Wednesday morning buffet

The steam is rising off of the chafing dishes, boys and girls.

  • If you think I’ve been harsh about the Laner, think again.  This is harsh.
  • Illinois is backing out of the neutral site game it’s played with Missouri for the past four seasons, despite its popularity.  But, as the article notes, “… Illinois is winless in the series’ first four years.” Funny how things must look to the Zooker on the other side of the won-loss divide.
  • Even guys like Jimmy Sexton have to be careful with whom they get in bed now and then.
  • The BCS can’t win for losing.
  • Heisman Pundit’s list of underrated coaches is more defensible than his overrated one, although I’d rank Jim Grobe much, much higher than he does.
  • Steve Spurrier sounds really pumped up about his starting quarterback.
  • Jim Donnan, from an Oklahoma perspective.


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3 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. The Realist

    I missed the overrated list last week , but having Mark Richt on the list and not having Bob Stoops is laughable. And, no Kirk Ferentz? Rich Rodriguez? Charlie Weis is an obvious omission. If we are talking about perception versus reality, how about Nick Saban?

    And, who is underrating these coaches? Turner Gill was all the rage last offseason. Bronco Mendenhall at BYU? Kyle Wittingham at Utah?

    No one in the Southeast, save Arkansas, underrates Houston Nutt. He’s wily enough to beat you with a team made from popsicle sticks tied together with string. He’s also batshit crazy and his team will lose a couple of games per year that they shouldn’t.


  2. Macallanlover

    Congrats to Coach Donnan, that is a well deserved honor for his contributions. He was a part of our turnaround from the “Dark Days”, and his record at both OU and Marshall was impressive.

    While the Ws and the Ls were a factor in his termination at UGA, I believe the lack of control over the team and his abruptness in dealing with the political aspects of his job were the real reason he was fired at UGA. A more beloved coach would have survived his record in those days, but that just wasn’t his style. I feel that is also why he wasn’t rehired at another top program in the past 8 years. In today’s environment, smoozing with key alums and booster groups is a key part of the skill set. (Junior should take heed, but I don’t think he is bright enough to see it. Note: this is not to say JD was anywhere near as crude/rude as Baby Kiffin, just drawing a parallel that being a maverick puts you on a shorter lease.)

    I think JD has shown himself to be an astute CFB analyst, and his humor makes him the most entertaining of ESPN’s stable. His loyalty to UGA is commendable given the circumstances of his departure.


  3. Mike In Valdosta

    Amen, Mac