TFW the game is bigger than the fans

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After running through a compelling home schedule to date full of cupcakes, Junior is concerned that the fans aren’t staying in the stadium for a full sixty minutes.

Poor baby.

Attendance hasn’t exactly been great at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium through the first three home games of the season. With a capacity of 64,038, the Rebels have yet to exceed 61,000 in a game. According to the school, the attendance figures have been:

  • Week 1 vs. Troy: 60,533
  • Week 2 vs. Central Arkansas: 58,373
  • Week 4 vs. Tulsa: 60,641

Tickets are expensive.  Concessions are expensive.  Combine that with an overload of cupcakes — gotta make sure that bowl eligibility issue is covered! — and what do you expect?

Unless you’re a football coach.  Then, the game isn’t entertainment for the fans.  It’s an obligation.

Eh, Kentucky comes calling this week.  Maybe the fans will stay.


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16 responses to “TFW the game is bigger than the fans

  1. The whole thing about stones and glass houses … Sanford especially the student section has cleared out at half for both home games.

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  2. Anon

    Hanging out at 5 star tailgating venue “The Grove” versus watching Tulsa? Plus every tailgate has multiple TVs

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  3. Kiffin cannot wait to get tf out of Oxford, there just aren’t any takers, which is hilarious.

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  4. Clayton Joiner

    Taking fashion from Ricky Bobby doesn’t get you any more credibility with the fans in Oxford JR….wow that is something to behold.

    Now what was he saying? Lol


  5. 79dawg

    “I come to the game to coach up our guys and entertain these fans, and all I got was a lousy $333,333.33 (appx.)….”

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  6. Bulldawg Bill

    Wellllll, 4 tix/hotdogs/cokes/program seems to work for Georrr… oh, never mind!

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  7. JoeDashDawg

    Hat tip to the brilliant photo reference – for those that have not had the pleasure, check out “I think you should leave” on Netflix.

    (on who is responsible) “You know what’s driving me nuts? It could literally be any one of us…”


  8. Why don’t you control winning some meaningful games, like Bama, instead of Twitter?


  9. “Tickets are expensive.” Correct. So why leave early and not get as much for your dollar as possible? I understand 4 or 5 minutes early but not before the 4th quarter even starts.

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    • Tony BarnFart

      Because most of these people have put more money and effort into their Grove setup. Not joking. And not only is it pure shade on a hot day, but everyone you might ever want to run into is in one central location…with TVs, food, alcohol..’s a tough competitor.

      FWIW, Ole Miss should just embrace who they are. I’m sure they would really like a loud home field advantage all of the time, but they usually pull it together well enough when the weather cools and there is a big game with something on the line.


  10. TripleB

    Hopefully schools will realize that some fans will spend their Saturdays watching really good games on TV rather than come see their team play outmatched opponents. Athens ain’t cheap and I’ve got to where I’ll go to good games (or any game involving league opponents) or I’ll stay home.

    The cupcake games are only good for taking younguns to their first games (when you are actually glad is not so crowded and jacked up).


  11. Dawglicious

    Looks like all Kiffikins learned from his old master Saban was how to bitch about the home fans not showing up/leaving early for crappy cupcake games.

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    • Down Island Way

      Need some help here, WTF did this guy just attempt to complain about….but, i a, was err, then i but they said, er, i a said, blah, blah, blah, that was 45 seconds that I feel like was stolen from me… never again…the comparison to satan has nothing, ya gotta’ have something to back up your complaining at the podium, satan has something…junior, not so much…