Grounds for pessimism

Judging from the tone of this post at Rock M Nation, that loss to Auburn hit Mizzou fans hard.  I mean, “I don’t see anything in the Constitution that says we have to play this game”?  Oof.

For what it’s worth, here are the keys set forth in the post for Missouri to have a legit shot at a win:

  • a 42% success rate through the air
  • at least 7 explosive plays
  • must average 6.5 points per opportunity
  • defensively, a 35% success rate or lower against the pass
  • A 35% havoc rate at a minimum is needed to win the day.

Okay, that’s not looking good, but…


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23 responses to “Grounds for pessimism

  1. It’s going to be a long night in CoMo for tiger fans.

    I wonder if they miss Barry Odem yet?

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  2. Take care of the ball. Don’t give them any hope of staying in the game.

    Be brutally efficient on both sides. TCOB.

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  3. coladawg

    And gotta love this comment – “The most annoying thing about Georgia is that, not only do they bring in the best recruiting classes every year, but they also absolutely nail their evaluations of 2- and 3-star talent and those dudes become just as good at their 4- and 5-star brethren. Stop it, you jerks!”

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  4. 79dawg

    I’d be pretty pessimistic too if I’d just watched my team blow the Auburn game 3 different ways….

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  5. ben

    Gonna be hilarious to go out there and Old Man Football them into dust.


  6. moe pritchett

    If the same is said for UGA to be called a success, what’s the formula?

    70% passing?
    200y rushing?
    85% 3rd down stops?

    I genuinely don’t know.

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  7. fisheriesdawg

    I feel the same way about playing Missouri. Such a bad fit for the league. And as more and more people cut the cord, the rationale of expanding into a different state to gain SECN subscriptions over cable becomes less and less important.

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  8. Harold Miller

    This Nate Edwards guy has a good sense of humor.


  9. Mizzou scoring 30. A scare. A letdown. A concern. We still win by 10.


    • If Missouri scores 30 after their really bad performance against Auburn, we are in trouble.

      If we have letdowns 2 weeks in a row, that will be a really bad look regardless of the outcome.

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      • miltondawg

        Yeah. Giving up 30 against Mizzou means those dates with UF, Kentucky, and Tennessee are probably in question moreso than originally thought.


  10. Dawg19

    I’m still trying to figure out how Missouri can get a night game and we can’t.


  11. Will Adams

    That was a great read!