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Stirring the pot on a Friday afternoon

I have no idea whether this guy knows what he’s talking about, but I figure anybody asking the musical question “How many times is UGA going to lose key player after key player before we stop attributing it to just ‘bad luck’?” deserves your attention.  Particularly this:

… So the UGA administration ditched Van Halanger and instead of hiring a qualified strength and conditioning coach, promoted Tereshinski in-house to director when he wouldn’t have even been looked at as an ASSISTANT based on his lack of appropriate education and/or certifications related to S&C. So now you have a guy running the strength and conditioning program with no background in exercise science/physiology, whose assistants are more educated than he is in proper S&C programming and protocols, and whom have to shut up and do what they’re told because he’s running the program. They brought over John Thomas from Penn State who is a “Master-level strength coach” as deemed by the CSCCa and has to work as an assistant under Tereshinski.

Can anyone with some expertise in the area or more direct B-M knowledge than I have (which is next to none, by the way) opine whether he’s speaking truth or just blowing hot air/wildly speculating?



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The further adventures of “We’re prepared to take this all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to.”

Looks like Donald Remy and the NCAA are on the road to doing just that.

A federal judge on Friday denied motions from the NCAA and other defendants to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit pertaining to the use of college athletes’ names and likenesses.

The ruling, by U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken, sets the stage for another key ruling that is pending in the case – whether to certify the case as a class action.

Wilken ruled none of the three arguments that the NCAA offered for dismissal “provides grounds for dismissing Plaintiffs’ claims at this stage.”

Obviously, Jim Delany was not as persuasive as he thought he was.


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Today’s episode of fun with numbers

Three random things I came across on the Intertubes I thought were share-worthy:

  • One of the hardest things about coming up with meaningful football stats is how to measure offensive line play.  So I read this post of Bill C.’s with great interest.  Georgia ranks 92nd in something defined as “Percentage of runs where the running back is tackled at or behind the line of scrimmage.”  Think the offensive line misses Gurley much?
  • Bill’s partner in crime, Brian Fremeau, has his week 8 FEI ratings out and Georgia fares better than you might suspect.  But it’s his unit rankings for the Dawgs that made me nod my head in agreement:  5th in offense, 42nd in defense and 99th in special teams.
  • And this is just mind-blowing:  5 Games with at least 500 yards for total offense for Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel after he compiled 502 against Auburn last week. There have been 14 games in which an SEC player has accounted for at least 500 yards of total offense, and Manziel is the only one to do it more than once. Manziel has played in 20 collegiate games.”


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They keep playing that song.

The words change a little, but the underlying melody is familiar.

The Bulldogs’ ultra-long injury report grew by three names on Thursday and now has reached a season high 24 players who were either out or limited in practice. New to the list were linebacker Reggie Carter (knee), running back Kyle Karempelis (shoulder) and wide receiver Tramel Terry (shoulder). Only Carter, who is the first backup at inside linebacker, plays regularly.

The severity of Carter’s injury, suffered in Tuesday’s practice, was not immediately known. Likewise, his status for the Florida game is uncertain.

I’d pull out my Bataan Death March metaphor about now, but I’m not sure that’s fair.  To the Death March, that is.


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There’s always next year.

Maybe Logan Booker was on to something – Seth Emerson got three inquiries in his most recent Mailbag about whether a benching of Murray was in the cards so that the staff could get Hutson Mason ready for next season.  Skip over how shitty it would be to treat somebody who came back for his senior season and is holding up his end of the deal so far like that.  Forget about the fact that there’s no guarantee Mason is the 2014 starter at the position (heresy for some of you, I know).  Here’s what I’m curious about:  how many examples you can think of when a productive collegiate starting quarterback has taken a seat mid-season like that?

I guess if the 2014 season doesn’t click, we can talk about benching Mason to get the next quarterback ready.


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