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“To me, that’s repugnant.”

The NCAA clarifies its position about live blogging its sanctioned sporting events:

In a statement released Wednesday, the NCAA clarified its policy, saying inaccurate information had been given. In fact, newspapers are allowed to blog throughout events and mention the score and time remaining. That policy wasn’t new; it had existed in “Appendix A” of the hosting media coordinator’s handbook.

What media are not allowed to do, NCAA spokesman Erik Christianson said, is publish anything that approaches a play-by-play description.

How is the NCAA monitoring this?  Looking over everyone’s shoulders in the press box?  Surfing the web?

Read the entire linked article.  You can be sure that whatever the NFL decides is best for itself is going to be ferociously defended.  And whatever precedent is eventually set, realize that it will be applied to entities like Big Ten TV and SEC TV.

There’s a fine line between news and entertainment these days.  We’re going to find out just how fine over the next few years.


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Here and there, this and that, around and about

A few random observations on a summer morning:

  • It’s nature’s way. This never would have happened if Mike Shula was still the head coach. I can’t wait for the arrest and trial. (h/t Loser With Socks)
  • A Chantastic revelation. After watching this video posted at EDSBS, is there any doubt that Chan Gailey is simply Ray Goff with a better defensive coordinator?
  • They really, really like me. Speaking of Georgia Tech, Paul Westerdawg has a post about the esteem Jacket fans continue to hold for Reggie “Dog” Ball. Please, show your support. It doesn’t cost much.
  • Son, after you take your shower, go see the lawyer. How much do things suck at the University of Toledo right now?
  • We’ll always have 2004. And I mean always. I’m beginning to think that Tommy Tuberville is physically incapable of having a football conversation – any football conversation – without bringing up the undefeated season. One of these days his players are gonna get an inferiority complex.
  • They’ll have to rename IPTAY. Clemmins prepares to go the “seat equity” route. One fan’s equity is another’s outrage, so I’m sure this won’t be nearly as smooth a transition as they’re spinning. Not that they’re likely to care in the end, anyways…

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