Flash time: first thoughts on Kent State

Let me preface this by saying I haven’t seen a single minute of Kent State football this season.  All I’ve got to go on is stats, schedule and others’ takes on the team, so take this post for what it’s worth.

  • General impressions.  Steele, in his Preview, picked them to finish second in their MAC division.  That being said, he only lists two of their players on his preseason MAC team. Some of that is no doubt due to the fact that they only have ten returning starters.  One of the departing players, quarterback Dustin Crum, was the conference’s player of the year last season.
  • Scheme.  The offense is much more run-heavy this season; their 221.33 rushing average ranks 21st nationally.  (They’re 20th in rushing attempts and 56th in yards per carry.)  Schlee, this year’s quarterback, has led them in rushing in two games and is the team’s second leading rusher on the season, with a respectable 7.38 yards per rush.  He will be Georgia’s first real test for defending a true running quarterback.  Defensively, Kent State runs a 3-3-5 scheme.
  • Approach.  They apparently run a hurry up sort of offense.  They’re also pretty decent converting third downs.  That being said, they’ve run the same number of plays that Georgia has.
  • Scheduling.  Saturday marks the end of a brutal run for these guys, having already traveled to Washington and Oklahoma.  At a minimum, they’re used to playing in front of large, hostile crowds.  And, to their credit, they led Oklahoma until the final minute of the first half.  (As you can probably imagine, though, turnovers were problems for them in those two games.  They were -2 in each of them.  Schlee threw four interceptions.)

Look, I don’t think there are many deep insights to take away here.  Kent State, contrary to what Kirby Smart says (a “really, really good football team” capable of knocking them off), is a relatively inexperienced MAC squad with the primary goal tomorrow of not getting beat up physically as they enter conference play.  In short, look for more of the same of what we’ve seen from the Dawgs in the first three games.



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18 responses to “Flash time: first thoughts on Kent State

  1. Their QB is going to get killed running. I expect them to try to distribute the ball more. Will probably look like Gunner running our scout team but not as good at passing. I’d like to see Stetson done before the half and maybe some manball to shorten the game in the 2nd half.


  2. charlottedawg

    Guys, this game’s gonna be a shoot out


  3. realitycheckhere

    Good prep for Tennessee. Hope for no injuries, a solid win, and continued depth building

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  4. Russ

    Would love to see Beck and BVG get some good reps running the full offense. And no injuries on either side.

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  5. moe pritchett

    Just don’t take em lightly. As we saw with App & aTM

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  6. stoopnagle

    I have watched them! A full 3 possessions vs Washington. QB threw a pick on the very first play from scrimmage.

    Enjoy the scrimmage tomorrow, kids!


  7. voxdawg

    I just want all our guys to get out unscathed while posting video game numbers. Onward.

    At least it’s only meaningful league/rivalry games after tomorrow.


  8. practicaldawg

    Sounds like their offense is just like Florida’s


  9. uga97

    […look for more of the same…]

    Does that mean a negotiated shortened 4th quarter agreed upon by both coaches so we don’t cover the spread?


  10. I’m only concerned about whether we play to the standard. If we play to the standard, we cover unless Kirby has arranged for a short 4Q and we may even then. If we don’t, we won’t.


    • thosebigthighs

      I agree ee, play to our standards. We were very flat against Samford, and I get it against these cupcake teams. Noon kick against another cupcake, I don’t want our team to think they call just throw the helmet out and get a win. I think Kirby is on the mutha and won’t let that happen again think USCe a few years ago. Get Stetson out at half and build the depth in game reps, we are going to need some this year. Go Dawgs!


  11. muttleyagain

    I think to get our back-ups some work we should insist on four full-length quarters, in exchange for which we agree to take them lightly.


  12. Comin' Down The Track

    During the Samford game when the shortened 4th Quarter was announced, the boss of my household was like, “Yes, this is a garbage game, but it’s a garbage game that we paid for. If you don’t want to play the whole game, then don’t schedule these crappy games.”
    I did not argue with her. I suggest that Josh Brooks also not argue with her. She’s terrifying when she’s mad. Also, she’s not wrong.

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    • I agree with that sentiment. Not to run up the score, but to make sure backups get the game reps they’ve earned in practice. We’re paying for the game, so finish it out.


  13. ZeroPOINTzero

    I like to think their run heavy is due to QB Brewster from Rome blowing his knee. Son of two dawgs. Depth took a late hit. Either way we have ourselves a baby seal clubbing today.