There’s all kinds of execution.

How’s this for a stat?

The Bulldogs have run 100 plays from scrimmage since Green’s 57-yarder against Missouri and have gained just 403 yards.

If you didn’t like that one, I’ve got another for you.

“I’m leading the team in rushing touchdowns right now,” Murray said.

There seems to be a general consensus about the cause behind the Dawgs’ current woes.  Per Murray,

“The basic thing is doing your job,” Murray said. “And use this week and next week to really hone in on your craft, whatever it is. Whether it’s throwing the ball, running the ball, tackling, catching, blocking, snapping, kicking. Just focus in.

“It just seems like this year, everywhere — offense, defense, special teams — we have these mental breakdowns where we just, I don’t know if it’s take a play off or just don’t completely focus on what we need to do. And that’s what killing us this year.”

And from his offensive coordinator:

“They were a team that was going to blitz us and play three-deep zone and keep everything in front of them,” Bulldogs offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said. “We had to do a good job of executing, and for the most part we did not.”

One thing I like about Bobo is that he strikes me as being sincere when he uses the word “we” talking about the offense.  The players may not be doing everything they’re expected to do, but he recognizes that he hasn’t been as consistent with his playcalling in the last two games, either.  I know that some of that comes from the uncertainty of dealing with players who’ve never seen the field before the Missouri game (in particular, some of the walk-on receivers don’t seem capable of much more than occupying a defensive back’s space) and some comes from an offensive line that’s been spotty in its blocking.  But we’ve also seen Bobo do a masterful job of orchestrating effective drives, like the one that led to Georgia’s first score against Missouri and the one that closed out the first half against Vanderbilt.

Some of what’s happened feels like the players and coaches are just waiting for the big play on offense.  Because up until recently, that’s worked.

Explosive plays are nice and they’ve been Georgia’s bread and butter the last two seasons.  Right now, though, the Dawgs are lacking in the skill position talent that can generate those big plays seemingly on their own.  Those cracks the offensive linemen make that let Gurley or Marshall create huge runs aren’t going to get the same results from Douglas and Green.  Chris Conley draws a lot more attention as Murray’s top target than he does when Bennett and Scott-Wesley (not to mention Mitchell) are out there flanking him.  I’m not sure the mental preparation has caught up to the physical limitations.

That’s not to say Georgia can’t score.  There are still working parts.  Murray’s there.  So is Lynch.  The line hasn’t suffered any injuries.  It’s all about recognizing what they’ve got to work with and utilizing what they’ve got better than the guys trying to stop them.

“Teams are going to make us execute, and they’re going to try not to give us any cheap ones,” Bobo said. “We’ve got to improve as a group with our assignments and make plays. We’ve got to find ways to get the ball to the guys who can make plays.”

Of course, getting Gurley back won’t hurt anything.



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28 responses to “There’s all kinds of execution.

  1. Fitzdawg

    “I’m not sure the mental preparation has caught up to the physical limitations.”

    Great post. This makes more sense than anything I’ve read to this point. Thanks Senator.


    • Dawgfan Will

      It really does. We’re playing a ton of guys on offense who haven’t gotten nearly the reps that the starters have. It has taken a long time for Murray to get in synch with his number ones; it stands to reason that it would take more than a week or two of practice for him to replicate that with the number twos.

      It obviously affects how consistent Bobo’s playcalling appears as well. He does have lapses (as everyone does), but sometimes a single dropped pass or mis-run route is all that turns an otherwise successful drive into a stalled one. Hell, if Murray and Reggie Davis hadn’t been perfectly in synch on the 98-yard TD against North Texas, we’d be bitching about how stupid it was for Bobo to call play action inside the 5-yard line with a questionable O-line.


  2. CitadelDawg

    Great post. I’m hoping having Gurley back lights a fire to help that mental side catch up. If the walk-ons can’t get separation, let’s hope by UF Tibbs, Rumph, Rome, Lynch, and Bennett can. Lord knows we’ll need it.


  3. uglydawg

    Having Gurley back is so important. The play fake to him should help the recievers get separation.


  4. cube

    This is getting away from the topic a little bit but a huge part of coaching is preparing your players in such a way that they execute. Coaching isn’t just calling plays. Opinions along the lines of “the coaches are doing their jobs, the players just aren’t executing” has always really irritated me.

    Coaching is recruiting, organizing, preparing, teaching, adjusting, designing plays, calling plays, scheming, motivating, etc. Coaching is all of it.

    With that said, I also like the way Bobo uses “we”.


  5. PatinDC

    I just hope we have enough offensive players to finish the season.


  6. Russ

    I can’t believe we don’t have packages to take advantage of our right ends. Rome and Lynch can both be playmakers but we’re not using them. Same with Hicks.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Great post, although it is amazing you have to explain this shit, glad you did.

    “I’m not sure the mental preparation has caught up to the physical limitations.” If I may paraphrase, I am not sure the observational skills have caught up to the limitations of understanding the game.


  8. Husky Jeans

    To use an analogy from my world, this would be like a partner in a big law firm who is used to working with four experienced 5th year associates. Then, one week, he loses all of his associates and has to start working on a case with 4 first year associates fresh out of law school. Obviously, efficiency will decrease dramatically. The new associates have to wait to be told what to do, and even then won’t always know how to do what they’ve been told.

    To me, the decrease in efficiency on the offense’s part is completely, 100% expected. And Bobo’s difficulties are expected and understandable. He can piece together drives here an there, but the going is a whole lot tougher for an entire game.


  9. adam

    The injuries are bad, but we still have 8 guys on offense who were preseason starters – the whole OL (with 100+ combined starts), Murray, the TE, and the FB. We also have 2 freshman backs who have been playing well (outside of Douglas’s devastating fumbles) and we went out there with Conley (one of our top 3 or 4 receivers who has started several times) and Wooten (a 5th year senior). I have a hard time believing that those guys aren’t capable of scoring more than 2 TDs against Vanderbilt. Fully healthy, we should score 60+ on those guys. I have to assume that with 8 offensive starters, a TB who ran for 130 against Tennessee, and 2 experienced WRs we could score more than 2 TDs on offense.


    • I think this is fair as well. Listen, I get the injury issue, I really, really do, but I think we just came out flat against Vandy. I’ve never seen AM look disinterested until last Saturday. Maybe UCF?


  10. Bright Idea

    Mental toughness, players and coaches, is not there. After the phony Wilson call Georgia did nothing right, players or coaches.


  11. fatman48

    Bobo gets stuck on running the ball up the middle, why not do the unsuspected. Why do we not have any trick plays ( Spurrior has made a career of beating UGA with trickaration), and now Vandy ( field goal for a TD).


    • Ginny

      Funny you say that about Spurrier. You must’ve forgotten our onside kick that we executed perfectly in our win against his team this year.


    • So. IL Dawg

      Everyone said Bobo called a great game against USC. Guess what…in the 4th quarter, we lined it up and ran it down there throats. Everyone said that was great play calling and we ended the game with the ball. Bobo tried to do the exact same thing against Vandy; but it didn’t work so we had to punt. If a play works, he’s great. If not, he’s a numb. Players have a job to do and that’s to execute the play. Bobo can’t execute the play. This Oline should be able to maul the Vandy D; and they didn’t for some reason. Everyone keeps talking about throwing to the TE’s. They aren’t running routes because they’re trying to block for runs or help keep Murray alive. The Oline isn’t helping so Bobo has to give them help with the TE’s. That’s simple.
      Let’s just beat the Gators for the 3rd time in a row. That would be huge. I”m not sure many Dawg fans have witnessed that streak.


      • I read you and I like Bobo, but we were running well against USC as I remember. Not so much against Vandy.

        As you say, “This Oline should be able to maul the Vandy D; and they didn’t for some reason”. So I’m not sure what Bobo could have done, but I reckon I might’ve tried to toss a slant to a TE.


  12. Will Trane

    I like coaches who are into English, pronouns & conjucating. “We knew”, but I and the O staff were confused on how to attack the 4 & 5 star defensive players at Vandy. “We tried”, but we got our ass whipped, they made us quit. They had 2 weeks prep, you are injured, knew they would run what Mizzou ran. Now how many players on that roster do you have coach other than those hurt or limited. My take from all this, “let’s put a bandaid on it and phone it in”. Ole Miss was depleted on their D side, but they did not cave to LSU. 3 deep zone and they squeezed us and we knew. No doubt Green not available at end, run production, moving the chains and the clock. Sorry Bobo, not feeling sorry for you or the situation. Schemes and preparation have a lot to do with execution. Give this squad something tangible they can run with. Sure not there at Vandy and it should have been in the 2nd half. Not one time on facing a first down you did not have a play to move those chains. Twin TEs, FBs, and a QB that could have swept the edges [after all he leads in TDs, like that TD rollout].
    Can we move on to Florida. Tired of this now. Complete coaching failures against Mizzou and Vandy on offense.


  13. SCDawg

    Great post. This is why I come to this blog so often. 16 million plus hits for a reason.


  14. sniffer

    “It just seems like this year, everywhere — offense, defense, special teams — we have these mental breakdowns where we just, I don’t know if it’s take a play off or just don’t completely focus on what we need to do. And that’s what killing us this year.”

    Sadly, its not just this year, my friend, and its not just a play or two…


  15. Tslckr

    The biggest mystery to me is why with so many recievers injured have we not put both Rome and Lynch on the field at the same time. Put Rome in Bennett’s instead of a walk on. I trust Rome over all the walk ons. Not too mention it gives Murray another big target.


  16. Russ

    Let’s ask Coach McKay about the execution of the offense…


    • Russ

      Well…that was a FAIL. Sorry.


    • Dog in Fla

      John McKay taught everything he knew to Steve Spurrier


    • Dog in Fla

      “On those rare occasions when both men agreed on Spurrier’s need to throw more passes, they still clashed. McKay told Spurrier to pass the ball more to his son, John McKay, Jr., a wide receiver. Why should he do that, Spurrier said, when “he’s the worst receiver on the team?”

      McKay had had enough. He waited for a chance to humiliate Spurrier, and when he found it, he yanked him from a game in the middle of an offensive series, announcing in front of the team, “the f—ing honeymoon is over, Spurrier.” By the end of the Bucs’ disastrous 0-14 season, even Spurrier’s 9-year-old daughter Lisa was booing him. When her mother asked why she was booing her father, Lisa said, “Because everyone else is.”