There’s massive, and then there’s massive.

Chip Towers looks at how Georgia’s offensive line has trended, with the Dawgs now on their third o-line coach in four (!) years:

… Searels also has had to adjust his teachings to the wants of the head coach and offensive coordinator. Generally, he’s known for preferring that his charges be a little trimmer and well-conditioned. That runs congruent with Luke but contrasts with Pittman, who wanted his linemen as big and burly as he could get them.

… Georgia’s average offensive line size actually has trended downward since the departure of Pittman, when it was 6-5, 332 pounds, to last year’s 6-4, 314 under Luke. A big question under Searels is which way he might want to go, faster and sleeker or bigger and bulkier.

Given his first sentence, I’m not sure that’s totally Searels’ call.  Also, let’s not forget how much room is being taken up by some of the bodies stocked in the cupboard.

The presence of individuals such as Amarius Mims (6-foot-7, 330 pounds, So.), Devin Willock (6-7, 335, R-So.) and Micah Morris (6-6, 330, R-Fr.) lend a whole new meaning to the phrase “point of critical mass.”

My main observation, going back to last year’s G-Day game, is that Georgia wants offensive lineman who can pull, and by “Georgia”, I kinda mean “Monken”.  I suspect that means if they have to swap a little size for more mobility, that’s a trade they’re willing to make.  What that means in terms of how the o-line fills out… well, that’ll be something to watch, eh?



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  1. I want offensive linemen with the size and athleticism of Jordan Davis. Is that too much to ask?

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  2. Ran A

    The O-Line just might be the most talented, veteran group on the field this year. That room is loaded… If there is any area that I’m concerned about a kid leaving, it’s this one. We could lose a 5 Star QB and a 5Star Linemen (Mimms) after Spring Practice.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      …and we probably won’t miss ’em!!!!!


      • Previously Paul

        While the Alabama faithful like to blame their loss on the fact their two best receivers were lost for half a game, they fail to realize we played an entire season without our projected starters. But we had players who stepped up. Three of our touchdowns were scored by true freshmen. Our guys were ready when needed. Theirs were not. Let’s hope we continue to have the next man up ready to go.

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    • I would be very surprised to lose Mims.


      • Darin Cochran

        I don’t think Mims is going anywhere. For all the talk I’ve read so far, he’s gonna start…somewhere on the line.


  3. miltondawg

    I must admit I chuckle a little when I see the height component. Who doesn’t want, for tackles especially, tall and long players?


  4. Whiskey Dawg

    My 87 year old mother should be able to run behind this line so I’m hoping to see Kenny Mac and company have some break away runs.


  5. practicaldawg

    In fairness, there are still biological upper limits on the size of human beings. Pittman hit those limits, so the trend could at best stay flat.


  6. uga97

    Also something to consider- if new rules for incomplete passes where play clock restarts & runs may create Faux hurryups needing speedier more athletic bodies in addition to wall builders & road graders.

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