“The gap in talent between Cam Newton and Barrett Trotter is larger than…”

If you liked Paul Myerberg’s preseason review of Missouri, you won’t be disappointed in what he writes about his No. 40, Auburn.  There’s plenty of interest, but this really caught my eye.

Last fall, Auburn went 6-1 in home games and 1-4 in true road games – 2-4 in all non-home games, counting the bowl win over Virginia. This marked the second time in its three years under Chizik that Auburn had won only a single road game during the regular season; in 2009, the Tigers went 1-3 on the road and 6-1 at home.

No Cam makes for a pretty Jekyll and Hyde kind of team, it seems.  Which could mean more trouble for the Dawgs on the Plains than we think, given last season’s lopsided win.

If you’re looking for a sunnier preseason look at Auburn, the Orlando Sentinel’s Matt Murschel pegs the Tigers at 16th.


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7 responses to ““The gap in talent between Cam Newton and Barrett Trotter is larger than…”

  1. Normaltown Mike

    That 2009 home slate was marked by wins over La Tech, Ball State, Miss State, W. Va., Furman (!) & the Ole Misses. Not a murderer’s row.

    2011 wasn’t much tougher: Utah State, FAU, Miss State, Samford (!), Flarduh &, again, the Ole Misses.

    Now if Aubern can just schedule High Point and Elon, they’ll have covered the Four Horseman of small private schools that churchy girls from Atlanta attend.


  2. WarD Eagle

    Does Milledgeville have a football team?


  3. WarD Eagle

    I just read the article and I gotta hope this is true.

    “And like Grantham did with the Bulldogs, VanGorder will supply Auburn with a few crucial factors that have gone missing over the last three seasons: toughness, anger, ferocity and accountability. ”

    I think Roof is a workable DC, but he leaves it to assistants to provide toughness. Tracy Rocker turned the DL into a mean machine – similar to his playing days at AU. That’s really the only group that shined on the Roof’s defenses. Hopefully, VanGorder can do the same across the entire defense.

    [I hope that is legible because I can’t see a word I’ve typed thanks to wordpress’s login stuff covering the comment thingy]


    • Cojones

      I would think that you would want your D-backs coach to catch the VanGorder theme. If not, you will hold your breath on every close score while waiting for the opposing QB to toss that losing bomb.

      Meanwhile, we will try to keep Murray from licking his lips off as he awaits that game.


  4. Cojones

    Murschel states that O starters lost/returning = 4/7. He also states key losses = 7; 5 of them on O. What gives? Ranking Aub 16th in his review leaves a wide disparity with Myerburg’s 40th. I’m interested in the 39 teams Myerburg thinks are better than Aub.

    This is an upbeat and forthright review by Myerburg. I can’t wait to read UGA’s. It has to be sky-high.

    Myerburg also lists Ala’s 42-10 win as Aub’s low point last year. What was our 45-7 win, chopped liver?


  5. Cosmic Dawg

    If Auburn is trouble this year, then Auburn will be the least of our troubles.