Gator bait

Also from ArtofTroy comes this breakdown of the BCS title game. If you’re a Gator fan who likes analysis, this is your wet dream, pal.

For the rest of us mortals, it’s still pretty interesting. For the “Gang of Six” folks, it’s somewhat heretical, I suppose.

More impressive than the Florida offense was the defensive effort and the complete shut down of the Ohio State attack. For the game Ohio State only netted 82 yards on a measely (sic) 37 plays.

Here is a main play summary of what Florida did on offense. Despite all the motion and spread type formations they did the bulk of their damage on very basic football plays. Just 4 different play types accounted for 55% of the snaps in the game and 69% of the yards gained. So much for fancy play calling winning games. Florida won this game with defense and simple consistent execution on offense. [Emphasis added.]

Check out his USC vs. Florida comparison at the end. He thinks it would have been a pretty even match up. In part, that’s due to the “s” word:

… In hindsight I am sure that USC would have presented many of the same match up problems for Ohio State that Florida did with its overall team speed.

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