Tuesday morning buffet

Line up and grab a plate, people.

  • Georgia’s opener on ABC is but one of many first week of the season appearances by SEC schools on Disney.
  • Finebaum’s tribute to Bobby Lowder is as cringe-worthy as you might imagine.  My favorite part:  “… I heard several prominent Alabama boosters say, ‘I wish we had a Bobby Lowder running our program.'” Roger that, Houston.
  • CFN throws some love in Georgia’s direction in this roundtable discussion about programs poised to get attention after September has run its course.
  • Mike Huguenin gets off the thought of the day:  “The next time someone mentions the poor officiating in a college football game – and if you’re watching a Pac-10 game that surely is going to happen – I want you to laugh, then say, ‘Well, at least it’s not as bad as the officiating in the 2009 NBA playoffs.'” I probably would have tossed in a Penn Wagers reference, but point taken.
  • Skip past the first part of this Feldman post (who’s he trying to kid with a list of ten BCS busters, anyway?) and you get to a very good question that’s been bugging me for a while.  Since there’s no apparent punishment for committing them, what’s the NCAA’s point of charging schools with secondary recruiting violations?


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5 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. The Realist

    1) Penn Wagers gives me nightmares. What the hell is Penn short for anyway? I have a few ideas, but it seems like the extra “n” would be superfluous.

    2) I bet the NCAA keeps a running tally of secondary violations just in case they get something major to hammer you with. Then, they can trot out their list of violations and declare the dreaded lack of institutional control.

    3) It’s fairly plausible that Georgia could be 4-0 on Oct. 1, but it seems like all the square pegs must find the empty squares in a vast ocean of round holes for that to happen. In other words, I won’t be too disappointed in a 3-1 month in September.


  2. Penn is short for Douchebag


  3. Here’s the thing about Penn.

    He’s not just incompetent…though he’s certainly that (couldn’t remember that MoMass was a receiver).

    He’s not just corrupt…though he’s certainly that (the deep love for Urban Meyer).

    He willingly risks kids’ safety in pursuit of both these ends. Recall him letting Stafford get plowed while taking a knee in 2007. Penn either didn’t know the rules (remember he forgot what “neutral zone” was on the play) or didn’t approve of Richt’s gameplan on the play. Either way, he led a defenseless athlete into harm’s way by not blowing the whistle. He should have been suspended. Easily.

    Even refs who rig games are better than that. Stafford could have been severely injured. Shame on Penn Wagers.


    • Dog in Fla

      Here’s the thing about Penn.

      There’s something about Mary and there’s something about Penn. It has something to do with hair styling gel.


  4. I had wondered about the secondary violations too. I thought they usually carried some self-imposed penalty (like no longer being able to recruit the prospect or high school), but it’s not even like soccer where a few yellow cards add up to a red.

    Instead, you issue a UN-like “gravely concerned” statement, and it’s play on.