Political posturing story of the day

Stupidity crosses party lines:

Reps. Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii), Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) and Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) will announce Thursday a house resolution asking the Justice Department to investigate the college football Bowl Championship Series (BCS) for possible restraint of trade violations.

Doesn’t the Justice Department have enough calls for inquiries to ignore already?

Anyway, Abercrombie doesn’t think it’s fair for the big conferences to keep all the moolah.

… Abercrombie says the BCS, “restricts not just the opportunity to compete for the title, but access to the more than $185-million in post-season revenue to 66 teams in the six largest athletic conferences and Notre Dame, and denies the opportunity to 53 other Division I-A colleges and universities.”

I assume from that quote that a four school playoff wouldn’t satisfy the guy.

The topper is the snarky conclusion.

… Abercrombie is graduate of Union College, Simpson is a Utah State alum and Westmoreland never finished college though took classes at Georgia State. None of those are BCS schools, though one has to wonder if Abercrombie would feel the same way if his home state University of Hawaii had not gotten crushed by BCS power Georgia. [Emphasis added.]


UPDATE: Here’s a link to the AP story. It’s worth citing for another dumbass comment from Rep. Abercrombie:

“Who elected these NCAA people? Who are they to decide who competes for the championship?” Abercrombie said at a press conference Thursday on Capitol Hill, gripping a souvenir University of Hawaii football.

The NCAA has nothing to do with the BCS, moron.

I can think of another “who elected these people?” comment that’s more appropriate here.


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7 responses to “Political posturing story of the day

  1. Ally

    What the hell is the democrat from Hawaii bitching about? The Rainbow Warriors only proved that they shouldn’t have been in a BCS bowl in the first place! They’re lucky they still get to walk away with 4.4 million dollars.

    But then again, maybe he has a point. $4.4 mil really is just chump change for selling one’s pride.


  2. Why would Westmoreland care about this? He’s representing a district in a state with two BCS conference schools, for goodness sakes.

    Then again, he’s demonstrated before that he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. 😉


  3. Ally

    I never said he shouldn’t care. I simply said he has nothing to bitch about. He’s lucky Hawaii $4.4 million dollars – they didn’t deserve to be there.


  4. Ally

    Sorry – just re-read your comment and realized you referenced the ever-moronic Westmoreland from Georgia, not Abercrombie.


  5. In Abercrombie’s defense, he’s been on his idiotic high horse about this for a while.

    Not that that’s much of a defense…


  6. Representative & Fitch should realize that in the Super Huge Football Playoff That Appeases Non-BCS Crybabies, Hawai’i would have lost in the first round as opposed to some nebulous “finale.”


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