Urban Meyer wants somebody to make college football’s trains run on time.

Achtung, baby.

If he will ever get back into coaching again:

“I don’t know.  I don’t know that but everybody keeps asking me that.  I was watching that Super Bowl and sitting there, if you could just do the part of coaching that is allowed and not have to worry about all of that nonsense that has really developed in the college game, that is what I am familiar with.  It is out of control with that stuff right now and we have got to get that back on track.  25 years ago, and I am sure you know, if you had to deal with some of the stuff you are dealing with the off-the-field, the agent issues, the violation issues and all the garbage that is out there right now I certainly would not have gotten into coaching.  Hopefully with the powers that be and all the right people, I know one thing the NFL Commissioner has got a great outlook the way he is attacking the NFL right now and trying to bring respect and order, and I just love the way he is approaching it. [Emphasis added. ] If college football gets that we will have a chance to get back to that great game we all love.”

Most of the reactions to this have been about the “garbage” part of the quote, but what I’m reading there is a man who’s telling the NFL that he’s soon going to be ready to give coaching on Sundays a shot.  Because it’s clear that when Roger Goodell gets done, there won’t be any off-the-field problems in the pros.

When – not if – Meyer gets back into coaching, is anyone going to call him on his bullshit?


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20 responses to “Urban Meyer wants somebody to make college football’s trains run on time.

  1. Coondawg

    I would love to see him Coach a New York team. The pressure would cause him to deep 6 and implode.


  2. Keese

    Could you imagine if the Raiders came calling with a large offer?


  3. lrgk9

    Washington DC or Miami are good College coach graveyards.


  4. Joe

    Yeah, Oklahoma and Miami and SMU and Clemson and Florida et al were all squeaky clean 25 years ago when you got into coaching Corch. Nothing bad was happening prior to 1985.


  5. heyberto

    ….Cocaine’s a helluva drug.


  6. Meyer is perfect for the role of El Duce. Shave the head, add 50 pounds and poof…….consummate dictator.


  7. 69Dawg

    We’re all hating on him but you know he is right. It was always the rules but they just were not enforced. It’s that way in life, the Congress, States and locals pass so many laws that no one has a clue to what is legal or illegal and nobody cares as long as the laws are not enforced. Just let the cops, FBI, IRS or ICE actually enforce a law and the citizens rise up with pitch forks. It wasn’t so bad in the old days when nobody but Auburn got in trouble, heck he was a Holtz assistant at ND so he has ignored rules for a long time.


  8. Bulldog Bry

    Boy, if he thinks there’s no ‘garbage’ in the NFL, I sincerely hope he takes a head coaching job one day. He’ll REALLY be wishing for more family time by then.


  9. Gern Blanski

    Meyer is going to coach again. It’s going to be in the NFL. He will have a bad to mediocre record and then he will come back to coach in college. It will be Notre Dame or some Big 10 school.


  10. Cojones

    ECDawg-Hey, buddy. I Like all your latest Dawg stuff and forgive me for being pedantic, but the name is “Il Duce” (Italian), not “El Duce”(Spanish). Yes, shaving his head would be good, but unnecessary for him to gain wt to be seen as a butthead.


  11. Cojones

    Several days ago Dave Curtis of Sporting News speculated on 5 teams to be up for NC next year. Guess who one of the 5 was that will be playing first game in the A Dome? It ain’t the Dawgs.

    It has started already. Paint a BullDawg’s eye on Kellen Moore and get ready.


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    Corch won’t last in the NFL. The ‘motivate by abuse’ technique is passe for grown men.


  13. gastr1

    So let me get this straight…according to Corch, the problem in college football is that it’s too sleazy NOW, as opposed to any other time in its history? What, has he been living under a rock for the past 60 years???

    What a total jackass.


  14. Jim

    Don’t know how you can criticize those comments. I wish Meyer had been in control of throwing the flags when sCam-gate apperantly got the attention of everyone in nation but the conference commissioner.


  15. Hackerdog

    Who, exactly, thinks Corch would be successful in the NFL? He’s not a CEO type. He’s a hands-on offensive coordinator/head coach. Nobody thinks the spread is a viable offense in the NFL. It’s Spurrier 2.0. They’re even coming from the same school. I think Corch Meyers is Bill Belichick without the coaching acumen.


  16. Scott W.

    Seems as though the UF revisionist history trend began at the top. Although it is hard to keep track of things when all you have is a good view of your colon.


  17. Dog in Fla

    “If college football gets that we will have a chance to get back to that great game we all love.”

    Which may not bode well for the internet people and media scum.


  18. gernblanski

    However, with the lockout looming the NFL will have very little power to control off the field shenanigans until a deal with the players is reached.