Hang around a while.

Chip Towers haz a funny.

And finally, “coaches’ sideline behavior” will be closely monitored.

“We have great coaches in this league and we don’t think there will be anything here for us,” Shaw said. “But I think nationally we’ve all agreed that anytime the coaches’ behavior on the sideline is demeaning to the game we have to deal with it. And we will.”

You’ll recall that, Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin had a nose-to-nose, postgame confrontation this past season.

Oh, that.  Good one, Chip.  Except that incident didn’t involve sideline behavior.

And one more thing:  it’s kind of hard for the officials to take charge of something they’re not around to see in the first place.  Is Chip advocating that they stick around after the game until everyone has left the field?



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22 responses to “Hang around a while.

  1. Nate Dawg

    Just use Muschamp as your example and everything will be fine.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Just read that on the AJC and just had the exact same reaction… that was a cheap and out of bounds blow from the AJC. It wasn’t on the sidelines, and it was AFTER the game for crying out loud. What the hell was the SEC going to do, assess a 15 yard penalty to open our next game? Wait, perhaps I shouldn’t say anything… don’t want to give those idiots any ideas.


  3. Joe Schmoe

    I hate the AJC. They continue to leave up the headlines regarding Crowell even though that happened a couple of weeks ago. They also left up the headline about the de-committing recruits for like 3 weeks. They really take every opportunity to disparage UGA.


  4. 202dawg

    If he had referenced ‘Operation Gator Choke 2010’ I might have understood. But that was uncalled for…


  5. DawgPhan

    the worst part to me is that he missed the obvious example of the grantham choke sign.

    lazy and inept barely describe what passes for journalism at the atlanta fish wrapper


  6. Gravidy

    Between this and the “Dooley used a word and told me not to mention it” incident the other day, Ol’ Chip is hittin’ on all cylinders lately, isn’t he?


  7. OrlandoDawg

    Chip, must be getting paid by the comma, as he uses them, needlessly, similar to his parting, shot.


    • papadawg


      That’s not sarcastic. I honestly get a kick out of making fun of “journalists” poor use of our language.


    • Comin' Down The Track

      I actually corrected his incorrect use of “penultimate” in the comments section once.
      Five minutes later the word was replaced with “ultimate” and my comment was gone.
      I mock him.


      • 81Dog

        “Penultimate” is one of those words dumb people use when they’re trying to appear smart. They all think it means “The Ulitmate Ultimate,” but all it really means is “next to last.”


  8. 69Dawg

    The Grady School of Journalism should cancel his damn degree. He is f’ing embarrassing.


  9. Mike

    I wonder if the “You are going to fucking choke, Chaz” episode is considered to be sideline behavior?


  10. papadawg

    I find this funny: I went to ajc.com to search for other articles that Senor Towers has recently written, but a search for “chip towers” on their site only leads to this:

    “Your search – chip towers – did not match any documents.
    Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
    Try different keywords.
    Try more general keywords.
    Try fewer keywords.”

    Yep. Over at the AJC, their web skillz match their writing skillz


  11. Dog in Fla

    “Todd…goes nuts! UGA v. Vandy 2011” sets the standard as the Zapruder film for lip-readers.


  12. charlottedawg

    Meh, if UGA goes undefeated and wins the NC, the AJC will immediately start putting a pro UGA spin on every development, and try to make it sound like they’ve been doing that the whole time.


  13. Macallanlover

    Don’t read the AJC but I would be disappointed if a UGA coach didn’t defend their players when a psycho like Franklin crosses the line and and dresses an opposing player down publicly. CMR has never hesitated to handle discipline on his teams, if Franklin had a problem with one of our players he should have called Richt the next day, not made an ass of himself on the field. Seems Jimmy Boy had more disciplinary problems to handle from that game than Richt did given the cheap-shot coward hitting players in the back of their legs, and he failed at that based on the UT game with the same coward involved again. Guess that’s the kind of coach you get when you don’t have an athletic department.