Wednesday morning buffet

The heating lamps are on, the chafing dishes are full, the plates are out… go for it.


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32 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. JasonC

    That team breakdown link is very useful. Wow, we REALLY need some ILBs and I can’t understand how you end up with no senior OL except a former walk-on.


  2. Hackerdog

    Franklin’s the first SEC coach to do something since Lane Kiffin? I never would have guessed.


  3. PhillyDawg

    Michael Carvell just writes posts angled to anger the loons that follow the aj-c (albeit a small number). He fits right in with that rag.


  4. ScoutDawg

    How can Carvell talk with a mouth full of James Franklin?


  5. Chuck

    “you just don’t see many recruits whose GPA is similar to their 40 time”

    Amen, but I also wish he had some blockers we knew were going to get the job done. We attract ‘skill’ players as well as anyone and the style of the offense is surely part of that attraction, but I wonder if the style of the offense holds some of the better big uglies off.


    • That makes very little sense to me. Don’t lineman want to work in pro-style offenses as well. I am just afraid our recruiters have not been consistently attracting those guys.


  6. HVL Dawg

    Is Calipari the first big name to declare the NCAA walking dead?

    Don’t you think he’s had some conversations with big names with authority before he said something so revolutionary?


  7. TL

    I’m surprised that Carvell hasn’t given UGA hell for not giving LSU’s female soccer goalkeeper Mo Isom — who’s trying to kick for the Tigers as a walk-on — a change to do that at UGA. After all, she is from Lassiter High School.


  8. The General

    The scholarship chart says J. Theus has already redshirted, but I’m assuming they just mixed him up with his brother, and also messed up his brother’s first inital. Can somebody confirm this? Who is G. Theus? I thought the Theus brother already on campus is Nathan Theus.


  9. Bevo

    “…one of those ‘Georgia would be better off signing three-star recruits who bleed red and black’…”

    We have fans that still believe that BS?

    There’s about as much evidence to support that claim as there is to prove the existence of the Easter Bunny.


    • Bevo

      That said, I’m excited about Moose because he loves Georgia AND he’s a serious talent with plenty of potential. I hope he makes a big impact.


  10. charlottedawg

    @ Bevo. And you know the same fans who proclaim we need more guys who “bleed red and black” and fewer “5 star prima donnas” were the first people to light the torches and grab the pitchforks to run Cox and Tereshinski out of town.


  11. Cojones

    Pinkel talked more about the M logo loss than the SEC teams to be played.Hope the tiger has one eye closed in a big wink because that would be one logo no one could miss.

    Looks like room for 6 early enrollees even with renewal of Frix, Faloughi, Sailors and Harton schollies. I thought Frix was the long snapper, not an O lineman. Probably didn’t separate STs from the every down lineup. The three additional walkons would be on the bubble to EEs would they not?


  12. Meg

    Damn, if ILB looks empty, what about Safety? Ouch!