Over 6,000,000 served


I have a ways to go here.


I see by the old counter on the wall that GTP has crossed the six million hits threshold.  In a little over four years, I’ve gone from averaging about 100 hits a day to about 9,000.

Needless to say, I am humbly appreciative and I hope you’ll keep coming.


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44 responses to “Over 6,000,000 served

  1. KornDawg

    You’ve got me hooked, I check the dawgbone multiple times daily hoping to see a GTP update. Thanks for keeping me informed and entertained.


  2. Brandon

    I noticed you were getting close the other day, nothing like NSD to push you over the hump. Congrats.


  3. Dawg3fan4

    There are two places I go everyday for my Dawg info fix. You and Seth Emerson. Love your blog!


    • Russ

      Ditto. Great site, Senator. I enjoy you as much as I used to enjoy EDSBS before they sold out, plus you’re not a Gator. 🙂


    • Joe

      Exact two sites I rely on now, well before AJC and even before Dogbytes. Bernie and Leather Helmet have next best content as well, and The Lady Sportswriter has surprisingly astute insights for one of them there girls. (Just kidding my PC friends – if I kept any!)


  4. Congratulations! LHB wants to be just like you when it grows up.


  5. crapsandwich

    Senator, just keep the entertaining blog coming, and the clicks with follow, congratulations.


  6. gastr1

    Senator, it is your remarkable consistent quality posting that distinguishes you. I’m amazed at how you get it done day after day.



  7. I wanna Red Cup

    you a bloggin genius man


  8. GreenDawg

    Congratulations, Senator! You make my Human Geography class bearable, and for that you are nothing less than a miracle worker. Good work, and keep it coming!


  9. Vince Dooley's Combover

    You do a great job Senator. The clicks keep coming b/c you are constantly posting blog entries and links that are both entertaining and informative for us Dawg fans who can’t get enough. Keep up the great work, and thanks!


  10. Thanks fpr providing a great daily spot to check out. Keep up the excellent work.


  11. Dawgfan Will

    Eh, needs more politics.

    (I keed! I keed!)

    Nice work, Senator. I’m pretty sure I contribute 10-20 of those hits a day.


  12. Comin' Down The Track

    If you keep putting out a quality product, people will keep buying it, just like McDonal… er, some other things that are also really good products.


  13. Bulldog Joe

    Senator, keep this up and we’ll nominate you for President.

    Thanks for providing a piece of home for this travelin’ man.

    Hope you’re still havin’ fun with this.


  14. SCDawg

    Thanks for the work. I use GTP as a link to all the other college football sites, which I hope helps with the hits.


  15. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Nice work, Bluto. Best football site anywhere. Keep it up.


  16. the Coondawg

    Congrats! Your blog has the best Mobile Site going. The easiest to read and post I have seen.
    Tech Sucks and Go Dawgs!!!


  17. Beelzebubba

    I check in about 10 times a day. I’m too lazy to look for information anywhere else. One day I hope to see you in a bar and pay you back with a drink or six. Thanks for your work.


  18. hodgie

    Thanks for all the bloggin. You do a purty good job.


  19. G

    I get less and less work done the more you post. Keep it up!


  20. What fresh hell is this?

    Thanks for the hard work Senator, although I believe it must be a labor of love…. I hope so anyway.
    Don’t be too concerned about numbers. I come here for quality, not quantity. If I want to see a million thoughtless posts a day generated by dullards with a room temperature IQ I’ll visit the ajc.


  21. slive sux

    Congrats senator , 10 mil isn’t far off


  22. NRBQ

    Seems like yesterday you were closing in on a million, Bluto.

    Gettin’ by with a little help from your friends….and you have a lot of them.



    • flukebucket

      It sincerely does feel like only a few months ago we were approaching 5 million.

      This is the best blog ever and anytime I discuss Georgia football on line I will link to GTP. The picture of Dooley / Brown is one that everybody loves.


  23. History Dawg

    This blog and Ga Sports Blog are the 2 best Bulldog blogs.

    The rest are, to be nice, a waste of someone’s time.


  24. Wolfman

    The first blog I check every day. Congrats Senator. Well earned.


  25. DavetheDawg

    I just wish you had more porn.


  26. JDawg

    As a fellow attorney, I know why you do this (at the end of the day, it’s nice to be able to point at something – SOMETHING, ANYTHING – and say: “hey, look at that: I created that”). But that doesn’t necessarily explain why you do it so well. This site truly is an emotional respite for me, and the obvious affection your have for your subjects – good writing, Georgia, and college football, probably in that order – shines through. Please keep it up.


  27. ZDawg

    Whoa, WHOA people! Lets look at the dark side of this and spend a moment of silence for all that productivity lost while visiting this blog 7+ times a day.

    I’m looking at you Senator. You’re my dawgcrack dealer. I’ll need some serious rehab.


  28. Love your site. Accurate, clever and never mean-spirited.

    Many thanks!


  29. mark

    bluto didn’t just stick a toe in the door
    to put his best foot forward
    and get 6 million hits
    a feat that
    can only mean
    that if it’s not us
    it must be somebody else


  30. TimRankine

    I’ve loved GTP for years. This’n and Mac’s BravesJournal are my two must-haves. Thanks, Senator.


  31. TomReagan

    Congratulations. Best blog around. I check this thing every morning at 7:05.


  32. Chuck

    Congrats, you put a well inform blog together. It is an everyday occurance and in some cases many times a day to get on this blog to see what is going on in DAWG land. Very much enjoy the insightful information that you post.


  33. TennesseeDawg

    By far the best CFB/Dawg blog. No disrespect to the others who also do fine work.


  34. Senator I graduated in 79 played Rugby cause I wasn’t big or fast enough for football-did win state in HS anyway you are by far the best and I send your site only to those who are worthy-Thanks for adding to the fun of being a Dog fan–and no I am not Coach Oregon or whatever his name is but I am a Hugh Nall fan


  35. shane#1

    I love this blog, the best by far. I get the facts and stats from Seth and the big picture from the Senator. Thanks for keeping it clean and relatively jerk free Senator and may you have many clicks to come.