18. Along with the standard well-wishes for the man, his family and his legend, I’d love to see a question about which band was most defined by its drummer. I could spend a full day’s worth of otherwise billable hours on the question Senator.

    And yes, RIP, Charlie.

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  19. akascuba

    Very sad day indeed truly the end of a remarkable band and era of rock and roll. Seems I’m getting older faster now.

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