I weep for my country.

If you’re a masochist, by all means take the time to go through all the clips and links at The Wiz of Odds’ summary of the House’s hearing on the BCS yesterday.  Per the Wiz, “It’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.” And he’s a playoff advocate.

Or you could just go to Chris Dufresne’s piece and read it to get the flavor of what kind of circus was on display.

… Barton likes to think he knows a lot about how college football works when, in fact, he knows just enough to be dangerous.

“You could have a playoff system with 64 teams, and use every bowl that’s currently in there,” Barton said Friday. “You could do that.”

No you couldn’t.

“We’d still be playing,” Alamo Bowl CEO Derrick Fox quipped.

Barton didn’t even know the BCS, four years ago, added a fifth bowl to increase two more access spots to the five conferences whose champions don’t get automatic bids to one of four BCS bowls: Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange.

Barton didn’t know a modified playoff, the “Plus One,” was rejected last year by conference commissioners.

This is the same Barton who, in hearings held on the BCS in 2005, incredulously asked Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany why there were 11 teams in the Big Ten.

None of the congressmen Friday seemed to know all 11 major conferences are now officially affiliated with the BCS and can pull out of the system any time they want.

These guys aren’t doing the cause any favors.


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4 responses to “I weep for my country.

  1. MJ

    The Bowl games are either legally formed as corporations or are owned by corporations (such as ESPN). This gives the corporations the right to do what they do individually, protected by the 14th Amendment.

    Congress has no business interfering with this.


  2. Macallanlover

    While Buffoon Barton may have a microphone and a vote, please don’t paint all playoof advocates with the same brush. He is no spokesman, and I don’t know of a single person that prefers a large playoff (*8 max, please).

    Of course, I don’t personally know a single personwho prefers to re-distribute all the wealth to everyone either so I may not be a good judge of Barton’s thinking.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Which is why as a strong anti-playoff proponent, I’m loving this.


  4. Savannah Mike

    lol @ Barton

    You could pull an average Georgia fan off the streets of Oconee County with just a high school education and have him fair better than this guy. And I hear Richard Smith didn’t even show up.