Today, in wishful thinking

Yeah, this is gonna happen ($$)

Multiple sources said new Auburn president Chris Roberts would prefer to hire an AD who has the autonomy and gravitas to run the athletic department and make hires in a more traditional manner, but after the Tigers’ recent public dysfunction, it remains to be seen how that would come together.

Gravitas?  Tell me you haven’t been at Auburn long without saying you haven’t been at Auburn long.



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31 responses to “Today, in wishful thinking

  1. sniffer

    Auburn sucks.

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  2. Russian is a gas station with nukes. Auburn is a megachurch with a football team.

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  3. mg4life0331

    He doesn’t know the AD is the useful idiot to throw under the bus?


  4. redhotchilidawg

    I don’t care for Auburn

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  5. olddawg22

    New CBS daytime soap opera: As the Tiger Turns! Replaces the children’s show: Hop on the Gus Bus.
    This is just too much fun, three nicknames are not going to be enough!

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  6. Any potential candidate should be issued Kevlar underwear…cause that ass is going to get attacked from all sides

    I’m thinking an old, halfway out the door admin takes the position to calm the waters for 2-3 years before “expiring”

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  7. theotherdoug

    Roberts better hire an AD soon because the boosters are about to fire Harsin and hire his replacement.


  8. stoopnagle

    AU President wants to run AU like a university. LOL.

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  9. Harold Miller

    On the plains, they are just waiting for basketball season to start.


  10. The ideal AD for Auburn is a fourth-grade special ed teacher with extensive experience handling kids with ADHD and/or other borderline personality disorders. That’s the skill set that’s really needed to keep Auburn’s boosters in line.

    But it’ll probably just end up being some member of the good ol’ boy network who agrees to hire Kevin Steele as head coach.

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  11. David D

    That deal with the devil ‘ol Gene Chizik signed off on with Cam as imp #1 and Nick Fairley as hells’ enforcer is coming home to roost.

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  12. godawgs1701

    There really isn’t any such thing as a celebrity athletic director, and certainly there isn’t one out there who is respected enough and famous enough to make all of the different warring factions in the Auburn Family (TM) decide to just put down their pitchforks and join together in a group hug around the head coach from Toledo or whoever Auburn’s next coach is. At Auburn, they consider the disfunction to be a feature and not a bug at this point.


  13. The boosters will hire the AD, and he’s going to come from a a venture capital background to help them structure their NIL program. Bruce Pearl said as much in the Senator’s previous post. When he asks for a copy of the NCAA rule book, they’ll say, “No son…you won’t be needing that. Just ask us if you have a question.”


  14. Russ

    I believe this belongs here.

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  15. Faltering Memory

    AU boosters have fired coaches, athletic directors, and presidents every way possible except a strong limb on a tall tree and a short road. I’m sure they tarred and feathered someone in the early years. I’m waiting.


  16. Texas Dawg

    The next Auburn AD needs to be a ventriloquist dummy they order off Amazon (Jeff Dunham’s Walter would fit the bill). That way old Yellow Wood and friends can take turns sticking their hands up his backside and making him spout out whatever they deem appropriate. Kind of like they have done for years, but they save the money by not having a LIVE ventriloquist dummy for the AD.


  17. Dawg19

    Please let them hire Greg McGarity. He’s already proven he’ll go out of his way to support them.

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  18. Harold Miller

    So, here’s a question. Will Harsin still be Auburn’s coach when you come to Athens?


  19. Harold Miller

    What a day, they come to Athens?


  20. 81Dog

    People at Auburn think gravitas is some kind of Mexican gravy.

    “Get the enchilada with the gravitas, that is some good eatin’ tight there.”

    Best of luck to the AU El Presidente, and by good luck, I mean FTMF.


  21. whybotherdude

    Why even hire an AD? Just sell the AD job to the highest paying booster, they control the Athletic Department anyway at au.


  22. archiecreek

    It ain’t called…
    the east alabama re-form school for wayward chillren at auburn
    …for nuff’n!!!