Mike Slive’s O’Bannon fatigue

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is the first time I’ve seen a power conference commissioner answer this question with something other than “no”.

When asked whether he could support the “Olympic” model permitting athletes to receive money off their own name, Slive replied, “It’s a model. There’s lots of different models. Whether that model is the right model or a modified NCAA model is the right model, it’s imperative we look at those models. I’m not prepared to say one is better than another. One thing we know for certain is the status quo is not satisfactory. I think the first step is restructuring the NCAA to create the kind of platform that allows us to look at different models moving forward.”

“The status quo is not satisfactory” is not necessarily the same thing as saying the players are being treated unfairly.  It could just as easily mean “I’m tired of the time and money Emmert is spending in O’Bannon waging a war he’s going to lose on worse terms than he could have had in a settlement and looking foolish in the process”.  Are guys like Slive and Delany pragmatic enough to cut their losses on this and move on?  Compared to Emmert, sure (admittedly, a low bar).  The question is whether the NCAA would allow a restructuring that would significantly modify its amateurism reason for being.  It bears watching closely how much autonomy those pushing for a new “Division 4” are seeking.



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4 responses to “Mike Slive’s O’Bannon fatigue

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I think this announces a break between the SEC and the NCAA on this issue. I can see this leading to an SEC departure from the NCAA umbrella, particularly if some of the other power conferences respective commissioners start saying the same thing.


  2. Senator…..you are by far and away one of the only people who can make sense of this mess….. NCAA umbrella….I say, “If Georgia Goes,…I’ll go with Her.” Ashley Wilkes 1860.


  3. Joe Schmoe

    Why wouldn’t the power conferences break at this point? There is no reason for them to go down with the NCAA ship. They see change coming and I am assuming they are smart enough to want to stay ahead of things rather than have the outcome dictated to them by the courts.