The greatest defensive lineman of the BCS era

Athlon, who am I to argue with you?


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14 responses to “The greatest defensive lineman of the BCS era

  1. DP is the King David of the BCS. Love you precious.

  2. DawgByte

    I think David Pollack is the second best player in UGA history! That’s saying a lot, because we’ve had some good ones. However, watching David intently as I did during his career, I was blown away by his abilities and the fact he was held 90% of the time by opposing offensive linemen. Without the OL mauling he was forced to endure he would averaged 4 sacks a game. We’ll be hard pressed to ever see another DL at UGA with his tenacity, nose for the ball, constant motor and results.

    • uglydawg

      If you’re old enough to remember Richard Tardits, he was a great Dawg DE also. Pollack was a great one and you’re correct…he was held a bunch.

  3. Merk

    My response to that is…..Jadeveon Clowney

    • HottCheese

      I am so brainwashed. Clowney was the only D Lineman that I could think of. I need a break from the World Wide Leader for a while. They’ve convinced me that he invented the position.

      • dawgfan17

        Physically Clowney is better. However play after play, game after game I’d take Pollack every time.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      My retort to that Merk is…Jadeveon Clowney.

  4. Macallanlover

    I cannot argue with DP’s rating but there are some great ones on that list. I feel Clowney, Alex Brown, Haynesworth, and Peppers are all underrated. Cody is the most overrated on that list, and it isn’t even close. Notice they missed Fairley The Fairy, guess they counted only those who played by the rules….he would lead a list for cheapshot artists.

    I was surprised that UGA didn’t have a TE in their Top 30, the list is statistics driven so our not using the TE as a receiver must have dropped our guys. The QB list seems to reward running QBs, which is fair I suppose for evaluating college performance, but AJ at #7? Joe Hamilton actually made the list, and even pushed both Murray and Greene in the rankings, so they obviously look at talent differently that me. I cannot think of a single GT QB that would come close to being ranked in the 15 year considered.

  5. I can think of a few GT QB’s I loved to watch play. GT has never been good in the Top 10’s of anything. Of course, in my Mother’s day things were different. Back in the fifties…. 1950 – 1953.

    • Macallanlover

      With respect, you would be extending the BCS era by decades, and “loving to watch (them) play” then may have had a totally different meaning than being the best QB at that point in your life.

      • I know…I was not referring to the BCS….just statistics list. I am being nostalgic. Off my meds since June 28th until July 13th…bear with me Mac!

  6. WF dawg

    And guys, what makes the story even better is that Pollack played Pop Warner football with David Greene!!!1!

    • Macallanlover

      Now where ever did you pick up that little-known, juicy tidbit? Might want to feed it to the CBS crew.

      Pretty hard to think publicity about UGA players could make even Dawg fans nauseous. Wasn’t as bad as the Tebow mantra after a couple of years, but it does rank on the list of “give it a rest man.”