His hair was perfect.

The Gator Nation rejoices. (And let’s be honest – it is a helluva feat.)

Meanwhile, Tommy despairs.

Me, I’m kind of in the middle. As I’ve said before, the history of Gator basketball and that of Georgia basketball are eerily similar prior to Donovan. I believe that the right coach can elevate the program in Athens to elite status. The $64,000 question is whether Felton’s the guy. But in any event, Donovan isn’t going to win a national championship next year, no matter where he’s coaching.

Football, though, that’s where I worry a little. The Bear used to refer to Florida as a sleeping giant and Spurrier proved him correct. Foley mismanaged the replacement process after Spurrier left (and when he tried to come back, as well) and still wound up falling into a very good coach in Urban Meyer. With Miami and FSU currently suffering through down stretches, Meyer is making hay while the sun shines in recruiting… and winning.

I think the Florida offensive scheme is overrated for the SEC, but even so, when you’re well coached and talented, you’re gonna be in the mix more often than not. That’s where Florida football is at right now. It’s a mighty big challenge for Mark Richt, both in recruiting and in results on the field. We’ll see if he’s up to it.

But, Tommy, let’s not wallow in too much misery today. There’s always a silver lining if you look for it.

The bright side is that we won’t have to watch this guy howl at the moon anymore.

Ah-wooo! Werewolves of Gainesville…

(photo courtesy of AP)



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5 responses to “His hair was perfect.

  1. Ghost

    LOL, I was trying to think of what he looked like. Did you see him try to protest the War with Iraq the other day? Weird but he is a frenchman.


  2. Well, the sun rose and the sky didn’t fall. In my lifetime, I’d love to see the Dawgs top this feat, but I could settle for going the rest of my life without ever seeing the Gators duplicate it.
    Anyway, toe meets leather in 151 days.


  3. Atlchris

    God that guy is so annoying….


  4. gatorhippy

    Jo may be annoying…

    But hes got back-2-back hardware…

    Meyer’s o-scheme might seem “overrated” for SEC play…

    But apparently it’s not “overrrated” for beating the Dawgs…


  5. hippy, the way things have been going between our two schools lately, Meyer could come out running the Wing-T and it would get the job done… 😉