“I think everybody’s beatable.”

Definitely the weirdest vibe from SEC Media Days is this – is it possible for the media pick to win the SEC East to be flying under the radar?  Richt certainly did his part to contribute to that by staying in typical low-key character.

Mark Richt waits to enter a network interview room in the bowels of the Wynfrey Hotel. Les Miles emerges from an interview table.

“Hey there!” Richt says loudly.

“Professor Richt!” Miles says.

The Hatter and the Professor exchange pleasantries. Richt asks how former Georgia quarterback Zach Mettenberger, now Miles’ starter, is doing. Miles said he’s doing great, then tells Richt how imposing Georgia defensive end Garrison Smith looks at this week’s SEC Media Days.

“Isn’t it nice to coach good people?” Miles asks. Richt nods.

Richt was in his most professorial state Thursday, relaxing against a wall, ready to dispense his faith-based wisdom, seemingly allergic to stress.

There’s this quiet statement, too, though.

But for a few minutes in a dim hotel hallway, Richt briefly ponders his legacy on the SEC and Georgia.

“I’d like to have a national championship and a couple more SEC titles,” said Richt, who has two conference and six division titles.

We all believe Georgia does better when nobody’s looking its way, but let’s face it, if the Dawgs emerge after the first two weeks as the state champions of South Carolina, they won’t stay hidden.  How Richt manages expectations from there will be interesting to watch.


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35 responses to ““I think everybody’s beatable.”

  1. What a righteous man. Love you CMR.

  2. DugLite

    “I’d like to have a national championship and a couple more SEC titles,” said Richt, who has two conference and six division titles.

    ’nuff said. He is on a mission from God.

  3. 2-0 and they’ll be No. 2 in the country (should be No. 1, but Bama won’t drop unless they lose, no matter who anyone else beats).

    • OhioDawg

      With our early season schedule, if we’re still undefeated when the BCS standings come out, I don’t see how the computers would not be in love with us and put us at number one.

  4. Bulldawg165

    If we start off 2-0 I’ll be on cloud 9. If we finish September undefeated I’ll probably be tempted to go ahead and book a flight to wherever the NCG game is.

    • It will be at the GEORGIA DOME, Atlanta, GEORGIA cause ALABAMA VS. GEORGIA rematch has a destiny.

    • Jim

      2-0? Lets just focus on Clemson.

      • I’d rather focus on SoCar personally. Beating Clemson is nice, but beating South Carolina is paramount.

        • Jim

          Normally I agree but I fear it will take an undefeated season to make it to the NC game this year. Ohio State won’t lose to anyone – question is whether their opponent will be another undefeated legit team or if that team does not exist, a 1 loss sec team. I’d rather not have to need help and / or have to argue about how deserving a 1-loss sec team is relative to other undefeated or 1 loss teams at the end of the regular season

        • Macallanlover

          Agree 100% with Parrish, 2-0 is our goal without doubt, but all your dreams COULD be alive with a loss at Clemson, but probably ALL your goals are missed with an SC loss (Division, Conference, and BCS title). Of course we want them to be 14-0 at the end of this year. With the teams we would have wins over to be 14-0 we would be in the discussion for one of the best teams ever. It would be a legendary team so everyone is on board with that, but lose to SC and the 2013 team will not be remembered by many UGA fans for long. I think it is that critical. Things may go awry later for reasons we don’t foresee yet, but I would like our chances for a very special year with a W on September 7.

          I think tosu has a pass with their schedule and decent talent, but could get knocked off by Meechigan on the road late. Oregon may make it, but the team that has the best chance to go undefeated, besides Bama, is Louisville. With Florida’s choke last bowl season, they have been given enough credibility to make the BCS title if they are one of two unbeaten in the country. If FU had shown up in Nawlins they might not get the bid over a one loss SEC champ but when you combine an undefeated season with SEC fatigue and their over-hyped ranking at the end of the Sugar Bowl, I think Charlie Strong’s team will get the nod.

          That is for you guys who believe in the mythical stuff. Me, I just want a shot at the Tide or Aggies in Atlanta for a 2nd place tying 13th SEC title. Best of the best is perfectly fine with me.

        • PTC DAWG

          Well said

      • I have been saying that to myself over and over. Know that is what we should be doing…but something deep deep down in my soul says …yes this is gonna be our year…It truly is a spiritual feeling. GOD IS NEVER WRONG.

      • Comin' Down The Track

        Thaaaaannnnk yooouuu.

  5. Jbones

    What article or website is this Richt/Miles story from?

      • That Jeremy Fowler is a good one. Truly is an “insider”. Does it old school style. Just the facts…none of that Sugar honey iced tea all the other writers do with their own opinions.

      • Dog in Fla

        “HOOVER, Ala. — Mark Richt waits to enter a network interview room in the bowels of the Wynfrey Hotel. Les Miles emerges from an interview table.”

        The Hat emerges from a table, which would be a moving violation in Athens but only a matrix in Hoover. While in the bowels of the Wynfrey, I wonder if the Professor saw any signs of Nick’s barometer.

  6. OhioDawg

    Interesting to see him comment on his legacy. I have to say, I sincerely want him to win a MNC, not just for the program and Dawgnation but for himself. He’s a good man and runs the program the right way. He’s a class act and truly cares for his players unlike a lot (probably most) of other coaches. He deserves one, and I hope he gets one for him as much as I hope he gets one for us.

  7. Dog in Fla

    If Mark is The Professor, that can only mean that Nick is The Skipper, Les is Gilligan and Slive is Thurston B. Howell, III, in ‘The Colour of Money’*, a Ludwig von Mises** production brought to you by the Institute of The Ludwig von Mises Institute***

    * http://mises.org/daily/1595

    ** “How does a world-class think tank end up in east Alabama?” asked Kyle Wingfield of the Wall Street Journal (8/4/2006). “Having such an outfit so far away from the country’s usual hubs is in itself a rejection of the central planning and authority Mises spent his life fighting. He might never have visited Auburn, but something tells me he wouldn’t have put this institute any other place.”


    *** “The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has criticized the Institute for its “interest in neo-Confederate themes.”