Talk isn’t always cheap.

The funny thing about this story is that if Wisconsin had played NC State last season, Toon could have praised Russell Wilson’s ability to the skies with the media and nobody would have cared.


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4 responses to “Talk isn’t always cheap.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    How is it that a player can commit a violation for talking about another player? I can understand a coach or school official, but it’s rather stupid to punish over something a player said.


    • WH

      Makes sense if you think of it like this: What if it were not against the rules for players to speak about prospects? Could coaches use them to skirt the intent of the rule?

      Unless I misunderstand, the desire is to prevent undue recruiting advantage from what is essentially propaganda. Does it make any difference whether it’s a coach, administrator or some other surrogate talking things up? Not really. Any NCAA rules nazis out there that have a better idea on this?


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Thank goodness there is no NCAA rule against taking away the scholarship from a 3 year starter and running him off just because he wanted to play baseball in the spring as that is his future professional career. Man, the nerve of that kid. Actually thinking of his own future by playing on the baseball team instead of coming to spring practice like I told him to, even though he knows the playbook inside out. How many games did the kid win for N.C. State as QB? What’s that–20? That’s nothing. Use ’em then throw ’em away, that’s my motto. Sorry, gotta run. I’m playing golf with Nick Saban later and we’re gonna discuss “roster management.”