Thursday morning buffet

More random bits of college football nourishment for your reading pleasure…

  • John Pennington looks at SEC schools’ non-conference schedules over the past few seasons and makes a good point:  “There are a lot of people who look at Georgia’s talent and the Bulldogs long run of success who ask, “When’s Mark Richt gonna win a BCS title?”  First, those aren’t easy to come by.  Second, they’re especially not easy to come by when you play eight SEC contests and you schedule 10 games in five years against BCS-level competition.”
  • Another day, another law suit against a company selling player images.  When will these amateurs learn their place?
  • This doesn’t sound good.  At all.
  • Michael Felder takes an interesting look at what happens to all those top QB prospects after they enter college.  Let’s just say it’s not exactly a science.  Makes me appreciate what Richt and Bobo have done with quarterback development all the more.
  • Danny Sheridan breaks down the 2013 title odds for you and guess what – it’s all Alabama!
  • Skip Bayless talks to Johnny Manziel about Tim Tebow.  The mind reels.
  • Nifty graphical post about college football drive outcomes.


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38 responses to “Thursday morning buffet


    Nice to see someone elsebseeing through Saban’s BS schedule talk. KUDOS to UGA on the scheduling.


  2. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    David Ching said on the ESPN Insider board that Reggie Wilkerson tore his ACL


  3. gastr1

    So let me get this straight: BYU and Fresno State are “cannon fodder” on Ole Miss’s schedule, but NC State is “real competition” on SC’s. And Spurrier, you know, COULD be letting Clemson be the only real OOC game the Cocks have played, but he hasn’t done that, to his great credit–they’ve played NC State twice!

    (Then Mississippi gets berated for having played Texas, Wake Forest, Fresno, and BYU in the same period. Huh.)


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    I see that there are a lot of Gator fans voting on qb polls.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Manziel does not trouble Bielema


  6. D.N. Nation

    From that schedule link, on the Bama entry:

    “Actual Competition: Duke”

    Haha, no. I was at that game, in fact. Nooooooo.


  7. Dog in Fla

    Danny Sheridan, a Mobile oddsmaker with well-placed sources in the NCAA*, has a better chance of eating at a five-star mall food court shop than Cowfish, Cowbell or Del Frisco’s when he pays an undercover visit with a shopping bag to see Cam’s clothing line to do more top-notch investigative reporting soon to be a regular “guess what – it’s all Alabama!” feature with odd people or bookies, or both, and Pat Dye as the token Auburn on tSEC Network Finebaum Show–Cam-Newton-introduces-new-clothing-line-at-South-209797581.html



  8. Comin' Down The Track

    Skip Bayless is the Stephen A. Smith of Lou Holtzes.


  9. Mike

    Beginning to wonder if there isn’t too much Alabama talk now. When was the last time a team that was put on this high of a pedestal in the pre-season actually won the MNC? It’s pretty rare that in any sport, the team or person that “can’t be beat” actually doesn’t get beat.


  10. FYI

    Every single time I click a link to the Mr. SEC site, my computer blocks a virus. FYI (that is the first one on this page)


    • Cojones

      Has happened to me all week and was associated with regular visits to that site. Sumthins up.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Yeah, I’m getting a little tired of that…….. if you got a warning chances on it was blocked and no malware inserted. Just the same I hope someone encourages the site to stop it. In a friendly way of course.

      Exploit Invisible IFrame Injection (type 1707)

      “What is Invisible IFrame Injection?

      An Invisible IFrame Injection happens when an unwanted and hidden third party page is inserted into a webpage by an attacker. To hide the injection, hackers make the style of the IFrames invisible. As most malware, an Invisible IFrame Injection exploits vulnerabilities in the system and browsers of the visitors of the website and force adware, phishing programs or any other type of fraudulent software to be installed on their device.

      Statistics summary

      Invisible IFrame Injection is a threat that is spreading. It is currently ranked 3 in the world for online threats.”


  11. Cojones

    Senator, I’m with you on Richt and Bobo’s QBs. Think that the word is out there also and that’s why we get good QBs early in recruiting. Did I miss the current Lions’ QB name somewhere when they were talking high in the draft?


  12. AthensHomerDawg

    Bobo Has An iPad. 😉


  13. Selena Roberts

    James, Bill, AHD and Cojones mucho gracias for the kind words from the window from up above about Danny which makes me happy my bookie doesn’t do publicity so I was going to write a long and winding sentence about it with no signs or punctuation or both then I got hungry for lunch so while at the drive-thru with my plus sized girlfriend Clover from the field across the tracks who forgot I was there because she can only focus on only one thing when she is hungry something like this happened so rather than try to tell in my own words I slingbladed the full crop of words from Miss Dupree who cannot rely upon the kindness of strangers

    By Catherine Dupree

    “It was Clover alone this time. Next to her the black box: this menacing marker of that inevitable forward-march but also the backwards slip that modernity promises and requires: to be removed, hidden behind the looming smirk of machine voiding any human contact, replaced with the hum and buzz of technology, this same backwardness manifesting itself in the sudden explosion of human voice into Clover’s car: Fries with that? Garbled but somehow decipherable through the webs and crackles of wires and static. Fries with that? And Clover’s answer: words spoken and recorded on the other unseen end by the push of a button, these same words recorded again only differently now, not as words but as the fries themselves: calories, lard, complex carbohydrates, monounsaturated linseed oil, grease (pooling and sinking into the dimpled yellow sad limp fry) recorded not on paper but on flesh. No longer a fry but clumps of cellulite and folds of fat and dimpled wobbly flab—born from the grease that feeds (has always fed) generations of those eleven stalwart states and amounts to the curse plaguing all Southern women, discouraging (but not forbidding) them from their tube tops and halter tops and fringed half-shirts. And if not the fry, then another animal by-product which in its digested form clings to the thighs and bellies and arms, desperate and maniacal like a soldier to his falling flag. This fat: worthless and inanimate and pointless, not just an additive or an ingredient, but it: of and from and by. This polyhydrogenation: culled from and brought to and consumed by the same men and women and animals who forever decried its name and effects. And Clover: her curse passed to her from her mother whose ample and fleshy legs were themselves not unaffected by years of funnel cakes and Moon Pies and fried dough at county fairs with not-Diet Coke and not-skim milk but the whole, full-fat varieties, dripping with monounsaturates and partially hydrogenated oils and refined sugars. And finally this: this box, screaming and roiling, shaking even within its own deep and undefined depths, over and over the voice: Fries with that? Fries with that? And Clover too, shaking and cowering, all at once hating the polyunsaturates that feed her and ruin her and will feed and ruin the bodies of every girl of those eleven stalwart states who even if she had the willpower, would remain the lump of polyhydrogenation, would still squeeze into her acid-washed jeans and cheap polyester tube top stretched over her rolls of stomach, would still salivate at the last glazed and shining donut behind the faded and fogged glass at the donut shop, would still look and be and feel the same, even if she answered—always answered—softly at first but then louder until rivaling and finally drowning out the relentless blare of the microphone: I don’t. I dont! I don’t want the fries! I don’t want the fries!”


  14. Statistically speaking, a three-peat is darned hard to do, so how can you expect that to happen?

    That being said, the schedule does set up nicely.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Lets be candid here. If Bama played any schedule of 8 conference games that was composed of any of the other 13 SEC teams would Bama not be favored in every game? That doesn’t mean that Bama can’t be beat. It does mean that Bama would be favored to win every conference game though no matter who the opponent was. Is it so hard to conclude from that, that Bama is favored to repeat as SEC Champion and BCS National Champion? IMHO Bama should be favored.