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Chris Conley’s Retribution

He had me with the jean shorts reference in the introduction.


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Time in the system

Although the obvious thrust of this piece is Jacob Coker’s potential season as the starter at Alabama, there’s a little something in it that may bode well for Georgia’s chances with Mason:

Pete Roussel of CoachingSearch.com and 247Sports charted every starting quarterback who has led a team in that finished in the top 10 over the last five years, and found that only five quarterbacks during that time were in their first year in their respective offensive systems.

… Eight other quarterbacks were in their second year in a system. The majority had three or more years in a system — 11 had three, 10 had four and four even had five. That last number includes AJ McCarron last year although Doug Nussmeier replaced Jim McElwain as the Crimson Tide’s offensive coordinator between McCarron’s first and second seasons as a starter.

The upshot according to the chart: Teams with quarterbacks in their first or second years in a system are 20 percent less likely to finish in the top 10 than those with three or more years in the same system.

In that regard, Missouri and South Carolina are in the same boat as Georgia.  But that may be another statistical obstacle for Florida to overcome this season.



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Making Mason’s season

Seth Emerson sets up the parameters for Hutson Mason’s 2014…

BEST CASE: Stat-wise Mason turns out to be D.J. Shockley Part II, and win-wise he is Tee Martin Part II. The worth proves the wait for Mason, who puts up similar numbers to Murray ‘s junior season (3,893 passing yards, 36 TD, 10 INT), and leads the Bulldogs to glory in the SEC championship and College Football Playoff.

WORST CASE: Mason’s season goes similar to the last Georgia senior QB getting his first season as a starter: In 2009, Joe Cox passed for 2,584 yards and 24 touchdowns, but also had 15 interceptions, and that was with A.J. Green and several other future NFL receivers and tight end on the roster.

and sees things falling towards the upper end of the spectrum if Mason gets a little help from his friends.

FINAL WORD: Mason is embracing the Martin and Shockley comparisons. And while plenty of other one-year starters have failed, most signs point to Mason being able to succeed There’s just too much other talent around him, and Mason is personally talented enough that Mark Richt and Mike Bobo gave him a redshirt year two years ago, setting up this final year. The worst-case scenario could always happen. But Cox also didn’t have Gurley. The bet here is it comes down to the play of the offensive line: If it is at least a shade improved, that will be enough to give Mason the time to win games.

Emerson sees Mason as Georgia’s most important player this season because quarterback and because quarterback depth, but “Cox also didn’t have Gurley” tells you where my vote would go in that direction.  I suspect Mason would agree with me, too.

The biggest lesson Mason needs to take away from Cox’ stint is that he can’t be a turnover machine and expect Georgia to have a great season.


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The entire history of the Internet has been building towards this moment.

Boy, this should answer all our questions.

My first one is, what’s that blue thing in the middle supposed to be?


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