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Today, in tortured analogies

Tell me you don’t know shit about the history of college football’s postseason without saying you don’t know shit about the history of college football’s postseason.

All the permutations we’ve seen over the past thirty years — the Bowl Alliance, the BCS, the CFP — all those have their genesis in BYU’s 1984 national championship.  What’s happened since is nothing more than the manufacturing of a framework to make surer and surer that the powers of the sport aren’t beaten out by the BYUs of the college football world.

And why should we expect any different?  The sport is run by people who have demonstrated over and over again that their primary concern is sharing as little of the power they control with anyone outside their circle.  The CFP won’t be an exception to that.  To pretend otherwise is moronic.



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In the mix

Bill Connelly tracks the 61 best college football games of the 21st century ($$) and it says something about the Georgia program that it makes four of the top ten games on his list, three of which (Alabama 2012, Alabama 2018 and Auburn 2013) were losses.  Okay, it says a lot.

But here’s number two:

2. Georgia 54, Oklahoma 48 (Jan. 1, 2018)

This game was everything college football can be. It was stocked with future pro talent, it featured two completely different styles of offense, it was played within the Rose Bowl’s perfect confines (as were so many games on this list) and the plot twists were legion.

Oklahoma went on a 24-7 run to take a commanding lead in the second quarter, but two touchdowns in two minutes gave Georgia a sudden edge early in the fourth. But after OU tied the game with a Baker Mayfield-to-Dimitri Flowers touchdown pass, Steven Parker returned a Sony Michel fumble 46 yards to push the Sooners back ahead. A short, late Nick Chubb touchdown sent the game to overtime, and in the second OT possession, Georgia’s Lorenzo Carter blocked Austin Seibert’s field goal attempt. That gave Michel a chance to atone: His 27-yard explosion sent the Dawgs to the national title game.

Still the most thrilling Georgia win I’ve watched in person.


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Credit where credit is due.

This is quite a tweet.

“… he led UGA to first in the SEC in yards per pass attempt”?  What is Todd Monken, chopped liver?


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