“You better be payin’ attention when I’m leaning over your ass, son.” (photo via JOHN KELLEY — John Kelley / UGA Sports Communications)

If I have a real comfort level with any position group at Georgia right now, it’s the defensive line.  Depth, talent and a good position coach who sounds like he’s not fretting so much as figuring out which pieces he likes putting together best:

“Everybody would like to have a rotation, but right now I think we’re just trying to see where everybody fits in. Because when we started out we gave everyone a clean slate. So we’re trying to see: Where does this guy fit, where does this guy fit?”

I mean, does this sound like a man who’s concerned about somebody he demoted to third-string at one point in the spring?

“Ray’s gonna be fine. Ray’s gonna peak at the right time for us. I don’t worry. Ray’s played in a lot of games, so he will be a factor for us in the fall.”

If these guys stay healthy, I think Rocker will keep ’em hungry.  Depth already looks decent across the line and that’s before Lorenzo Carter shows up.  The big question will be how much can this bunch cover for what looks to be a shaky secondary.



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  1. I like these guys up front, and Coach Rocker seems hell-bent on getting the best out of them. Chris Mayes may end up being the best of the group. The kid is big and athletic for a man of his size. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing if Lamont Galliard is going to be able to contribute some depth this fall.


  2. Good post, and I agree, I think our front 7 will be able to stack up with just about anybody. And I actually feel relatively confident in our CB’s, at least confident that they’ll be ready by the end of August – not saying they’re gonna magically transform into Deion Sanders clones, but I think they will be solid. Safety, though, gives me ulcers.


  3. DawgPhan

    Man you mean we might have a great running back and a great defensive line. I think I need some alone time.


  4. Spike

    “…shaky secondary…”, what a buzz killer that is..


    • uglydawg

      Spike, as much as I don’t like GT, I’m against killing buzz.
      However, there’s hope.
      Maybe these guys on the D-line will put enough pressure on the QB (there are a lot of young QBs in the SEC , as well as Clemson, this year so that will help) that the D-backs will benefit. It’s a lot better than having a QB stand back there and pick them apart. It adds up to improvement over last year, methinks.


    • Dog in Fla

      Around Coach Rocker buzz is afraid to die


  5. Slaw Dawg

    If I’m Clemson (and I’m glad I’m not), until it proves foolhardy, I simply have my QB (whoever he/she may be) step back in the pocket and throw deep–or, heck, just throw. Worked okay for the Awbarners and Huskers.


  6. Though we need Leonard Floyd and want Leonard Floyd and gotta have Leonard Floyd, keep in mind that the Year of the Quarterback is over. We won’t be facing a lot of great ones this year. Competent, maybe, but not great. This will help.


  7. WarD Eagle

    Those colors just look soooo wrong on that man.