The rise and fall of the ESPN Empire

Remember, Comcast subscribers, this can be yours for a mere $1.40 a month.



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  1. sniffer

    During a late lunch stop at the house today, I watched about 15 min of the Finebaum show. The line up of games being broadcast on the SEC Channel this fall is not worth the buck-forty they’re charging.

  2. Lumpdawg

    You get a dozen games that wouldn’t be shown on public TV, Tebow, and Finebaum. ESPN should be paying me $1.40 to watch it

  3. It it any worse than when Craig James was on ESPN.

  4. Spike

    Is it to late to cancel my subscription? Ugh, what white trash.

  5. Dafuq! Is this real?! I don’t need another way to hear or see Banners!

  6. Dawgoholic

    Come August 28, I’d pay $10 to watch USCe-TX A&M alone. I’d throw in another $10 for UGA-Troy if I don’t go to Athens. I’d pay $.50 a UGA b-ball game too.

    I’d pay even more if the channel would go off the air when it wasn’t showing games.

  7. Bulldog Joe


  8. Sanford222view

    $1.40 per sub is what Comcast is paying Disney / ESPN for every sub that has Expanded Basic service or higher. That doesn’t include the rate increase for all of the other Disney / ESPN programming. Oh by they way, providers can’t choose what channels they want. It is all or nothing, baby.

  9. I would love to see the SEC Network show condensed versions of all the SEC package games during the week like the NFL Network. Sit down and watch a game in an hour and half that you missed on Saturday because you were at a game. That would be worth the money right there alone.

  10. 79dawg

    Will Tammy call tomorrow and bitch about how she doesn’t have a graphics package? Tune in tomorrow to find out …

    • Not only that, wait until Tammy finds out that in addition to not having a graphics package, once she gets hooked on a Comcast sub she’ll never be able to get off

    • His group of callers are a bunch of idiots. I cringe even when the “Georgia” guy calls (Daryl from Columbus). He sounds like a meth head mixed with Red Bull. If you want serious football talk, go somewhere else. I actually like the new morning show on XM 91 with Greg McElroy and Taylor Zarzour. McElroy is really good and plays no favorites with the Tide. Zarzour is a good sports talk guy I’ve heard in Charlotte and Raleigh.

      • bulldogbry

        I’m starting to like this show, too. I miss Bill King being in that spot but I think First Team is going to be alright.

        • Macallanlover

          Haven’t tried that yet, usually don’t get around to the radio until close to noon and into the afternoon. Glad to hear it is worth a listen, I had my doubts. Just hope it keeps a national perspective and doesn’t let the bottom dwellers from Alabama take it over because McElroy is a host.

          • McElroy has a good handle on the broader landscape of the college game. It appears he’s going to be one of the good opinion/color guys on the SEC Network as well.

    • I played HS football with Tammy’s brother and her dad drove the athletic bus.

      Yes, there are many, many good stories that came from this. The best being her dad driving us four hours into the nether regions of lower Alabama and then he got into a fight with some locals behind the stadium and they accused him of being drunk. I was hoping he sobered up before the drive home.

      Y’all have a good day,


      • Dog in Fla

        “The best being her dad driving us four hours into the nether regions of lower Alabama and then he got into a fight with some locals behind the stadium”

        You must be from above Montgomery

        • Yes – I’m not sure exactly how long it took, but the trip was somewhere into Clarke County.

          • Dog in Fla

            Clarke County, a nether region indeed and I think I’m entitled to say that having spent time as a kid in Baldwin County with relatives still there and in Mobile, Escambia, Monroe and Conecuh counties.

    • Dog in Fla

      Tammy points and stares after being told by Paul that the graphics package she has to pay extra will not be from Magic Mike at the Xquisite

  11. stuckinred

    The Big Ten network started out with really crummy games for the 1st couple of years but now there are plenty of higher profiles tilts to be seen,

  12. ESPN found their very own Honey Boo Boo.

  13. Gravidy

    Outside of watching games, I’ll bet I don’t spend an hour a year watching anything else on any ESPN networks. My attitude toward the SEC Network will probably be the same. You guys should try it. Your blood pressure will be a lot lower.

  14. Beakerdawg

    ESPN lost me as a viewer, outside of a SEC game, a long time ago (Dan Patrick’s departure). It is absolute rubbish.

  15. Looks like Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks are on board with the SEC Network – now has pushed subscribers to over 60 million households at launch – Delany has to be chewing on nails now