Exorcising Adelson’s ghost

Georgia will be ranked higher than #64 in this year’s Orlando Sentinel preseason rankings.


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5 responses to “Exorcising Adelson’s ghost

  1. Chuck

    Ten of the 12 SECteams remaining will also be higher than 64. Guess if we had a playoff we’d be like the Big East in basketball.


  2. RB

    Well everyone gave her shit last year about it and it seemed she was pretty accurate. 64 was probably generous….


    • Again, prior to knowledge of AJ’s suspension. If I knew we would be without AJ for the first 4 games, I would have agreed with her at the time (new defense & no AJ? – definitely not good). But, she made that prediction expecting AJ to play. I believe Georgia would have won a game or two more had the team not had that distraction off the field and had his talent on the field.