A thing of beauty

Great Orange Bowl clip here:

Yeah, Monken’s play design is its usual thing (effective as hell, in other words), but man, that move Cook gives to elude the defender as he comes out of the backfield… well, it’s a joy forever.


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  1. MudCat's Mechanic

    I needed something like this on my return to work after a week off. Absolutely beautiful.

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  2. theotherdoug

    Dang. All that open space and a guy with Cook’s speed heading towards it has to be something that DCs have nightmares about.

    Where was that play design before Monken?


    • whb209

      We are going to miss Cook. He made a ton of money with his play in the last two games.
      Coach Monken also made a ton of money, and rightly so.


  3. theoriginalspike

    I was there! And it was spectacular!

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  4. In Todd we trust.

    Kirby is the best defensive-minded head coach in the game, but he made an great hire in Todd Monken. We used the wheel route more last year with the tight ends and backs than I’ve seen. The play where Cook shifts to split out wide still hasn’t been stopped. When Bama shifted to take Cook, SBIV went the other way for a screen that Ladd took to the house.

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    • Texas Dawg

      He made a great hire, but equally as important, he let him do his thing with what seems to be minimal interference.

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      • Totally agree. I think Monken would have left after 2020 if he was being handcuffed by Kirby.

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        • akascuba

          How many times was it posted by seemingly the same people here over and over that Kirby is stubborn he’ll never give up Manball. Completely agree that Monken would have left had Kirby not given him control to call his game. There used to be fear of the wheel route now it’s the other team problem. Coach Monken discovered that there was no rule against Georgia weaponizing the TE position. He and Kirby make a great combination. Looking at the now 24/7/365 nonstop recruiting cycle maybe the league is more appealing than a HC position. Hopefully it’s few more years before we find out. That cycle has to make older coaches rethink their life. Coach Luke and some of his family walked into a place where we were eating lunch a couple of weeks ago down in SE Florida he sure looked happy. Sporting a black golf shirt with a red Georgia G. . Being a retired coach with a sun tan so dark it would make many locals jealous seems to be working very well for him.


          • I think Monken probably only is responsible for QB recruiting personally and has veto rights for scholarship offers for offensive players.

            I think Kirby’s definition of manball is that we’re going to dominate the lines of scrimmage regardless of the play called. I like that.

            On Luke, he’s living the good life. Good for him!


  5. The right side of that O line though…oof.

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    And with that corner coming who blew right by our RT, it was the perfect play call at the perfect time, which matters as much as design and execution.


  7. owensborodawg

    My favorite offensive play of the entire year. Watch the long version and see Monken, Bennett and Cook toy with the defense as Cook lines up wide, then shifts to the backfield. Michigan shifts, but you can see how poor their alignment is. It was a score before the ball was ever snapped. Brilliant, beautiful, cold and brutal.

    I could post the longer clip, but the caffeine hasn’t started working yet in western Kentucky……and I’m an idiot. There’s also that.

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  8. SenorLorenzo

    We will of course no longer have Cook on this play and others like it, but we do still have Monken and Bennett, and we have Bowers and Company potentially in a 13+ personnel formation with him or Ladd having the quickness and speed to pull it off.

    While Monken’s play design and Cook’s move make this a success, and Bennett doesn’t seem to be impressively going through any kind of progressions because it appears to be to Cook all the way, it still takes some elite guts and poise to wait until the right moment to perfectly deliver the ball while knowing your gonna get lit up.

    It’s so easy to see why he gets disrespected and left off top QB lists /s

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    • Kenny McIntosh is a bigger version of James Cook. He’s a slasher with the ball in his hand, has good speed, and can really be a threat out of the backfield. He throws a pretty spiral, too.

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    • With two TEs lined-up next to each other, that edge is sealed for RPO, jet sweep, TE release, TE streak, etc. Opposing D is going to need a Nolan Smith type LB who can read and run with that formation. Not too many on the planet I know of.

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  9. Clayton Joiner

    Amen! All the Michigan fans got quite very quickly that night and the game as a whole was a thing of beauty.

    How bout them 2021 National Champion Dawgs?!

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  10. waltergeiger

    methinks we shall miss cook more than any of the other departed dawgs

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  11. godawgs1701

    We were in the upper deck of one of the end zones at Hard Rock Stadium and I loved having this angle on so many of the plays. The halfback pass in particular from behind the play was a thing of beauty. Love seeing this breakdown of this play, too. Hell, it’s nice to talk about a Georgia football play for a change instead of NIL and coaches yelling at each other and worrying about the depth chart. Starting to get excited about getting back after it again.

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  12. otto1980

    1st Monken is the best OC I’ve witnessed in Athens. Plays like this are why I would get annoyed at prior OCs for being overly focused on RBs picking up pass blocking, Yes, I understand it can be situational. However, on a 1st and 10 or 2nd and on schedule if you can make your RB a receiver threat, you can tie the defense up making them cover the entire field. If they respect this, a LB or safety does not move to cover the other receivers or is not able to rush the QB.

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    • otto1980

      I also love that the defender thinks he just beat a block to realize that he was the one getting played. TEs and RBs can be especially dangerous with this. Defenses can disguise coverages, but offenses can disguise blocking schemes.