Open bar at Texas!

Today’s load of bull comes, appropriately enough, from DeLoss Dodds, as Texas considers selling beer and liquor at football games:

The thing I will say is that it’s not a money thing. If we did do it, people would say that they they’re just doing it for the money. It’s not a money issue. It’s a do-the-right-thing issue.

Yeah, sure.  That’s why you’ll be giving drinks away.

By the way, what’s the over/under on the year booze comes to Sanford Stadium (outside of the luxury boxes, that is)?  You’ve got the money angle and the give the people more of what they get at home angle.  Plus, it’ll generate more, um… opportunities for Jimmy Williamson’s boys.  That’s a win-win-win in my book.



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36 responses to “Open bar at Texas!

  1. heyberto

    And with Michael Adams gone, it seems they could consider it…. But the hypocrisy meme would still be tough for the school to get past…. But over time, almost all ills subside.


  2. timphd

    When they say it’s not about the money, it is ALWAYS about the money.


  3. Sanford222view

    I attend CU Boulder for undergrad and when I was there in the early Nineties they sold beer at Folsom Field. After I graduated they quit selling it due to safety issues from the infamous “Cup Wars” that took place during half time. Back then it was the only on campus stadium that served beer. I am surprised Texas is considering this after a school they used to share a conference affiliation with had trouble with it.


  4. SCDawg

    Don’t we have an SEC rule that prevents selling beer at all SEC games? In any event, some of the concessions at Sanford can barely handle selling cokes and hot dogs. They’d do terribly with beer.


  5. The rumor was always that Anheuser-Busch was willing to contribute to enclosing Sanford in exchange for an exclusive beer contract. I think that got shot down due to conference restrictions. I agree with SC that it would be a disaster given how poorly concessions are managed now.


    • Dawg in Beaumont

      Not saying that is not true, but I’ve heard the same legend from Auburn fans and Clemson fans about their stadium (obviously with the Clemson folks they weren’t citing SEC rules).

      It’s always sort of struck me as the “Lemonjello” and “Orangello” twin names that EVERYONE knows someone who saw it personally.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        Mark Lemongello (born July 21, 1955 in Jersey City, New Jersey) is a retired professional baseball player who pitched in the Major Leagues from 1976-1979. He played for the Houston Astros and the Toronto Blue Jays. He is the cousin of singer Peter Lemongello.
        just sayin’


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Lemonjello and Orangejello are/were twins who lived in the project in Marietta about 20 years ago. I forgot their last names. Sorry.


  6. RP

    I think the idea would be to designate certain areas of the stadium for alchohol consumption. Similar to the “Verizon Club” level in the dome. That way, the older fans who dont want drunk a holes around them can avoid it, and the admin can keep students from getting it at the games.


    • Cojones

      “…the older fans who don’t want drunk a holes(sic) around them can avoid it,….”-like where? This old fart prefers the drunken students to some fans who grumble the entire friggin game and sittin’ amongst the enemy on the opposite side of the field. Students usually just have revelrous fun or pass out while oldsters that drink have more serious perturbations when drinking. Some students will even pass around a “one-hitter” if in a trusting group. Their boisterous behavior makes the game better and as a holiday for me whenever I’m lucky enough to make the trip.

      If they are drinking outside and come to the game stewed what’s the difference if they buy it in the stadium? They will behave worse? Don’t think so. If the students don’t drink at all, then sitting next to someone who does drink before the game doesn’t make them crave alcohol. It will be the same resultant whether they drink in the stadium legally or not. An argument could be made that it might moderate drinking in that they can drink slowly and moderately inside rather than loading up on alcohol before entering the stadium.

      High prices might have something to do with curtailing some student’s drinking. My drinking was curbed at airports when the price of beer became punitive almost. I could afford it: it’s just that it made me feel stupid because someone could get anything they wanted in price if you are alcoholic. Decided I wasn’t that far gone. Sure did hurt watching others drink while watching tv in an airport sports bar.


    • stoopnagle

      Sorry, but I have to drink at the games in order to deal with the negative nannies all around me.


      • RP

        Dont get me wrong Cojones. I am definitely someone who prefers to enjoy multiple beverages before, during, and after a game and mostly agree with you. I’m just sayin you will get resistance from a certain portion of the ticket holders which will make any alchohol proposal difficult to pass. What I proposed above would have a better shot of being implemented than something more extensive.


  7. Bob

    Does that mean we can refer to the game formerly known as the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, as the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party again? 😉


  8. DawgPhan

    I am not much of a drinker during games. I dont smuggle in booze anymore and no more “1 coke no ice, 1 cup of ice” orders either.

    that being said, I would love to be able to enjoy a nice beer during the game. If I could get Founder’s Breakfast Stout, Terrapin Hopzilla, Cigar City Guava Grove, or other high quality beer then I would all for it. But selling 32oz cups of bud light doesnt move the meter for me in the least and would probably encourage me to stay home or get seats where drunks dont sit…do they have those in sanford?


    • Cojones

      Don’t look at me! Didn’t raise my hand. 🙂

      Nah, I like your idea of what good beer tastes like. Unfortunately, Budweiser has no respect for our tastes and they shutout the competition with their cheap-tasting shit.


  9. DawgPhan

    and I would pay $10-12 for a 16oz pour of any of those beers at a football game.


  10. Too many underage kids. Remember, 21 is in most people’s junior year, so you’ve got 2-3 years on campus before legal drinking age. The need to check IDs inside the stadium is too much, plus the pr hit of serving alcohol in a collegiate environment. Not very family friendly, and never gonna happen in Athens.

    Unless Don Leeburn….


    • Joe

      There you go! Big Don holds the key!


    • Cojones

      Understand, Mr. That conservatism is certainly to be respected in “Our town” whenever anything the University does can impact the joint communities.

      Part of my time in Athens was spent in political primaries and trying to get Athens to go wet. Photos of large piles of liquor bottles in the Athens dump that were purchased mostly in Atlanta; demonstrating how students got their beer from runs to S.C.; how liquor was “moonshined ” into Athens; All the hypocritical evidence of alcoholic consumption didn’t change the final vote of rejection and Athens/Clarke Co remaining dry in the late 60s.

      Times change.


  11. BMan

    Please hold while Jeremy Foley tells McGarity how he’s supposed to feel about this.


  12. Scott W.

    The poors can’t have booze at games. That would be uncivilized.


  13. stoopnagle

    I’ve been to two games at Texas. The last time was 1998 and they allowed passouts at halftime. The stadium is next to the alumni center where, with enough “tickets,” you can get all the Shiners and margaritas you want, then hustle back to the game.

    I guess they don’t do that any longer?


  14. Mack

    Not to mention opportunities for Georgia Crown and the Leebern clan.


  15. cube

    Our concession stands can’t even handle things without alcohol. Adding alcohol into the mix would be a complete disaster unless they totally overhauled the entire concession system.


    • 79dawg

      I have written to the AA about this, but it is time we give up on the local school groups handling the concessions and get some adults in there who view it as a J-O-B, because the current state of the concession stands is pathetic, and the lines backing up makes getting around the stadium nearly impossible in the east end.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Not to mention half the concession volunteers are under age…


  16. Harry Balzack...

    Texas might have bigger probs than beer…

    Big Mike Big Mike ?@MBHORNSFAN
    BAD BAD NEWS about UT athletics etc about to come out tonight. Brace yourself it’s terrible news. STAY TUNED

    Beau Edge
    3 hours ago ·
    Serious trouble may be brewing on the 40 acres, from what I am hearing.. As soon as I can confirm details, I will post more…Looks like Bev Kearney had more bullets in her gun

    Avery Holton ?@averyholton

    What’s up with rumors of a major shakeup coming in @UTAustin athletic department? DeLoss Dodds name popping up a lot. @CedGolden @aastop

    Aj Hoffman
    Can’t give too many details, but I have a feeling the Texas athletic department is going to have a pretty crappy weekend.



  17. Bulldog Joe

    “Hey, let’s serve beer at Sanford Stadium!”

    Put that one on a Bad Idea T-Shirt.


  18. hailtogeorgia

    I don’t see why it’s such a bad idea…adopt the approach that most of the vendors at Turner Field use, which is to bring in a rollable stand, sell 16 oz. plastic bottles that are given without the cap, and allow a maximum of two beers per ID. It’s not rocket science and it’s easy to keep the plastic bottles cold.

    I think it could actually have a benefit…when I was in school, if I knew I could purchase beer in the stadium, I’d skip the whole ‘smuggle in bourbon’ thing. As a former Athens door guy, I’d much rather deal with beer drunks than liquor drunks.