Say goodbye to Hollywood.

“No one wants the land from under them to be pulled out,” a Big Ten source said. “So everyone has to be nimble. One day, you might be saying one thing, and you mean it from the bottom of your heart. And the next day you have to flip, based on economics, based on governance, based on something.”

Hey, remember how the Big Ten and the Pac-12 were ready to go to the mat to protect their sacred interest in the Rose Bowl?  I mean, it was a strong reason they gave for their principled opposition to Greg Sankey’s 12-team CFP proposal.  So, how’s that working out these days?

The uncertainty about the future of the Rose Bowl’s place in the postseason ecosystem likely made concerns about the impact on the game from USC and UCLA’s moves less pertinent. The thought being that if the playoff is going to expand as expected, the Rose Bowl was already going to be forced to reinvent itself in order to maintain a meaningful presence.

That is some Olympic-class rationalizing there.  Bless the bottom of their little hearts!



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  1. That’s embarrassing and the whole situation in a nutshell. Meaning something from the bottom of your heart (I.e. commitment) does not mean you change it on the next whim that strikes you. Admit it’s about the money and why it’s about ONLY the money and at least you keep some integrity.

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  2. W Cobb Dawg

    The combo of USC & UCLA changing conferences, along with that awesome new indoor stadium near LAX, spells real trouble for the Pasadena Rose Bowl’s future.

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    • Russ

      That will be on-point with the rest of the rush towards NFL-Lite, but it will also be a crying shame. I love the old bowls from college football’s history, and the Rose Bowl is an absolute beauty. (Yeah, I get tired of hearing all the Big Integer-PAC Whatever blathering, but the place is gorgeous and a great place to see a game.)

      Never got to the old Orange Bowl, but I have been to the Cotton Bowl and the Rose Bowl. I loved the shitty old Gator Bowl. Great viewing lines. Never had a chance to go to the old Sugar Bowl.

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      • godawgs1701

        I’m grateful that I got a chance to see a Rose Bowl in the actual Rose Bowl and I’m glad that Georgia got a national championship before the game becomes completely unrecognizable.

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      • Illini84

        The seating in the end zone at the Rose Bowl totally sucks. I saw that they tarped the really awful seat in front of that low wall that caused everyone to have to stand up the entire game (on their seats). As much as I dislike Oklahoma i felt bad for them because, not only did the entire overtime take place in our end zone but that the one suck ass video board was at their end so they couldn’t see shit.


  3. These folks have about as much soul as a ventriloquist dummy…they espouse principles and virtues and then the very next day pull a 180…and yet they are the loudest critics on the vacillations of their students in particular their student athletes. Just ditch the bow ties and own the fact that you whore yourselves out to the highest bidder (most of us respect the sex workers more than you anyway). Just ask ole Dean Martin…

    “Fraud is such an ugly word…especially considering the large financial contribution Mr. Mellon has made.”

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  4. practicaldawg

    If it weren’t for hindsight, they’d be legally blind

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    • Down Island Way

      “you mean it from the bottom of your heart. And the next day you have to flip”…means, ya should never give someone a chance to broadcast that quote or hit that send button…


  5. godawgs1701

    … it doesn’t matter if you mean it from the bottom of your heart on Tuesday if Wednesday you’re going to just go back on it because it’s suddenly not the best possible deal anymore. You can’t get out of a marriage penalty-free just because three days later someone hotter decides they want to shack up. True, a marriage is a legal contract the “Alliance” was a press release, but if you can change what you meant from the bottom of your heart just because there’s more money in it next week, then you didn’t actually mean it from the bottom of your heart, slick. Anyone who believed you without a contract the last time was already obviously a sucker as the Senator and many others pointed out at the time. Anyone who believes anything than anyone in college football says without a binding contact next time? An unforgivable fool.


  6. bucketheridge

    I agree with your post, Senator, but the idea that the playoff will eventually kill the Rose Bowl as we know it and that there’s no way to avoid that result is correct.


  7. MGW

    “you have to flip, based on economics“

    Uh huh. Yeah, I love my family from the bottom of my heart. But, then one day you have to flip based on economics.


  8. “everyone has to be nimble” SO true there, one has to be very nimble in order to dance for the puppet masters to get your check.

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  9. Former Fan

    I didn’t think about the impact on the Rose Bowl before now. Man, talk about flushing tradition.

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  10. uga97

    Gosh to think ADs, coaches and players could moved transfer to other schools, and now it’s such a travesty that schools are moving to other conferences all because the money eventually trumped the heart. I think people think the current unrest & musical chairs in CFP, means it will not ever settle & remain perpetual like the NFL. Wrong, it will eventually settle in, the chips will fall and we will get the 8 -12 team CFP expansion by 2025, hopefully a tournament thats not governed by the current committee nor the NCAA. Hell, right now all they gotta do is renamed the conference championship games already in neutral venues to- “Qarterfinals” and were 90% done.


  11. Illini84

    Do you know that, when New Years Day, falls on Sunday they Rose Parade and game are on the 2nd. The parade scared the horses tied up for church!