Paul Westerdawg does a fine job with this:

Not a bad way to start your day if you’re a Dawg fan.


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4 responses to “**Sniff**

  1. How did you get the embedded youtube video to show all the other videos at the bottom. That was/is awesome. Goosebumps all over. How can I link to same?


  2. Jack, as far as embedding the other videos, I’m not really sure – I just copied the YouTube link from PWD’s site. You might want to click on the link back to him and check with him as to how he did that.

    To link to the video itself, click on the URL button that comes up after the video plays to get the http link. Then, just copy and paste as to however your blog software permits.


  3. Thanks. Love your blog. Really good things here. And I miss Lewis Grizzard too.


  4. Thanks!

    By the way, it those embedded links are a brand new feature YouTube offers. It looks like they can be switched on or off…