Name that caption, a penny for your thoughts, Boom edition

Seth Emerson captures a guarded moment with Agent Muschamp.

I wonder how many times he’ll be asked about Georgia Southern today.  Let fly in the comments.


UPDATE:  That didn’t take long.

Or at least not see Florida lose to worse opponents.


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30 responses to “Name that caption, a penny for your thoughts, Boom edition

  1. I Wanna Red Cup

    This seat ain’t hot man

  2. I Wanna Red Cup

    I think Georgia Southern wants to schedule more challenging opponents

  3. 202dawg

    God he’s aging fast…

  4. AusDawg85

    For several hours, scientists monitored Boom for any sign of a clue. None was found.

  5. Bulldog Joe

    “No sign of intelligent life here, Captain.”

  6. Mayor

    I don’t agree that Georgia Southern was a worse opponent last year.

  7. sljbhill

    Wonder if PJ is a little uncomfortable?

  8. DawgVegas

    Not a caption, but I watched “The Way Way Back” last night. I thought Boom was hilarious as the water park manager.

  9. Normaltown Mike

    I am a rock, I am an island.

  10. CannonDawg

    When asked if he wished now that he’d stayed at Texas, Muschamp replied, “I’ve said this before: This is the best job in America. I love it here.”

    After a moment of silence, he could be heard softly humming something resembling the Texas fight song.

    “Yep, I friggin’ love it here.”

  11. ctfain

    Sports reporters really up the ante on dress codes, don’t they?

  12. BoroDawg

    Just listen to the music in my head, it will all be over soon.

  13. BoroDawg

    I knew I should have sent my resume to Georgia Southern! Why did I listen to Steve-o.

  14. sectionzalum

    “This shirt? My agent suggested I start thinking about not wearing orange.”

  15. awreed79

    Which one of y’all is giving me the lap dance?

  16. “Why yes, I am trying to get myself enshrined in the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame as a Georgia Bulldog.”

  17. Spike

    Will, go on a diet.

  18. stoopnagle

    Of course, we’re all keeping in mind that Georgia Southern & Appalachian State are both transitioning to FBS, right?

  19. Russ

    I would almost take a fluke loss to them this year just to insure he stays the Gator coach.

  20. Bulldog Joe

    “We’ll move forward without playing any more of those Fing C S***ers.”

    Text to @McMurphyESPN: “Florida would move forward w/out playing any more FCS opponents.”

  21. Jack Klompus

    Is that the UGA Station Chief in yellow controlling Agent Muschamp?

  22. Jack Klompus

    Guy in the blue shirt- “Check out this pic of my wife”

  23. Cojones

    The only other person not shown in this photo of the Tallahassee Gator Club Meeting is a 14 yr old girl waiting to ask ,”Exactly what does the word “Guaranteed” mean?” .