Illegal delay also includes:

5.  Defensive actions designed to cause a false start (Rule 7-1-5-a-4).

Rule 7-1-5-a-4:

Linebacker B56 is stationary within one yard beyond the neutral zone. As the offense is calling its snap signals, B56 feints toward the line in an obvious attempt to induce a false start by the offense. RULING: Dead-ball foul, delay of game. Five-yard penalty at the succeeding spot.

“An obvious attempt to induce a false start by the offense”?  Is that what y’all saw?


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  1. heyberto

    I thought the officiating was pretty bad across the board, but I might require a second viewing to fully endorse that.

    • The Tick

      he feinted a blitz, nothing more

      • Grady Grad

        How can you or anyone else read the intent of a feint? Linebackers fake runs at the line of scrimmage all the time, especially in goal-line defenses. Personally, I thought he was trying to make the UT lineman flinch, but I wouldn’t call it a penalty because I am no better equipped to read his intent than are you. Strange rule if it requires referees to read minds. I mean, if he was mimicking the QB’s count, that’s obviously a penalty, but faking a run at the lineman, that’s a tough one to throw a flag on.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I thought he was trying to time the snap count to get in and block the kick (it was a punt after all), then realized the ball hadn’t been snapped and backed out quickly before crossing into the neutral zone.

      • The Tick

        10-4 and roger

  2. Chuck

    Yes, but why isn’t it called every time players are juking at the line faking a blitz? Is it because that action isn’t designed to cause a false start? But many times it does — isn’t the ends more important than the means?

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    And how does a zebra know if a player intends to induce a false start or to time the snap?

  4. Irishdawg

    Terrible, chickenshit call; the kind that repeatedly is only called on Georgia. I’m honestly stunned they didn’t screw us on that obvious OT fumble

    • Will

      Talking to Tennessee fans in the r/CFB live thread, they were sure the Refs were trying to give us the game. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective, because I saw so many non-calls against Tennessee and then that ridiculous “Defensive Delay of Game” call that I couldn’t believe it.

  5. Grady Grad

    Tick, are you the South Georgia version?

  6. DSmith

    I thought he jumped offsides and then jumped back.

  7. frowertr

    I had heard that Sailors (was that who it was called on??) had stepped on the lineman’s foot which induced him to move. I’ll have to watch it on my DVR tomorrow to see what the hell happened.

  8. FisheriesDawg

    I suppose you could read what he did into that, but I’ve only ever seen that call when the defense is trying to emulate the quarterback’s cadence. Apparently the foot stomp (a very mild one, mind you) was what made the difference because the referee made sure to mention that specifically when describing the penalty.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If that is what happened (stepping on an O-lineman’s foot) the incompetent refs called the wrong thing. If Sailors stepped on an opposing player’s foot that would be going across the line prematurely and making contact with an opposing player, a clear offsides penalty.

  9. Grady Grad

    I never saw him touch the guy. I’d like to see a video clip. If he touched the guy, it was offsides.

  10. Grady Grad

    The ref said the UGA player stomped HIS foot, meaning, stomped it on the ground, trying to get the guy to flinch. Still a crappy call.

  11. JRW7

    Great win, terrible defense on 3 rd downs!

  12. Turd Ferguson

    He didn’t touch any of Tennessee’s players. He didn’t jump offsides. He essentially just stomped his foot.

    And if that’s a penalty, then it’s a penalty that ought to be called on every other play, in every single game, every weekend. As I said in the other comment section, that was clearly just some home-cookin’ by the refs, trying to help the Vols.

    I’m glad we won. But that was bullshit.

  13. Dboy

    Yes, but it was an embarrassing comedy of errors that led to UGA’s collapse. Impressive how important the home crowd can be. No way that happens at Sanford Stadium

    • DC

      Eerie how quickly we lost the flow. We were driving for a TD that would have made it 24-3, but as soon as we got close, we took the ball out of Murray’s hands for late-developing runs on 1st and 2nd downs. Then we blow the FG. All of a sudden, Tennessee is alive and revived and our D is in the tank. We did the same thing on a subsequent drive: two stupid running plays that gained nothing, instead of letting Murray carve them up.

  14. NRBQ

    I wish I was settin’ there having a hardy drink with you.

  15. Romedawg79

    No effing need for sailors to be doing that crap anyway. We finally got a stop, 4th and 6, and this idiot give them an opportunity to get the first down. They eventually score a touchdown on the drive.

    • NRBQ

      Sailors is a bone-ified Damn Good Dog. You’re the idiot.

      • RomeDawg79

        Yeah buddy, he almost cost them the game. A bonehead call but why even give them a chance to call a penalty.

    • THIS! If that’s the rule then he definitely violated. I understand frustration that its a rule that’s not often enforced when the LB feign rushing the line often but in the end there was ABSOLUTELY NO POINT to Sailors doing this! It was to me an obvious attempt to draw a false start from the punt team, and that 5 yards is pointless.

      • Russ

        I’ve watched college football for 40+ years, and I see defensive players fake blitzes every game, and I’ve NEVER seen that call. They had to dig deep to pull that crappy call out. Sailors is a DGD and did nothing that any other defensive player doesn’t do every game, every week.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Again, I thought he was trying to time the snap so as to rush the punter and block the kick. How can some ref read his mind and decide otherwise?

          • Dubyadee

            He stomped his foot in the direction of the center, then backed off and rushed on a different line. Pretty obvious if you ask me. I have seen this called once before several years ago and it was almost the exact same scenario–a feigned rush/stomp in the direction of the center by a player who was obvious not taking that line.

          • Puffdawg

            I’ll have to rewatch the game but didnt Sailors drop off the line to block or a return?

  16. NRBQ

    Or hearty. Your choice.

  17. frowertr

    Sadly, even with the injuries, our Defense really is THAT bad. We shouldn’t have needed overtime to beat a no talent UT team. I think the Senator will want to address our issues on D this week since they aren’t getting any better and our O may have gotten much worse since we got bit by the injury bug.

    • Cojones

      I hope he does also, but at the first sign of someone calling for a coach to be fired, you will invite me to counter with the same invectives used when that low-life crud was spewed against Bobo and Richt.

  18. Nate Dawg

    Fine. That’s the rule. All the college football I watch. Thursday’s. Fridays. Saturday’s. Who the fuck gets that called against them other than the team I love. The Georgia Bulldogs. It just feels like a conspiracy.

  19. Patrick

    Silly rule. Usually enforced only when egregious or repetitive, and this was neither.

    Credit to Butch, I guess. He was immediately in ref’s ear about it, and I bet the ref had no intention to call it until Butch pointed it out. Probably still felt guilty about giving him the 15-yd unsportsmanlike right after half, and was makeup call.

  20. Macallanlover

    If that is going to be called “delay of game” the entire history of football should be re-written. Never seen that called away from the line and center until tonight. Game should never have gotten to OT had the ref not blown that call. But then, if we had ANY defense, it would not have been close either. We should fall out of the Top 10, imo.

    • Russ

      FSU will certainly jump us this week.

      • dudetheplayer

        Why? Their best win is over Boston College.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Well, FSU did beat a previously undefeated Maryland team 63-0. We, on the other hand, almost lost to a team Oregon beat 2 weeks ago scoring 59 points on them. Just sayin.’

          • dudetheplayer

            Previously undefeated Maryland with wins over FIU, ODU, UCONN, and a terrible WVU team. If you don’t recognize a couple of those acronyms, there’s a reason for that. Maryland was a paper tiger.

            FSU has played no one. No reason for them to jump us.

            • uglydawg

              Marylands QB was taken out early in the game with a dirty, late spearing hit that wasn’t even called. It’s amazing..The FSU player clearly hit him late..leading with his helmet and took the kid out..South Carolina had this called against them last week when it never even happened..and this week, FSU has a player completely flaunting the rule on national TV and gets away with taking out the opposing QB. Referees suck.

          • Russ

            Rightly or wrongly, Maryland was ranked 25. Agree that they were overranked but still a 63-0 beatdown of a ranked team will sway a lot of voters.

  21. Motown

    This is the actual NCAA rule, which is pretty much the same thing:

    4. Player(s) aligned in a stationary position within one yard of the line of scrimmage may not make quick or abrupt actions that are not part of normal defensive player movement in an obvious attempt to cause an offensive player(s) to foul (false start). An official shall sound his whistle immediately [S7 and S21] (A. R. 7-1-5-IV).
    PENALTY—Dead-ball foul. Five yards from the succeeding spot [S7, S18 or S21].

    • AusDawg85

      And I’m not defending anything, but maybe the clause about “lined up within one yard” is the reson we see safeties and LB’s show fake blitzes without getting called since they line up off the line, but a DL can’t do something like that. Officials are gonna officiate I guess.

  22. Before you say we should drop little 10, consider we started the game with the best tailback in NCAA on the sideline. Then one by one, we lost three more offensive studs not to mention Malcolm Mitchell where still won. Take any top ten team you want and remove 5 of their top 6 offensive weapons and see how they do!

  23. Nate Dawg

    Also, did anyone see the ut player get stopped at the 31 & all the sudden it’s 4th & inches by the 30 when it obviously should have been a full 4th & 1 at the 31. I mean I’m not sayin we stop them but damn, watch the DVR replay, that’s just a horrible spot. It just feels like a conspiracy.

  24. dudetheplayer

    We were without 5 of our best offensive skill position players in a hostile environment against a team that historically has given us fits and pulled out an incredible win. Fortune finally favored us in the end. I’ll take it.

    The defense was really shitty, though.

  25. JonDawg

    I see that literally almost every time we play a blitzing defense, when we first line up and Murray fakes the snap to expose the blitz and the player runs up to the line , or steps forward fast, etc. That was ridiculous. It doesn’t excuse our porous pass defense, but that would have ended that drive for them, and There’s a good chance we score and don’t leave them enough time to march down the field. We seem to have better play-calling, and execution when our backs are against the wall.

  26. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Things are getting better for the Dawgs. 3 years ago we would have lost this game, but we won it instead. All things considered, winning this game is still a good thing. Next, we get to deal with an undefeated Missouri team without several of our best players. At least the game is in Athens.

  27. Is it time to start seriously addressing:

    1) CTG is not good.

    2) Georgia has possibly the worst Strength and Conditioning (S&C) program of any top school. This is why we consistently have major injury problems, and it is also why our 4 and 5 star recruits so often underperform in college and then blossom into superstars in the NFL.

    • mwo

      I wonder if any of our knee injuries are the result of the new targeting rule. If you can’t hit a player straight up for fear of a penalty, go low. Or, in the case of UGA, arm tackle and don’t wrap up so the guy can get a couple of extra yards.Our tackling is not stellar.

      • AusDawg85

        Gurley is a twisted ankle on sideline. JSW and Bennett did not appear to be the result of contact (add Mitchell to that). Poor Marshall got hung-out by Murray on that play and DB goes low to cut him down is pretty standard play. I don’t see S&C issues or targeting rule effect in any of that, just horrific bad UGA luck.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          #1, what is Marshall’s status? Torn ligaments or just stretched? Same question for JSW and Bennett. Is Gurley’s sprain the type that will heal by next game?

      • I don’t think we scrimmage enough. That would improve tackling. Its a tradeoff with injuries but in the long run it will help our depth by getting the younger guys ready to play. BTW, Oregon doesn’t do anything but scrimmage every day. No drills whatsoever. Of course, it a rule that we have to lose a game before Richt will have a scrimmage with contact.

  28. Red

    I read all over the place about the minutes/days/years of life lost because of this game. Listen, I almost called 911. Granted the Ibuprofen for the migraine certainly contributed to the chest pains and heart palpitations but the left arm starts tingling and the psychosomatic panic sets in and I had to leave the room and go sit by myself and tell myself I can’t die this way, not like my granddaddy.

    But this is my church.

    • The Lone Stranger

      That’s good stuff, my man. Cojo may have a fix for what ails you. He checks in here regularly.

  29. Dolly Llama

    I thought I felt bad about Georgia football, generally, this morning. But then I headed over to Stingtalk:

    And I decided I would rather be us than them. Hell, I’d rather be us than anybody else, no matter what happens. Once you graduate from a place, hell, it becomes akin to a family connection. You can’t disown it if you wanted to.

    • 79dawg

      Walking out of the stadium last night, there were two women (yes, actual women) wearing gold Tech jerseys – everyone was like WTH. Maybe they’re doing a tour of the “most poorly designed stadiums in the Southeast”, and Neyland was their second stop after North Avenue…

      • Dolly Llama

        That is odd. Were these hot, Hooter-girl-type women? If so, I smell a poorly thought out marketing ploy. If they weren’t, there’s probably a more pedestrian explanation.

  30. Joe

    It was a BS call. This means ANYTIME a LB or otherwise rushes up to the LOS as if they are going to blitz, they should be penalized. It is incumbent on the OL to stay in place and not move.

  31. Andy

    Worst call I’ve seen since the outfield fly rule against braves last year. The real issue is defense. We are giving up more points this year (32) than cwm’s last year (25).

  32. So every week the opposing QB has a career best breakout game against UGA. Its been going on nearly every game for 2 seasons. Here is this weeks article about Worley’s breakout game. I could have written this one before the game started.

  33. I Wanna Red Cup

    I would have to admit that # 7 stomped his foot toward the neutral zone. That is something I have seen countless times in almost every game by every team, whether on punts or regular plays. The problem is that it is never enforced. I have seen hundreds(thousands?) of games in my almost 59 years and have never seen it called. So for that I say that was total bullshit and either they call is every game or not at all. Amazing really.

  34. Connor

    It was a questionable call, but to single it out as the reason the game got so close is to seriously understate the issues UGA has on defense. Tennessee is not a good offensive football team, but you would not have known it from watching the game yesterday. There is a problem on that side of the ball. If our second team offense can’t score 40+ on everyone we play for the rest of the year we’ll need to reset our team goals because you have to expect the D will be giving up 30+. We’ll get to see some aggressive 4th quarter offensive game plans, but they won’t be designed to impress pollsters, just to survive.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Right. And with The Black Pope and tOSU being eased through its games (per the bogus 4th-and-short call vs. NW & a few other prejudiced calls I now forget) those goons will not lose I don’t think. Also Stanford w/ Mizz. Rice in attendance were presented a 4th down gift.

      The 1st game suspensions and defensive derpitude against Clemmins will disqualify the Dawgs from attaining the Big Game unfortunately. But, hey, we’re Georgia fans!

      Perhaps the playoff system will be a boon to the Dawgs as it removes some of the abject fortune that governs the system now.

  35. UbiquitousGaAlum

    This call is analogous to leaving an alley in a menacing manner.

    • our cops write that up as exiting an alley in a “furtive manner”….its all bullshit just like the delay call. Can’t you reasonable argue that Sailor’s move was just a premature start of a stunt with the next defender towards the center because that’s what I thought I saw. Either way it often looks like a conspiracy to keep it close and entertaining to sell more Chevys.