The hangover

“Going into the game did I want to only play the starters a half? No, absolutely not. I mean, we need conditioning. The only thing we need is to play. I mean, I would love to play 15 minutes. I’m respecting my opponent and his wishes also, but we need to play football. Now, granted, you know, we’ve got some guys who have played a lot of football, and I didn’t go into the game thinking they’d play a half. I mean, I didn’t know how long they’d have to play. They’re going to play until we were comfortable in a lead to put the other guys in. We have a set of players that play regardless of the score, and then we talk about with headphones who plays as we score, as we build a lead. I just was disappointed altogether with, you know, execution would probably be the right word on offense. It just wasn’t crisp as it should be.” — Kirby Smart

Is it just me, or do you think deep down in places he doesn’t talk about at parties, Kirby Smart loves wins like yesterday’s?  You know, solid wins — and a shutout always qualifies as solid, no matter the opposition — marred somewhat by not so solid play.  It gives him something useful to motivate his team with, without the downside of a loss.

And really, I’m just talking about the offense here.  But it looked pretty obvious from where I was sitting that Georgia’s offensive players took Samford too lightly.  Understandable after their play in the opener, but disappointing nevertheless.  Run blocking was inconsistent, the downfield blocking wasn’t nearly as good as it was against Oregon, Stetson had some issues with mechanics that were causing his longer passes to sail and also made his first truly bad decision of the season on the sack he took.

Give credit where credit is due here, too.  If you want to say that Samford’s back seven was better in pass coverage than the Ducks were, you’ll get no argument from me.  It was clear Georgia’s players weren’t prepared for that possibility.

None of that is end of the world stuff.  As Smart also said after the game, “… it’s something you’ve got to be working on. And I’ll guarantee you it’s easily fixable, but a lot of it comes down to execution.”  I have the feeling there’s gonna be a lot of executing in Georgia’s practices this week, that’s for sure.


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  1. Anon

    Our run game needs to pick it up. Either our OLine isn’t finishing blocks or our RBs just aren’t elusive. Maybe we have been spoiled by our past riches at RB. But I’m not seeing it this year and it’s the most worrisome thing I see at the moment

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  2. Biggen

    Yeah it wasn’t a crisp or efficient as last weekend. That’s ok though as it’s a good teaching tool. Now Kirby can say, “You show up like that against SEC opponents and we will lose!”

    Still pretty amazing that we sleepwalk through 2 1/2 quarters before the starters are pulled, still manage over 30 points of offense, and the defense is pretty amazing. Pretty good team. Just keep em focused Kirbs!


  3. Morris Day

    “What do you think of your team’s execution coach?” To which McKay replied, “I’m in favor of it.”

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  4. jcdawg83

    A game like yesterday’s is the absolute worst thing that could happen for SC. Kirby will be “correcting” all week and the team will be hyper focused next Saturday.

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  5. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Execution? Kirby’s in favor of it. 😉


  6. practicaldawg

    It’s a luxury when a 33-0 win can be used as a loss to prep for SEC play

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  7. Hell yeah he loves it! Plenty to coach off of and learn from.

    I internally predicted a 35-7 score and the return of angst. It’s difficult to be the same every game. Kirby even said they had a great practice on Monday and a bad one on Tuesday and then brought up practice in the post game. He says a lot of coach speak that borders on corny but he also includes hard truths that we have to separate. He doesn’t ever seem to mince words or BS when he talks about practice, though.


  8. D as in Dawg

    Agreed. It’s exactly what they needed. But Samford didn’t look like a joke on defense. They had a good plan, just not enough talent to do more than slow us down. FG accuracy was great. Short at 54 was disappointing. Seems like Bowers dropped a couple he would have caught last year. Good game for him to get back in the groove. Stetson threw every pass to the Darnell Washington version of his receivers. He looked in control but high. 🙊

    That’s my take, but I was working while watching.


  9. 69Dawg

    Stetson flashed back yesterday to his “Superman Mode”, just throw the damn ball away. One thing that I noticed was the way we were playing musical chairs with the Oline. I know we need to see the different combo’s but the Rockettes don’t change dancers in the middle of a show. Considering what happened to ND, A&M, and Nebraska it went pretty well.

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  10. It looked like they were trying some new concepts and also getting reps at the interior run game that they didn’t use in game 1, but we’re doing so with an uninspired group. The O Line wasn’t getting after it, seemed a bit lacksadaisical. The pass game was off in timing and I felt bad for Robinson getting a lousy game from the line to play with. Samford had some guys on D who could lay the wood and would fit well in Kirby’s defense, but I think it’s 6 of one, half dozen of the other. I just never felt the urgency yesterday.

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  11. Well, Col. Jessup, I guess you want answers!

    These trap games, provided you can survive them (looking at you A&M) are great antipasto for an upcoming SEC main course. You don’t scheme the opponent so much as you test your playbook. Your starting qb gets 300 yds passing, you move the ball around to a lot of different receivers and you rotate your oline hoping a spark starts to emerge…all the while expecting it not to be as crisp as the previous game. You want to expose your own flaws and weaknesses…therein lies the opportunity for improvement.

    Monken will scheme USC lite’s defense and Kirby and Boom will scheme their offense pretty much all week. Rattler did not fare well with pressure against the Pittboss’s hogs…I’m sure that will it be missed by CKS and staff.

    I can handle the truth, I’m not sweating the Cock Commanders.

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  12. toccoadawg

    Kirby deep down inside loved yesterday’s game as much as I did. Yes, we all expected a 59-0 shellacking but I for one am glad to see a flat, uninspired Georgia team going through the motions. Why? Because it gives the coaches and the players so much to work on this week. It shows the players that they can be beat, that they can play poorly, that they must not take any opponent lightly, that they must execute and prepare for the same standard every week.

    For a young athlete, the psychological aspect of playing a lesser opponent is very difficult. That’s why track athletes only run as fast as they have to in the heats to advance. They know their opponents cannot run as fast as they can so they run just fast enough to beat them. As you near the pinnacle of your sport, you tend to save your very best for the very best competition. I hope this can be said of this Georgia team.

    In the great words of Cajun Chef Justin Wilson, “I gar-Ron-tee” that you will not see the same team against SC that you saw yesterday. You will see a version much closer to the one you saw against the Ducks. It will not be perfect but it will be much better.

    I have to think that Kirby expected this result and deep down inside was happy to see it. He was never going to embarrass Chris Hatcher anyway. After all, the man did give him his first coaching opportunity.


  13. realitycheckhere

    South Carolina has better lines and a better quarterback and running backs than Oregon. The SEC is just much stronger than the PAC 12. Plus, Columbia is a tough place to play and although Rattler hasn’t shown that much he has talent and could break out. It could be a competitive game. But we have a better team in terms of both talent and depth and Kirby will have us ready. Columbia is hot as hell and our depth should grind on em. Maybe this will be the week our running game shows up.


  14. 86bone

    It took me 49 years to get to Texas. I married a Texas gal who knew nothing about college football. When she watched our game with me yesterday she said “Georgia doesn’t look like their head is in the game”, she was correct.
    Practice this week will make next Saturday’s game at the fair grounds a walk in the park!
    BTW…my wife is ALL DAWG🐾🐶


  15. Granted, many of the players were lethargic & seemed to be going through the motions yesterday, but I don’t think executions are called for! Let’s just work hard this week & see what happens. Stayed home & watched with my wife and she commented that many of the players, especially offense, seemed to want to be somewhere else. She also asked in the 3rd quarter if all the fans had gone home. Said she couldn’t hear them at all. Seemed like it was just one of those days for a team & fans that have aspirations for much bigger & better things. If this became a pattern it would be concerning, but with Kirby at the helm, I believe this effort will be forgotten by halftime next week in Columbia. Saw the forecast for Saturday is currently 84 & partly cloudy. For that particular hell hole, that’s downright lovely! Hope it holds this week.


  16. munsonlarryfkajim

    Our last few games have been:
    – SEC Championship
    – orange bowl playoff
    – national championship
    – hyped neutral site opener against a theoretically 11th ranked Oregon

    I’m not going to worry that we were a little off in terms of execution on a dreary weather day in Athens against a clearly inferior opponent in what amounted to a scrimmage

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  17. Skeptic Dawg

    Watching the game from the stands yesterday it appeared as if the right side of our O-line has issues. It’s only one game against a weaker opponent, but I was less than impressed with Ratledge and McClendon. I have not watched the tv version yet, so I could be incorrect. Additionally, it appears as if our offense is not designed to attack vertically. Yes, we have only seen this team play two games and the first game was designed to take away Oregon’s two be players. Am I wrong in my assessment?


  18. dawginsga

    I was at the game, and it appeared to me the team held back. Chris Hatcher is one of Kirby’s friends and he surely wasn’t going to embarrass him or his team. That’s just my take.


  19. Texas Dawg

    I’m glad I’m not a UGA player this week. I suspect practice will not be a whole lot of fun. Kirby said they need to comfortable being uncomfortable. Well, they are certainly going to have the opportunity to put that theory to the test this week.

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  20. Damn,. are we really bitching about a 33-0 win? Starting to sound like those fans to our west…….


  21. Not that there is much to prepare for…. it’s the Cock Commander.