The blind leading the blind

I’ve mentioned before that Bernie Machen strikes me as someone flying by the seat of his pants as he sets out to woo anyone and everyone necessary in his eyes to bring about a playoff for D-1 college football.

I think I may have underestimated him.

Here’s a tidbit from Dennis Dodd’s Mailbag:

From: Joyce

Absolutely LOVE the idea of scrapping the BCS and turning the playoffs over to a corporation! IMO, the idea would actually bring in MORE money than the present bowl system–because of the HUGE NATIONAL interest it would bring.

You could keep the bowls like they are now–but have three or four host the playoffs each year. It seems like that would pay HUGE dividends money!! Please do whatever you can to promote and advertise this idea!!

Playoff Honk:

I already have. Dr. Machen wanted the numbers of television executives to contact about his idea. When I got home from the Final Four, I forwarded those to him.

Holy mother of crap.



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5 responses to “The blind leading the blind

  1. You know it’s coming. There’s a certain inevitability to it similar to when you knew the pros would play in the Olympics and when you knew inter-league play was coming to MLB.

    I do admire your fight, though.


  2. Jason, I won’t deny the certain inevitable feeling I get about this sometimes.

    But even you have to admit that Machen shouldn’t be the guy driving the bus.

    If he runs the university the way he’s running this campaign, God help ’em…


  3. I honestly don’t know enough about Machen to form an opinion on whether he should be driving the bus. I’ll defer to your knowledge of the SEC on that one.

    I do know that he’s the only (I hope) university president that has dropped the word “homer” in an interview.


  4. I’m only judging the guy on what he’s saying as he promotes his playoff plan.

    So far, he’s indicated that he’s going to cut out the NCAA, the BCS, the PAC 10, the Big 10 and the Rose Bowl. He hasn’t even spoken with the suits at the networks to see if it’s economically viable – and, in my opinion, he’s in for a few surprises there.

    And he’s done all of this in a high profile way in the media. Dennis Dodd may think that’s great barroom conversation, but so what?

    You’re in favor of playoffs, Jason. If you held a position of influence, is that the way you’d go about putting something in place?


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