Wednesday morning buffet

It’s a muggy morning, so settle in with these:

  • Bernie Machen and Michael Adams sound like they’re moving towards an extension on a deal to keep the WLOCP in Jacksonville, which isn’t that surprising.  Adams claiming to have a warm spot for anyone outside of his immediate family is, though.
  • Rapture’s coming.
  • Title IX is 37 years old today.  I think any reasonable person would agree that it’s succeeded in its goal to provide for greater opportunities for women to participate in collegiate sports.  Then, again, you have those who complain about women’s wrestling not being an NCAA sport.  Of course, the real issue continues to be football and its 85 scholarships.  That’s why women’s crew is an NCAA sport.
  • The strange, sad saga of Mitch Mustain gets curiouser and curiouser.
  • John Pennington finds himself lamely defending his lame “hot seat” post.
  • And you know you’re going to enjoy an SEC prediction piece that leads off with “TEBOW WON’T LOSE”.
  • See – this is what Chadd Scott and Paul Finebaum have started.  In response, all I can say is “Ich bin ein Atlantan.”


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10 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. kckd

    What I love is Pennington claiming that no one could see UT’s collapse in 2008 because they had just come off an SEC title.

    You’d only have to look back three years to see the exact same thing happen. Had that not happened three years before, Fulmer is still likely in Knoxville.

    It is well known that Tuberville didn’t get along well with VIPs at Auburn. That’s not the case with Richt. Comparing Richt to either is ridiculous.


  2. kckd

    Is there any SEC fanbase besides Miss. State and maybe Arkansas that wouldn’t be griping this year if their team went 5-7. There would be some Vandy fans who would say B. Johnson can only get them to the cusp of decency but can’t get them over the ridge. It was a stupid entry, but evidently another blogger found it discussion worthy.


  3. Pennington’s defense of his “hot seat” column was actually a lot more cogent than I expected it to be, but he still doesn’t address the main complaint with his original premise — the “if they went 5-7″ idea. Fulmer and Tuberville, the two guys he uses as his primary justification for putting a guy as beloved as Richt on the hot seat, both had losing seasons on their résumés; Richt’s worst tally in the era of 12-game regular seasons is 9-4. Yes, if the Dawgs went 5-7 this year, there’d be a lot of (well-deserved) complaining, but if UAB went 12-0 they’d be BCS-buster contenders, if I looked like George Clooney I’d be dating a different supermodel every night, etc. etc.


  4. kckd

    I agree Doug. And after reading my initial post on this, I wasn’t calling the Senator out for putting this on his blog, but rather one of the other guys who thought it was interesting to consider what would happen if any SEC coach went 5-7 next season. Heck, let’s talk about Vandy going undefeated.


  5. 81Dog

    I’m not surprised Mike Adams claims to love someone outside his immediate family. I’m surprised that Mike Adams claims to love anyone, immediate family included, who doesn’t have about $100,000 in cash stapled to their body, which they have publically announced they plan to give to Mike.

    That guy probably loves his kids only because they were a nice tax write-off. A more wretched mercenary you will not meet this side of a Soldier of Fortune want ad.


  6. Mike In Valdosta

    Robbie Andreu, and the Gainesville paper, write nothing but “red meat” articles for the reptile faithful. To link to any of his post for anything other than a quote from a gainesville coach or player is a mar to the Picture we all want to Get.

    To say a coach will be on the hot seat for going 5-7 is really getting out their on a limb.

    I am sure Mustain’s moma is on a plane to the other LA to get all of this straightened out.

    Bernie Machen and Michael Adams… sounds like the beginning of a vulgar joke to me.

    Kudos to Laney boy for having a positive newsday. The exception that proves the rule.


  7. Hobnail_Boot

    Re: Title IX

    It’s a freaking joke. Take football out of the equation. Making it pay for all of these worthless women’s sports that nobody cares about it ridiculous.


  8. Dog in Fla

    If only this were the 60th Birthday for Title IX.

    The collegiate womens’ sports that involve scant unis, depending on the whether the occupant is hot or not, do somehow seem to make the distribution of football funds to gymnastics, swimming, track and volleyball and to a lesser extent, softball and soccer, pleasurable watching for some. So in that regard that 37 year old stimulus for socialism seems to be working pretty well.

    And what in the world could go wrong with women rasslin’ each other? Think of the tag team possibilities. As long as the girls are not required to wear long spandex or spanx pants trousers, that too could be a stellar addition to the not so wide-hipped world of womens’ sports.


  9. Pennington should be careful. Anyone walking backwards that fast is liable to fall and hurt himself.

    And I agree with Doug. Let’s talk about what would happen if I had 6 pack abs and a golden toilet encrusted with emeralds! And a unicorn!


  10. RedCrake

    Auburn tried to jettison Tuberville once before in talks with *shiver* Bobby Petrino. Hamilton has proven his logic in the hire and continued support of Crazy Ass Kiffykins.

    What Mr. Pennington does not seem to recognize when making his comparison is that Damon Evans is clearly not, like his counterparts at those two schools, addicted to crack cocaine.