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Illegal delay also includes:

5.  Defensive actions designed to cause a false start (Rule 7-1-5-a-4).

Rule 7-1-5-a-4:

Linebacker B56 is stationary within one yard beyond the neutral zone. As the offense is calling its snap signals, B56 feints toward the line in an obvious attempt to induce a false start by the offense. RULING: Dead-ball foul, delay of game. Five-yard penalty at the succeeding spot.

“An obvious attempt to induce a false start by the offense”?  Is that what y’all saw?



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If you look at the season as Georgia’s promotion of Aaron Murray for Heisman…

… tonight’s game makes a lot of sense.

If I were CBS, I’d go ahead and lock down every Georgia game left on the schedule.


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Georgia-Tennessee game day thread

My biggest worry today isn’t the possibility of a Georgia hangover after last week’s leave-everything-on-the-field classic.  No, I don’t expect the Dawgs to play at the same emotional level today, but when you read a fan piece like this one, about how UT can pull off the upset, you realize it’s going to take a lot more than Georgia not bringing its A game for that to happen.

What does make me a little nervous is the possibility that Butch Jones treats today like a bowl game.  It’s a perfect opportunity to take a “what the heck” approach – it’s in the middle of his first year and the last three games have brought the fan base back to reality.  After the season, nobody in Knoxville is really going to care if a loss to Georgia is close or not; if taking a bunch of chances like fake punts, onside kicks and fourth down attempts gives UT a chance to win, why not?  Plus, who knows how Georgia’s kids handle a crazy game?

As I indicated earlier, turnovers are something to keep an eye on, both because that’s the obvious way for Tennessee to stay in the game (like last year) and because the Vols have been all over the place in that regard this season.  If that’s not a factor, then I think Georgia’s run defense and passing game will be the difference.  Well, and this:

The Vols will be sporting a new look for the Georgia game, donning the Smokey gray uniforms for the first time. It will be a motivator, a boost to recruiting, and Butch said “I think it’s something our fan base has been waiting for.”

Player James Stone, who spoke briefly at the press conference, said it would be “extra juice” to motivate the guys.

James, speaking from experience, that probably isn’t going to end well.


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Rogers Redding’s priorities

Let’s say it again:  upholding a fifteen-yard penalty for targeting after the replay official rules that no targeting occurred is galactically stupid.

Unless you’re Rogers Redding.

Redding said the 15-yard penalty issue will likely be examined by the rules committee after the season. “That’s come up a little bit from the coaches in particular, but we’re not going to make a change like that midseason,” he said. “That’s been the only piece of it that’s been a concern.

“It’s a slippery slope because if you do that, then that sort of opens the door a little bit to reviewing other fouls. We don’t want to get a place where we’re reviewing interference and offsides and holding penalties.”

Yeah, heaven forbid we hold officials accountable for making poor calls.  It’s far more important to cover their asses than to get the game right.


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Whatever happened to the Heisman as lifetime achievement award?

Remember the good ol’ days when guys like George Rogers and Ron Dayne were rewarded with a Heisman Trophy because of their career work?  With a redshirt freshman winning last season, it’s obvious that kind of thinking is obsolete. That’s too bad, Aaron Murray.

Saturday will be a historic day for Murray as the Bulldogs go to Tennessee. With just 100 passing yards he will become the SEC’s all-time leading passer, breaking the record of 11,528 currently held by Georgia’s David Greene (2001-2004). With nine more touchdown passes Murray will break the career record of 114 held by Florida’s Danny Wuerffel, the 1996 Heisman Trophy winner.

Greene, now 31, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that not only is he pulling for Murray to break his record “I hope he shatters it.”

One other note on Murray: Only two players in NCAA history have thrown for more than 3,000 in four consecutive seasons: Hawaii’s Timmy Chang and Boise State’s Kellen Moore. Murray, who has 1,338 yards through four games, could become the third.

It’s a real shame that Murray could never win the big game like George Rogers did.  Another reason I hold the Heisman in such high esteem.


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Well, there is that.

Trap game. Emotional let down.  Georgia-Tennessee 2004.

Yeah, I know, the risk is there.  And the coaches are absolutely right to hammer the point home to the players about today’s game.

But then again, Georgia’s receivers, ninth in the country in passing offense with 345 yards a game, get to take on a Tennessee secondary that played two of its cornerbacks every snap last week.  Against South Alabama.


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Tennessee’s turnover margin is on drugs.

The Vols are fourth in the SEC in turnover margin, at plus-4, but when you look at their game log, you can see what a wild ride it’s been getting there.  Truly feast or famine, they’ve been everywhere from plus-6 against W. Kentucky to minus-3 against the Gators.  Which I guess is how you wind up leading the conference in takeaways and being last in giveaways.

Georgia’s story is downright boring by comparison.  How all this plays out today, I have no idea.


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