What is 174.82?

It was Aaron Murray’s passer rating last season.

It’s also the over/under for the number of times I expect he’ll be asked about Jadeveon Clowney’s comments at SEC Media Days today, by people who would crap their pants if Clowney were chasing them down.

Should be fun.


UPDATE:  Good answer.

Yes, Aaron Murray answered South Carolina star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney saying he was “scared” playing against him

“My response? Here we go,” Murray said. “Let’s just get it knocked away. I think the word fear was misused for respect. Definitely a lot of respect for him. He’s definitely not if the best player in the country, an unbelievable player, a very talented player, a guy that you really do have to game plan for and set a plan for him. Definitely not scared, but definitely respect him greatly with what he’s able to do on the field.”

Murray, who took a beating and kept on ticking (eventually) after going up against Auburn’s Nick Fairley in 2010, said he “enjoys getting hits. I’m not scared of getting hit by anyone by all means. I’m not worried about who says what or this and that.”

Murray said Clowney’s comments “were all over Twitter,” so he learned of them quickly.

“It pretty much blew up and people tweeted at me, `Did you hear what Clowney said? Did you hear what Clowney said? Did you hear what Clowney said? Whatever. …If I’m worried about what’s going on in front of me I’m not doing my job.


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64 responses to “What is 174.82?

  1. Boz

    Aaron, my man, take the high road.

  2. Cojones

    Aaron has been the poster child (literally,if you view the photos from their last meeting) for Clowney’s remarks. Knowing what a man and leader Murray is, I wouldn’t be pokin’ the bear if I was him, especially since AM is in charge of summer practices. Wonder how many plays Murray has already cooked up with his personally-trained O line? I’ll bet the guys are having to clamp their hands over their mouths not to give anything away while Clowney takes his ill-advised pot shots.

  3. Wilcodawg

    Aaron is not far behind Clowney for the “league’s best player” – and perhaps is as valuable (more so?) to his team as JC is to his. I look forward to the game with great anticipation…

  4. Merk

    Clowney forgets that 1 chop block could end his career…

    Seriously though, it is never a good practice to go about taunting, as eventually someone will catch you not looking.

    Would be nice if Clowney had learned from players like Lattimore who never said a word and let their actions say everything.

  5. phillips

    carolina grad here (be gentle). i just had a baby and haven’t been paying attention to much besides her – haven’t heard what clowney said. can you link to it or tell me please? i agree with merk – lattimore is a remarkably classy human; there are many lessons to be learned from him.

  6. Joe Schmoe

    I for one love the arrogance being displayed by Clowney and spurrier. Makes me feel much better about our chances of laying on ass whipping on them.

  7. Russ

    While I know he’d never do it, I’d love to see Murray go up to the mic and just say this number. Then he could just wait for the questions and answer repeatedly with the number. But he’s not an annoying a$$hole like me….or Spurrier.

  8. watcher16

    The 93.31 rating in losses stands out too

    • AthensHomerDawg

      The 192.75 rating in wins is pretty glossy too.😉

    • Dawgfan Will

      I’d imagine that most QBs passer ratings are liwer in their losses. Obviously that correlates to Murray being the reason we lost those games.

    • D.N. Nation

      I heard David Greene had some bad passer ratings in losses, too. That bum.

  9. www

    murray had a 174.82 passer rating for 2012?

    that’s impressive but not relevant to this discussion. what was murray’s passer rating in the south carolina game?

    11/31 for 109 yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT

    yeah, murray was scared. he should have just admitted to it and moved on.

    look for uga to start off 0-2 this year.

    • Murray must have been real scared in 2011.

      Thanks for trolling dropping by.

      • Bulldawg165

        ^^^^^^^^ That just happened.

      • www

        thanks for playing, but I believe the game in question happened in 2012, not clowney’s 2nd game ever in 2011.

        most of the players on the field when uga lost to usc in 2011 won’t be on the field this august. clowney will. and murray will.

        but in your own trolling way, you did point me toward the info I was looking for:


        W 35-7 31 11 35.5 109 3.5 0 1 58.56

        a 58.56 passer rating? brutal.

        now I see why you’d want to talk about a game from 2 years ago instead.

        that just happened.

        • ScoutDawg

          Can you really be a troll ON YOUR OWN BLOG? Go find yourself a tickle pile NERD.

          • www

            you wouldn’t think so, and yet that just happened.

            tickle pile? no idea what that is. please explain.

            • ScoutDawg

              Oh you know friend. YOU KNOW.

              • www

                wrong on both counts.

                i’m not your friend, palooka.

                and I have no idea what this tickle pile is that you’re such a fan of.

                • TennesseeDawg

                  86.10. That would be Tech’s passer rating versus Georgia in a 42-10 loss last year.
                  Don’t forget 67.10 in 2011, 96.56 in 2010, etc.

                  • www

                    gotcha. thus answering the question “why is aaron murray afraid of jadeveon clowney”.

                    oh wait, there’s no connection.

                    here’s your sign, locationdwag.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          And yet with all that brutality that you blog of….. you had LSU on the ropes but could not close the deal. Let them back in the game the 4th quarter. Nutted up, went limp and lost it all when Hill broke your hearts with that fifty yard run. Actually the game was no where near as close as the score.
          On to the gators and you just had to win this one. Need to. MUST WIN THIS GAME> >Remember the ‘barners? You had to win that one too. Yet you couldn’t stay up for it the whole game. You were “that guy”. It was all there in front of you for the taking and you couldn’t do anything with it. Nightmares. And that it why the Dawgs went to the dance in Atlanta and you stayed home….alone with your youtube vid of your greatest performance of the year but nothing else to show for all that effort.
          Now that www is Brutal!

          • Russ

            Well, there was that 17-52 appearance in the SEC title game, and that awesome Capitol One bowl win to hang their hats on. Oh, and didn’t they win the ACC once upon a time? LOL!

          • www

            sorry, “locationdwag” i’m didn’t play for usc so i’m not sure why you keep referring to “you”.

            besides, i thought the topic was clowney vs murray?

            is there another way to describe 11/31 for 109 yards other than brutal?

            meth is a terrible drug.

        • Mudcats Impala...

          Wesley???? LMAO freak…

        • The other Doug

          Sure is a lot of Georgia Tech stuff on your twitter feed Wesley.

          We can’t wait to see Vad in November.

          • www

            that’s true. which makes sense since i’m a graduate. i never claimed or implied that i’m cocks fan. [insert dick joke here]
            i just wanted to know what murray’s passer rating was for the usc game last year.

    • Look for the not-the-real-Carolina to finish 3rd in the east and not play for the SEC championship….again. Ouch!

  10. What someone should have asked Clowney…

    If you are so feared and the best player in the country, why did your team lose two games and finish third in its division?

  11. Normaltown Mike

    No offense to Murray, but I’d be skerred if I looked across the line at Clowney.

    • Cojones

      You misspelled “skeered”, Mike. Careful, fans will think you’re a troll with distant yankee blood.🙂

      • www


        • ScoutDawg

          Rhymes with nerd.

          • www

            yes. yes it does.

            sad that you think this is some sort of putdown, but here’s a cookie for knowing that one word sometimes sounds like another.

            i AM impressed that you spelled all three words correctly in your post.

            • Normaltown Mike

              How has Aaron done against Tech in those 3 games?

              Just curious.

              • www

                killed ’em, if I remember correctly.

                • Normaltown Mike


                  Is this how the game went?

                  I was downtown polishing off a few brewskies and missed the first quarter.

                  Was hoping you can confirm if this was how the game went down.

                • Normaltown Mike


                  Was that the final? I can’t remember.

                • Normaltown Mike

                  I think Aaron did better in 2012 vs Tech than in 2011.

                  What do you think?

                • Normaltown Mike

                  Or do you prefer his 2010 performance against Tech?

                  • www

                    locationdwag – your youtube skills are second to none, i see.

                    and now i look forward to seeing you post clips from the 2012 uga/south carolina game, since, you know, the original post was something about “Jadeveon Clowney’s comments at SEC Media Days today”.

                    i’m sure there’s a connection between murray being scared of clowney in 2012/2013 and the tech/uga game from 2010 in your mind but i’m not sure i see the relevance.

  12. www

    here’s a good starting point:

    all i had to do was google “aaron murray uga scared clowney usc 2012 clip” and it popped right up.

    now it’s your turn. you got ANYTHING relevant to the topic at hand – murray being scared of clowney?

    • TennesseeDawg

      Maybe you should ask Godhigh about being scared

      • www

        i’ll be sure to do that the next time godhigh is the subject of a post i’m commenting on, locationdwag.

        or do you think that’s what we are talking about? try checking the url at the top of the page, that should help clue you in to the subject at hand.

        step away from the meth, son. it’s not helping your reasoning abilities.

        • Normaltown Mike

          Does this make Georgia 2009 ACC Champions?

          • www

            only if you’re the kind of uga fan who doesn’t understand the concept of “league champion”.

            and since it’s been a while since uga won a league title, i’ll just assume that’s the case.

        • TennesseeDawg

          You were talking about scared, but you gnats should know all about that. I can sense the butthurt is great within you kid. Must be frustrating waking up everyday knowing your team will get annihilated by Georgia once again. It’s a November right of passage no matter what year or what coach Tech trots onto the field. I’ll hang up and listen.

    • Normaltown Mike

      You know Wesley, you should consider wearing blue like Coach Fish Fry.

      This white shirt makes you look skinny fat.


      • www

        i was going to give you props for being able to click on a couple of links but then you didn’t actually link to the picture you’re talking about, now did you, einstein?

        until you figure out how the internet works, i’ll just have to comfort myself with the knowledge that like many on here, your obsession over all things georgia tech knows no bounds, and you still have no idea what this post is about.


        until you get a clue, feel free to post a pic of yourself with a pic of me side by side and see who looks worse.

        i’ll hang up and listen, locationdwag.

  13. Normaltown Mike


    Your mom is cute and all, but I still don’t understand why you’d put THIS video on your twitter account…

    • www

      no idea what that link is but i think i’ll refrain from clicking play. how far did you go into the dark side of youtube to find just the right video to post? i’m guessing that you justify that time as “research”.

      i’m sure the other dawg fans are proud of whatever point it is that you’re trying to make. carry on.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Damn. Love the accent, baby. As the video proceeds on the good Dr. starts looking better and better and better and……

      • Cojones

        Checked mine out while they reposed on the bathroom scales I straddled this morning. They looked brownish and now gotta start wearing briefs. They’ve been swinging a little too loose.

        Mayor, you didn’t close your eyes and pretend you were the patient on the second run-through, did you?