Today, in what could have been

One more thing from that Dawgs247 piece about the returning starters — from Stetson Bennett’s section:

Bennett had one of the most efficient seasons in program history. His 9.97 yards per attempt was good for No. 3 in the country and second in program history behind Aaron Murray in 2012. His 176.69 passer rating was No. 4 in the country and best in program history. His 86.7 QBR was No. 3 in the country and No. 2 in program history, behind Murray (2013 – 88.1).

Just a reminder about a couple of things… One, in 2012, Georgia led the nation in offensive yards per play.  Two, despite being decimated by injuries, including Murray’s career ending one against Kentucky (amazingly, he led the team to a touchdown after he was hurt), the Dawgs finished a credible thirteenth in that category in 2013.  That Murray kid wasn’t bad in his last two seasons.

Can you imagine what those teams might have done with a defense like the ones we’ve seen of late and a little better luck on the health front?



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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    2013 was a historic year for injuries. Wuh!


  2. gastr1

    Yeah, I’d pondered that for several years… until 2021-22 allowed me to not “what-if” it quite so much anymore. 🙂

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  3. Derek

    We were pretty good at pass defense in 2012. Rush defense was pretty atrocious. I’ve said many times that if Alabama never tries to throw it, that SECCG isn’t close. They only ever had to punt because they tried to throw.

    We dug our way out of the 2009 crater at the skilled positions, but never got there along the LOS and then we wake up in 2015 with nothing at qb and its over…

    Damn you Brice Ramsey! Or is it thank you Brice Ramsey?

    Something to ponder I suppose…

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    • D.N. Nation

      The 2012 SECCG was the peak of the Richt era, and the embodiment of it towards the end – terrific skill players, atrocious depth, not championship quality on the lines.

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      • Derek

        I’ll always believe this was peak Richt:

        From there we always came up short when it REALLY mattered, nationally anyway. Regionally and vs. our rivals we did a good job. When it came to making that next step? We always faltered one way or another.


        • row105

          a forward f**king hand off… really. Who the hell knew that was illegal .I’m lucky I’m still alive ..I damn near had a stroke after that call. Pollack handed him the ball it wasn’t a pass…..WTF. Ranks right up there with the Florida time out that negated Zeier negated touchdown . For what it’s worth you can not call time out after the ball is snapped.

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          • Derek

            Those are among the dozens of reasons that from the time the ball hit Ringo’s hands until he scored it, I had some sort of “event.” I cannot remember a play of that game except that one. After suffering through 41 years of getting kicked in the nuts I could process anything but that singular moment of joy. All my experiences told me bama would score, convert and we’d lose in OT. Its what always happened…. My nervous system simply could not process the deviation from my normal…. Stetson fucking Bennett…


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        • rigger92

          I was teaching at Lovett that year, had the game on the radio while I was making a piece of furniture in my shop and I clearly remember to this day losing my shit at the end of this game.


    • Down Island Way

      When it’s all done, we will look back and remind ourselves, it will be CKS and everyone else, that’s including Coach Dooley, Coach Butts, Coach Magill and Coach Yoclan…GO DAWGS!

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  4. D.N. Nation

    An eternal reminder that so many denizens of DawgSports loathed Murray. Just straight up hated his guts. Never missed an opportunity to demand he be benched.

    Time has vindicated him, and he seems like he’s having fun doing color for CBS B-games. A DGD unfortunately shackled to some bad luck and Grantham’s bloated carcass.

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    • Russ

      I still read similar sentiments about Bennett and our offense this year. There are a few people that still argue our offense as pedestrian despite the obvious evidence otherwise.

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      • D.N. Nation

        Tbf, I get wanting to roll with JT instead of Stetson. Obviously Stet got the ring, but he does have some limitations in areas that are JT’s strengths. (the Split Zone Duo chuckleheads acting like UGA wasn’t a good offense at all is another thing, though)

        I never got, and will continue to never get, demanding the coaches bench Murray in games he was winning for friggin Hutson Mason.

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    • unionjackgin

      I never understood why our fanbase couldn’t rally behind Murray. I guess partly it was the Mettenberger thing (given his connection to the Athletic Dept, Oconee County etc.) But Murray always just gave it everything – heck we should have just loved him for this game when I think if CMR asked him to go play defense he would played the entire game.

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  5. practicaldawg

    The stat you posted a day or two ago about how UGA has been No. 1 or 2 in tackling the last few years is the key fundamental difference between this team and CMR’s final teams in my mind. I still get giddy every time I see a Kirby-coached CB or LB tackle a WR at the LOS for no gain. That’s a tackle we used to miss constantly.

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  6. Strolling down amnesia lane isn’t as cathartic as I would have thought

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  7. Aaron Murray with this defense possibly wins a Heisman Trophy.

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  8. Munsoning

    For some reason I remember with a sinking feeling watching Murray limp-hop up to the LOS after he tore his ACL. He gave it everything he had, every game. DGD.

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  9. MGW

    Hell, give him a single hefty backup at nose guard (or some way for the D to function without Jenkins on the field) and he brings home a championship in 2012.


  10. SRO

    The 2012 team wouldn’t have even needed the entire 2021 defense. Just the DL and Lanning.

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  11. godawgs1701

    if you give that 2012 bunch any of the Kirby-era defenses, they win a national championship. I fully believe that they would have won it all even if they had the 2016 defense.

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