Sunday morning buffet

Cold day, warm menu:

  • Burger King brings new meaning to “have it your way”.  I’m hoping it starts a trend.
  • “In the span of three years, Alabama spent more on football recruiting alone than it had previously spent pursuing athletes in all sports combined.”
  • Hey, at least Junior has finally spoken to David Reaves.
  • Please, just go ahead and shoot me.  Now.
  • Vince Dooley won’t attend the Georgia-Tennessee game this year.  (And whose martini is that in the photo?)
  • I hope you’re reading Doug Gillett’s 50 Most Loathsome People series, even though he’s got John Feinstein ranked waaaaay too low.
  • GMC coach Bert Williams has plenty of good things to say about Jakar Hamilton.


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14 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. keith

    ” His staff conducted the best team practices on the field since I left there (in 1992). ”

    Nice ,not so subtle stab at old Fat Phil right there.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    — There’s a Whopper Bar at Universal City Walk in Orlando already. What a way to ruin perfectly good beer.

    — Alabama recruiting expenses: That’s just the athletic department!

    — Tim Tebow as presdent: will he cry when his signature issue goes down?

    — 50 Most Loathsome People: I didn’t see Corch on the list and there’s numerous other coaches. A major omission.


  3. Who’s martini?

    I don’t know if it’s Vince’s or not, but it definitely isn’t Majors’. The only clear liquor he drinks comes from a jar.


  4. Russell

    Only is you shoot me first. You see, I don’t want it to be quick. I want it under a Tebow for President banner. And I want it to be on a white carpet and I want to bleed a lot, so that I can leave a trail of carmine and soft tissue that somebody else has to clean up. And I want them to complain a lot about the mess I left.


  5. If there’s anything that will convince the majority of Georgians to vote against a Republican (or, god help us, Tea Partier), it’ll be Tebow running for President. It might be the only time in the modern history of the conservative party that none of the southern states go with the conservative party nominee.


    • And no, like most real southerners, I do not consider Florida to be a southern state.


    • Ray

      Don’t confuse Republican and Conservative.


      • Macallanlover

        Unfortunately it is the only choice we have in the vast majority of cases. Anything but the alternative to conservatives is all right with me is OK with me. It would be my dream to see this two party system busted up. Having to work through issues to get votes would serve this country well by moderating the extremes which seem to control both. But it better hurry, the current ruling group has us in a tailspin that will be difficult to recover from. This next election is crucial, we need “checks and balances” to check in quickly!


        • RedCrake

          I have often said to people when involved in political discussion that I don’t care who the President is or what party he’s from…. so long as the other party has control of congress.

          There is no partisan bias with this, having the same party in control of the executive and legislative was terrible under Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

          But I loves me some gridlock.


  6. dean

    Thanks again for the Jakar post Senator. He’s saying all the right things. I really hope he makes the most out of this opportunity.


  7. Jbird

    Is Vince sporting a “Pencil Thin Mustache?”


  8. kckd

    I think it was Johnny’s martini and he had a lot of them:
    “I liked Lane very much,” Majors said. “He was very nice to me and had no reason not to be. But I’ll tell you this; he was probably going to get the job done at Tennessee because he’s also a barracuda. He’s tough, knows how to recruit and can coach on the field. His staff conducted the best team practices on the field since I left there (in 1992). He will win at Southern Cal, in my opinion.”