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Eliminate the middleman.

The thing I admire the most about the Nick Marshall pot citation story is the goddamned ruthless efficiency behind it.  Gus doesn’t have to spend any time waiting for a dismissal or juggling Auburn’s roster to add another quarterback to it, because Nick’s already on the Auburn roster.

It’s like bringing HUNH principles to roster management.



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You can lead a Gamecock recruit to water, but you can’t make him think.

Don’t you have the feeling the OBC is about to go on the warpath with SC’s admission’s office?  (If he already hasn’t, I mean.)

Eight members of South Carolina’s 21-man signing class have yet to enroll in school, and the Gamecocks are resigned to the fact that not all the remaining players will qualify, recruiting coordinator Steve Spurrier Jr. told The State on Wednesday.

Defensive ends Dante Sawyer and Kalan Ritchie have previously announced they will not meet qualifying requirements and attend junior college with the hope of re-signing with South Carolina. The USC options for defensive end signee Jhaustin Thomas appear to be done after he failed to qualify from his junior college.

Cornerbacks Wesley Green, Chris Lammons and Darin Smalls, fullback Joe Blue and defensive tackle Dexter Wideman still are trying to meet qualifying standards in time to join the Gamecocks in August.

Eight out of twenty-one… whoa.  Mark Richt has lost control over South Carolina’s academics?  Too soon?


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“I’m competing against everybody, Gurley included.”

This is what respect looks like.

Gordon didn’t need the uncomfortably hot sitdown on the union’s patio to perk up quickly for an interview. About 10 minutes in, he reveals what he’s really after.

The running back crown.

Then he reveals what might be in his way.

SEC running backs.

Specifically, Georgia’s Todd Gurley and Alabama’s T.J. Yeldon.

This is not a derivative of empty football trash talk that floods message boards and timelines. Gordon actually does a ton of research on his running back competition. He followed Gurley and Yeldon “heavily” last season, he says, searching for stats on his iPad whenever WiFi allowed. There’s healthy admiration here.

That this could be a historically loaded tailback class nationally isn’t lost on Gordon, a redshirt junior who eschewed the NFL draft after a 1,609-yard season in part to compete against the best.

As the NFL continues to devalue running backs, these three have potential first-round ability and play in systems that run the ball by committee, which helps stave off injury.

Gordon respects them but make no mistake. He is coming for them. The race for the country’s best running back — and possibly a Heisman invite — is “on.”

“It’s been on,” said Gordon, whose Badgers open the season against another tailback factory, LSU. “I’m competing against everybody, Gurley included.”


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Do tha ‘do.

Damn, son.

Looks more like a dragon than a gator, though.


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“We’ve got to get lean so we can sustain for a long period of time.”

Georgia isn’t waiting to see if there’s going to be a change in the substitution rules.  Mark Richt is embracing the physical reality of defending the HUNH.

The rise in up-tempo offenses prompted a change in the Bulldogs’ summer conditioning plans that have been in place these recent weeks leading into August and the start of preseason practice.

“One of the big things for us is football is now becoming a very high up-tempo game,” UGA coach Mark Richt explained recently. “It used to be 30, 40 seconds between a play. Now it could be as short as 10-to-18 seconds between plays. So you’re exerting and then resting for a short period of time. So now, even in the weight room, we want to go hard, rest a short time, then go ahead. A quicker recovery time. We’re not going to run the longer distances anymore. We’re going to run the shorter distance.”

During previous summers, the Bulldogs have run 200 yards, 300 yards and other long distance drills. But they planned to do away with that this summer.

“We’re going to train these guys all summer long in exactly the way we think that you have to go,” Richt said. “We’re going to go hard and recover — quickly. So that’s a big change in how we’re going to train everybody.”

Will it work?  I have no clue.  Do I appreciate him being proactive on this front?  Hells, yeah.


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