As transparent as they’ll let you be.

Tell me this job doesn’t have Tony Barnhart’s name written all over it.

How transparent could college football’s playoff selection process become? Try a media member in the room monitoring selection committee proceedings. BCS executive director Bill Hancock suggested as much to on Monday.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for transparency,” said Hancock less than a week after BCS presidents approved a four-team playoff. “Maybe we have an ombudsman, maybe we have a writer come in. There are ground rules as to what you can write, but you’re welcome to be in this room. I think we have a chance to do some really cool things.”

It’s the “There are ground rules as to what you can write” that ties the room together nicely.  I’m feeling so much more reassured already.


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23 responses to “As transparent as they’ll let you be.

  1. ChicagoDawg

    Tony Barhardt, the SEC/CFB establishment’s version of ‘Baghdad Bob’.


    • I don’t think that’s totally fair. He’s not going to blow fake smoke out there. He’s just not going to bite the hands that feed him.


      • ChicagoDawg

        Obviously, I was being a little hyperbolic for effect and a cheap yuk. But really though, what is the difference in blowing fake smoke and not calling bull-shit on obvious, straight-forward issues?
        If Baghdad Bob was unfair, how about Charlie McCarthy?


        • Gravidy

          OK…because of the Charlie McCarthy line, I now have coffee on my monitor. Well done, sir 🙂


          • Lamb Chop

            You know, I have been reading this blog for days now and I am sick and tired of the discrimination that’s going on here against “sock puppets.” Here ChicagoDawg was given a great opportunity to mention ME, a noted sock puppet, and instead he goes for that blockhead (literally) Charlie McCarthy. This comes on top of the steady stream of insults I have endured in the last several days directed at sock puppets generally. We can’t help it that we are made out of fabric rather than wood. I am actually flame-retardant which sure will beat the hell out of McCarthy and Howdy Doody any time there is a fire. I’m just sooo tired of being treated unfairly….(weeping softly)……..


  2. JasonC

    Would he be someone considered for the actual committee? I would think he would be a decent selection, but hopefully that wouldn’t open the door for Beano to get a slot.


  3. X-Dawg

    These days, the word “transparent” usually means anything but.


  4. Uglydawg

    “A media member” opens the door on a pretty large and diverse set of folks. How about Corso? Yipes! Claiming the “sunshine” of a constrained media is ugly…no hyperbole intended.
    Why not have the whole thing open and televised? Why not? If you’re going to be fair and honest….why not?


  5. Dog in Fla

    Bill is a Commissioner on the verge of achieving a unique triple-double by inserting an opaque Tony Bagels into the selection committee

    “Bill Hancock has achieved a unique double-double at the upper echelon of intercollegiate athletics. He was the first full-time director of the NCAA Final Four and is now the first executive director of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS)….”


  6. Heathbar09

    “Transparent.” Keep using that word.

    I don’t think you know what it means.


  7. Cousin Eddie

    Paul Finebaum, as dictated to the NCAA by Saban.


  8. I personally would like to thank the Senator for introducing ‘ombudsman’ in a much earlier post so that I don’t have to look that word up again. 😉

    Tony will be perfect for the job.


  9. Saint Johns Dawg

    He’s just setting up the inevitable “Look inside the selection committee process” video story for the craptacular “Selection Show” on the network that gets the Playoff games … which will be re-aired on said network’s Bowl halftime show. Yippy.