Pick your poison

Kirby signals a warning about Missouri’s run defense.

Missouri is 30th in the nation in rushing yards per attempt allowed at 3.17 and limited Auburn to 1.8 yards per carry.

“They’re really physical and big up front,” Smart said. “They did a good job of stopping the run last year versus us. Their size up front, athleticism up front, is really aggressive. They played Auburn really aggressive in term of the box count they were in. Some of the run stunts they run are some of the ones we run. They’re getting after it and challenging you to do something outside of that. They don’t have to have that many and they can still stop the run because they’re physical up front.”

Sounds formidable, until you remember the only SEC team with a lower passer rating than Auburn is Florida.  On top of that, their starter was out against Mizzou.  That won’t be the case this week, so if the Tigers want to get aggressive with the box count against Bennett, more power to ’em.


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23 responses to “Pick your poison

  1. RangerRuss

    The Dawgs got something for the box. Stan Goff said stay out of the box.
    “Nothing in the box but losers.”

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  2. Castleberry

    I’m guessing they’ll die by the sword. I’m sure they saw our guards getting shoved into the backfield and backs making spin moves to get over the line of scrimmage against Kent.


  3. Anon

    Searles will have em ready.

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  4. After our win, more bemoaning our OL run blocking, Searles’ coaching and RBs not being explosive…while admiring Stets stats along with Bowers, McConkey, etc.

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  5. gastr1

    Sounds like a few run-passes (end arounds, back in the flat) are in order. (Again.) Their dudes better be fast (and large) enough to get past our exceptional edge blocking.


    • Down Island Way

      If that’s what mizzou gives the UGA football “OC”, he’ll take that, spin it around, give it back and have the mizzou staff wondering, WTF are they gonna’ do next…SIC ‘EM DAWGS!


  6. godawgs1701

    Yeah, “RBU” t-shirts aside I’m not sure that daring a pass-first team to pass on you is the best defensive strategy but hey, go for it Mizzou.


  7. I don’t have much confidence in Searles, which doesn’t give me much confidence in the run game or being able to be balanced against good teams. Neither the run game nor the deep pass/stretch the field seem to be a part of the offense. Maybe it’s by design. Maybe it won’t matter but I find it difficult to see us having a legitimate shot at repeating just working the perimeter.

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  8. whybotherdude

    Between this and all the other comments Kirby has been saying about the run game I expect him to want to go back to Old Man Ball just to prove a point.


  9. uga97

    Wind up Stetson like Evel Knievel and let him rip!

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  10. Biggen

    I guess I’m not worried about our running game too much. Until someone proves they can stop our TEs and WRs, then maybe I’ll start sweating a bit. Monken is too creative to not have answers for problems running between the tackles regularly. He will get it sorted out.

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  11. PTC DAWG

    The Mailman just juked a Mizzou player. TD.


  12. Tony BarnFart

    Good luck trying to cut down a thoroughbred with open grass and Lebron James as a lead blocker.


  13. realitycheckhere

    Abilene Christian averaged 4.1 yards per carry against Missouri.

    Auburn’s 1.8 ypc says more about Auburn than Missouri.

    I was going to snark that you have to be aware of Missouri’s long snappah, but he is bad too

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  14. dwojr1954

    Our OC is more interested in moving the ball and scoring than he is about “smash mouth football” which I dearly love UNTIL IT AINT WORKING. OK that bipolar statement made, I’d love to see 3-4 TE spread out all across the field to start a game and open up either sending them out on every run play, eith every play a run until we have to punt. Let those big Ole TE Crack on the opposing LBs and DBs to throw them off balance and get in their heads. Make it like LEGAL OL (size eise) down field to intimidate the 2nd and back levels of the defense. Then go back to passing or a mix of the run pass.

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  15. Coach 30 visited both film rooms post-meteor game:

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