Get over it, son.

Spurrier’s still fixated on that schedule thing.

Vandy’s got an easier schedule than the ‘Cocks, too.  So how come nobody’s picking the Commodores to finish ahead of South Carolina?

I tell you what – it’s about time for Evil Richt to emerge and start needling Spurrier about this.  The seed’s already been planted in the OBC’s head.


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  1. gastr1

    Maybe by the time we cycle through this phase of the schedule, the Cocks will get a top 10 OM and we’ll get a 3-9 LSU. Look forward to Ball Coach tweets if that happens.

  2. HobnailedBoots

    Whiney. Ass. Bitch.

  3. Uglydawg

    If the whiny bastard is this OCD about it now, what’s he going to do if UGA wins the East? I’ll tell you what he’ll do….he’ll tell anyone that will listen that even if UGA wins the SEC Championship game in Atlanta, they don’t deserve a shot at #1 because they had such an easy schedule. And the sad part is that he will probably prevail in his mission to deny Georgia that chance. His hatred for Georgia will trump his loyaty to the SEC, if he ever had any. The guy seems to have everything, but his obsession with Georgia is making him sick. How sad…kind of. He would have made a damn good nerd. Maybe that will be his next step in his obsession…to replace PJ at GT. He would find plenty of like-company at the nerd factory.

    • Dawgfan Will

      I would be pissed if anyone bought that line of reasoning, but I wouldn’t be particularly angry at Spurrier. My love of Georgia trumps my SEC pride. I don’t give two farts if another SEC team makes it to the NC game or not. But I would be steaming mad (though not really surprised) if such an argument kept us out of it.

      • gambling man

        “I don’t give two farts if another SEC team makes it to the NC game”

        Okay i might not be the sharpest tool in the shed but what are you saying? i’m saying SEC SEC BABY.
        I stay confused

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Hey! Watch it! That “nerd factory” remark will hurt Debby’s feelings.

      • Debby Balcer

        It does not hurt my feelings. I hate GT sports with the best of them. The Saturday after Thanksgiving we are a house divided. We don’t even watch the game together.

        • gambling man

          debby you know dam well you tailgate and watch it togather

          • gambling man

            how the hell could you not watch the georgia vs georgia tech game together? hell that is one of my favorite games to watch with family and some are georgia tech fans

            • Debby Balcer

              Usaully the team that is home goes to the game but my daughter and her husband live in Chicago now so they usually miss it. They were here last year but didn’t watch the whole game.

  4. Debby Balcer

    Sour grapes! Poor Stevie you don’t believe your team can win it on their own. I hope Coach Richt papers these quotes all over the locker room for motivation. GO DAWGS!!!

  5. SOS is staying up late, steaming in his hatred for UGA. His nature is pure sociopath in regards to us. Only thing to do is man-up and return fire with fire. You can NOT earn his respect, nor can you shut him up. You MUST boldly proclaim that you are coming to Columbia to kick the Cocks in the knutts. That is the only language that resonates. Fire!

  6. HVL Dawg

    One thing he’s right about- we’ve got more RBs than USCjr.

  7. hassan

    They will still wind up losing to Vandy.

  8. Bard Parker

    Paaawwwwl can bait trolls of all sizes

  9. Ed Kilgore

    Interesting. I have no brief for Spurrier, but what’s called OCD for a football coach is called “message discipline” for politicians. He’s got his excuse, he’s focus-group-tested it, and he’s sticking with it. As w/ pols, only way to shut him up is to beat him.

    • Dog in Fla

      We need to beat him big-time. He’s needling Mark just like he used to needle Danny Wuerffel

    • G Marmalarde

      Amen. Put a beat down on em and he’ll have to shut his big trap, at least about that. . .

  10. Keese

    How awesome would it be for Richt to show up this season with righteous indignation……wanting to kick ass and take names…..On a focused mission to out-fox and out-coach every damn coach that crosses his path……something to show the world on his path to a NC and put whiney little bitches like Spurrier in the rearview

    If God be with us who can be against us!!

    • hodgie

      Keese, you don’t think he’s that way every week? I do. Ever heard the old expression don’t talk about it, be about it?

  11. TimRankine

    Ehhh, I don’t see this as Dawg bait. We do have the easiest sked between UF and USCe, and me thinks that was implicit in the spurdog’s comment.

  12. Working Title

    That logic is flawed if we win the sec championship we would have had to play the teams we are skipping or the team that beat them… Spurrier would only be loudly objecting if we lose to USC, but get in anyway and then lose to the west side… Just like last year

  13. Uglydawg

    CMR should answer with this…”All USC has to do to keep UGA from being champs is win the East themselves. It’s really up to them.”
    Maybe Steve Spurrier thinks we should forfeit the games we will be favored in. Maybe he needs that kind of an advantage. Maybe he should apply at Clemson, but mostly he should take a flying #X*! at the moon !

    • gambling man

      i can’t wait till we play clemson my wife is a alumnus clemson university. she was in charge of clemson alumni association years ago. its a wonder we’re still married lol

  14. BBagger

    Spurrier is wrong about UGA’s strength of schedule. If you break it down to specific things, let’s say pass defenses:
    UGA goes up against 8 top 30 pass defenses from 2011
    SC goes up against 7 top 30 pass defenses from 2011

    Both teams will have a tough year if they can’t run the ball well facing 7-8 top 30 pass defenses.

    But, regardless of Spurrier’s attempt to portray his team as the one with the tougher schedule, it’s just not as cut and dry as that.

  15. BBagger

    Another example of how UGA’s strength of schedule is HARDER than Spurrier’s.

    Looking at how many teams both face who finished ranked in the top 20 in scoring defense, against ranked teams:
    UGA faces 4 teams that finished top 20 in scoring defense vs. ranked teams in 2011: Miss St, SC, UF, GT
    SC faces 2 teams that finished top 20 in scoring defenses vs. ranked teams in 2011: LSU, Florida

    So, I hope people start calling out whiner Steve Spurrier, you can see why if UGA goes on a roll, it deserves to play for the National Championship. If UGA makes it through that gauntlet, against 8 of the top 20 pass defenses in the country, THEY EARNED a spot to play for all the marbles.

  16. jax

    Sorry to hijack the thread,

    but Andy’s gone, and I don’t feel so good myself.

  17. hailtogeorgia

    Win the game in Columbia in October and none of it matters.

    • gambling man

      huh? hell we need to win in the other Columbia first

      • hailtogeorgia

        Well of course we do, but that doesn’t have relevance to Spurrier’s point. If we beat Carolina, we’re probably alright.

  18. BBagger

    Let’s look at offenses, which team faces better offenses:

    UGA faces 1 team who finished in the top 20 last year in offensive scoring against ranked teams, South Carolina (#12)
    South Carolina only faces 1 too, LSU (finished #19)

    So these defenses will not face hardly any offenses that perform well in big games.

    UGA’s toughest offensive scoring vs. ranked teams opponnent was ranked higher than South Carolina’s.

    So, UGA will face 4 teams that finished top 20 in scoring defenses against ranked teams in 2011, SC will only face 2.

    Both will face the same number of teams that finished in the top 20 in scoring offenses against ranked teams, 1 team on each schedule.

    Overall, UGA has a tougher schedule than South Carolina.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Actually BBagger, UGA played a schedule last season comparable to Bama’s so-called “national championship schedule” but got no credit for it. Get out the 2 team’s schedules and compare them. They are very similar. The big differences between UGA’s 2011 schedule and Bama’s: UGA did not have to play Bama but conversely Bama did not have to play UGA; UGA did not have to play Arkansas but did play South Carolina while Bama did play Arkansas but did not play South Carolina (which had beaten Bama the previous year); UGA played LSU once (in the SECCG) and lost whereas Bama played LSU twice (once during the regular season and again in the BCSNCG) and split, losing one and winning one. The OOC schedule for UGA was substantially tougher than Bama’s, too. UGA played Boise, GA Tech and 2 walkovers. Bama played Penn State and 3 walkovers. This whole easy schedule BS is just that–BS. There is no such thing as an easy schedule in the SEC. It’s just an excuse for losers.

      • BBagger

        Absolutely, 2011 UGA’s schedule was brutal. UGA played 4 teams that ended up practically in the top 10 in the AP.
        #2 LSU (ahead 10-7 at halftime)
        #8 Boise (down 14-7 at halftime)
        #9 South Carolina (lost by 3 points)
        #11 Mich State (lost by 3 points in double overtime)

        That’s as tough as any schedule in the country.

        South Carolina only played 1 team that ended up in the top 11 in the AP.

        UGA played 4.

  19. El Dawgo in El Paso

    There’s no need for evil Richt when you’ve got TG on your sideline, just ask James Franklin.

  20. Garageflowers

    He is trying to get into our collective heads. Best to ignore him. Beat the cocks, and it doesn’t matter.

  21. gambling man

    you have heard it here on this great blog first. I will bet money Vandy beats the chicken shits this year.

  22. Boz

    Richt should offer to switch Auburn for Arkansas… History will show that would work out much better for us.

    • gambling man

      WTF are you talking about? I don’t understand. Auburn and Georgia are the south’s oldest rivalry. that is special, i don’t want to lose that. kiss my ass everyday of week.

      • hailtogeorgia

        I think he meant that Auburn has fared better against Carolina historically than Arkansas has, whereas Arkansas has fared worse against us than Auburn has…so if you switch them, Carolina is more likely to lose, and we’re more likely to win. I don’t think he actually wanted to trade the games.

      • Boz

        I’m not advocating the switch. It’s the point that historically, Auburn is a much tougher opponent than Arkansas, and as such, we typically have a tougher draw.

    • gambling man

      have you lost your mind?

  23. Charles

    Meh. Sour grapes. Deep down, he knows we pushed them all over the field all night. Turnovers and special teams came back to bite us. Coincidentally, in a later game where we managed both aspects much better, we beat the snot out of a western foe who shocked S.Car in Columbia.

  24. ChicagoDawg

    What a dick.

    • gambling man

      the old ball coach still has a grudge after all these years from the days when he was QB at florida and we won and beat them

  25. gambling man

    Vanderbilt’s 17-6 win at No. 6 South Carolina on October 20, 2007. HAHAHAHA

    • hailtogeorgia

      Oh, 2007…the year we couldn’t beat Carolina but Vanderbilt could. Yes, thanks for bringing that up.

      • gambling man

        yeah that’s like adding salt to the wound. I didn’t mean to lol. damn we should have beat USC. 16-12 damn that game has gave me nightmares

  26. Hobnail_Boot

    Paging Bill Stanfill..

  27. I know this is counting chickens(gamecocks,whatever) before they hatch but when we leave Williams-Brice Stadium after bitch slapping USC lite the proper thing to say would be” the Old Ball Coach was right this sure is an easy schedule with cupcakes like this on it”

  28. Go Dawgs!

    Here’s my dream scenario: Georgia goes up to Columbia and hangs an ass whipping on the Gamecocks. Evil Richt stuffs Pastor Richt in a closet in the postgame locker room and then goes to his press conference and leads off with this: “Coach Spurrier is right, our schedule is much easier than theirs. We get to play South Carolina, but they have to play Georgia.”

  29. Mike

    Spurrier using the tactics of past masters; distract the enemy from their original purpose.

    To judge by the quotes here, he has already done that to the fans. It remains to be seen if the UGA coaches and players will fall for it.

    In the 90s, Tennessee coaches and player seemingly fell for this every single year.

    • Sorry, Mike, I always get lost with these eleventh-dimension chess pointers. What exactly are we distracted from?

      As for the UGA coaches, Richt yawned in Destin when Spurrier brought his scheduling proposal up for a vote this year. But maybe a comment in a Finebaum interview will be just the thing to distract him now.

      • Mike

        “What exactly are we distracted from?”

        Umm…the game between the two teams? Or maybe better said, the preparation for the game.