Is something afoot on offense?

Originally, I thought the move of Hicks to H-back was a quasi-gimmick, based on a shortage of bodies at tight end and on Hicks not being the best blocking option at fullback.  But based on something Emerson wrote yesterday, I’m starting to rethink that a bit.

It turns out that Quayvon Hicks won’t be alone at the newly-installed H-back spot.

Freshman Jeb Blazevich, who signed as a tight end, will also be at H-back, according to Bobo. The position is a hybrid of fullback and tight end, and while it’s been used for a long time at the pro level, it’s new to Georgia’s offense.

Hicks and Blazevich will both participate in the tight ends meetings, and be coached by tight ends coach John Lilly. But they will also work with running backs coach Bryan McClendon for some drills.

Bobo indicated that how much the H-back is incorporated in the offense is yet to be decided.

“We’re gonna have to see really how it unfolds as a team, offensively, what our best personnel groups, and what our identity becomes, for us to move the ball,” Bobo said. “And that changes year to year. Everybody sees Georgia as two-back team, which we do, but last year we were a one-back team 74 percent of the time, with three receivers, one tight end, one back. So it’s really going to depend on who our best personnel is who gives us the best chance to move the ball.”

If he’s serious about using the position, there are a lot of tantalizing things he could do with it.  Consider me intrigued at this point.


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  1. Spike

    Don’t tease us…

  2. The last couple of years we have been at our best in the pistol with a TE and 3 WRs with Gurley or Marshall at RB. Hicks as an H-back gives you a lot of options in formation and play calling especially at the LOS for checking off.

    • I think that’s where Bobo is going with it. Because of the running backs we have, the H gives us more flexibility. We still have Hall as a hammer fullback when we want to run that way, and a couple of serviceable walk-ons behind him.

      Blazevich runs a decent route, has good hands, and is more suited right now for a hybrid than a full-fledged blocking TE. I doubt he’s ready for that. And Hicks has shown he has enough athleticism to do it. So that is likely part of it, the H option suits our current personnel better.

      I wouldn’t think we’ve given up the traditional TE packages, as we have a classic, blocking TE committed now. Or the classic FB packages, for that matter. Whatever Bobo is thinking, this takes advantage of skill sets we have this year, and at the same time gives an already super-flexible offense even more flexibility.

      I like it.

  3. frowertr

    I hope your right, but a lot of us also thought about all the exciting schemes UGA would draw up for Hicks at the FB position and those never panned out either.

    Hicks blocking downhill while Gurley is running behind him is something we have been drooling over for some time.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. For an offense with all our injuries, I thought Hicks earned a shot at carrying a bigger part of the load last year. The guy is a bruiser.

      Ho hum, maybe he’s another in our long line of underutilized players who go on to have solid nfl careers.

    • Otto

      Sort of like the Logan Gray Wild Dawg or whatever it was QB package.

  4. gastr1

    I like how this potentially provides a lead blocker in the backfield for the RB without having to give away that a run is coming, like we would with the play where the WR goes in motion, stops, turns toward the “hole.” The latter was mostly used in short-yardage, likely because the formation was so predictable. Being more flexible and less predictable: has to be a good thing.

  5. 202dawg

    Does anyone else wonder why, when asked about Chubb and MIchel, Bobo ONLY talked about Chubb and what a good kid he is? Should we be worried? Am I paranoid? Is it football season yet?!?!

    • Macallanlover

      Paranoid likely. You never know how stories are edited, or if he was just in a hurry and didn’t have time to discuss any more than what he had just seen in the past few hours. Everything I have seen indicates Michel is a solid young man who never wavered in his UGA commitment for a long period of time. I believe Marshall got most of the ink before he and Gurley arrived on campus, Bobo will use his best weapons.

  6. Moe Pritchett

    inside hand offs to a 260lb H back are fun to watch.

    • Lrgk9

      Wheel Route Baby!!!

      • Cojones

        You mean it’s just for practice in order for the D to be able to stop everyone else’s wheel routes? You don’t mean our O would use a weapon play that’s been so good against us, do you?


        • Bulldog Joe

          Naw, the wheel route is Louisville’s problem now.

          Not sure if Richt has the stones to run the bootleg against Tennessee. You know it will be there.

  7. Dank Jankins

    It is amazing to me that Hicks is not the best blocking option and Merit Hall is. The guy is 260lbs of chisled muscle on top of muscle….first guy off the bus body type. After watching him in the Clemson game last year I thought that no one would be able to stop the toss sweep again just like the Herschel years. Regardless maybe he truely is a better player in a little space so like you Senator I am starting to get very intrigued. Mason will going to need all the weapons at his disposal this year.

    • Once Gurley and Marshall got hurt, we went away from the toss. It was devastating against Clemson, USCe, and LSU.

      • Macallanlover

        +1 I think we will see a lot of that this year, once Gurley was hurt against LSU on the sideline we shied away from it. With the stable of backs we have this season I expect to see it return. Like others I am still mystified by the change in the way Hicks was used after such a fast start, makes you wonder if he was either having trouble with a minor injury, or in trouble in a minor way. Whatever it was, I hope he is over it because he can be a force and make us an even bigger force with his talent. It might be a worth a lot of money for him to really step it up as his body would be a great fit into many NFL offenses.

        • Dank Jankins

          I have heard that in the LSU game the huge LSU fullback (I can’t remember his name) absolutely destroyed Hicks on a ST play. One of those take your manhood from you kind of hits. From that point on Hicks was just a shell of himself from a physicality standpoint. Like I said it is just something that I heard and I would not give too much thought but it is absolutely true that he was a shell of himself after that LSU game so something was definately going on with him.

          • Dog in Fla

            “Quayvon Hicks says the collision he had with 280-pound J.C. Copeland last weekend was something he’ll never forget. “He brought, I brought it,” said the 265-pound Hicks. “The film showed the bigger man was him.” By the way, Hicks collision occurred during a first-half kickoff against LSU. The Blackshear native only played sparingly in the second half, but that had nothing to do with any injury. “Naw, just the game plan is unpredictable. What goes, what’s going good whatever works to win the game is what you’re going to do,” Hicks said. “I’m just glad we got that win.”


            Unconfirmed reports were that the actual dialogue went a little something like this:

            J.C.: You ready to be laid out big-time, man?
            The Quayvon: Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.
            J.C.: Let me tell you something, pendejo. You pull any of your stuff with me, you mess with me, I’ll take it away from you and give you something you’ll never forget.
            The Quayvon: Jesus.
            J.C.: You said it, man. Nobody messes with the J.C. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • gastr1

      The problem with Hicks has been a lack of concentration leading to missed assignments. (See Tennessee punt block.)

      • Sh3rl0ck

        This. Moving Hicks to H-Back is just to get him closer to the line of scrimmage. He does not block as well in space as he does when making a block on the line. Less time to concentrate == playing reactively without thinking.

        • gastr1

          There’s a quickness issue too, it seems. Great at straight ahead, but lateral movement, not so much.

          • Rebar

            I like Hicks and was pleasantly suprised early in the season, but he seemed to get on someone’s bad side with the North Texas game. Hicks got stopped at the line of scrimmage twice in that game in one on one tackling by defensive guys smaller than him. After that game, we didn’t see much more of Quayvon.

            • Dank Jankins

              Those North Texas boys tackled very well. They had great fundamentals. Does not surprise me at all that they did well with one on one situations against Hicks. I hope this year he plays more like he looks cause he is one scary looking dude with the pads on and off.

              • Those North Texas boys tackled very well. They had great fundamentals.

                They sure did. It was quite the contrast to us, wasn’t it? I was glad when Mayes entered the game for the first time as a Bulldog. Suddenly, we were a lot more stout up front, and the game turned.

  8. Irwin R. Fletcher

    So I woke up this morning and couldn’t shake the thought…’what if we are 2003 Clemson’? I just remember…coming off a 3 point loss the year before, playing at home, opponent’s dominant season the year before seemed a bit fluky, team had a ‘disappointing season’ in the prior year but was only two seasons removed from being a top 10-15 team…there were a lot of people who were picking Clemson to win that opener.

    Anyway, I know it’s off topic…but I’ve been in a haze all day because of it and it’s scary in there all by myself.

    • sUGArdaddy

      Well, except we have Todd Gurley. I don’t mean to be overly hyped, but if Todd Gurley stays healthy last year, I think we run the table to 12-0 and play Bama in Atlanta. We lost 4 regular season games. He was on his way to 215 yards vs. Clemson. He had 154 on 12 carries. Take out the 75-yard sprint and he’s still at 7 ypc. We flat out massacre Mizzou and Vandy with him. He dominated Vandy the year before in an inhumane way. I feel good about us rolling into Jordan-Hare 9-0 and Gurley fully healthy.

      We’re not 2003 Clemmons because Richt is not Tommy Bowdon and we have Todd Gurley. I think Mr. Chubb is going to have a nice little impact as well. We’re loaded, brother. Loaded. Just gotta slow people down a little and stay healthy.

      • AusDawg85

        Just gotta slow people down a little and stay healthy.

        Not as catchy as “Keep Calm and Gurley On”, but wayyy more accurate.

  9. John Denver is full of shit...

    This will allow Gurley to run for 2k and win the heisman and Marshall for 1k and Douglas for 1k.

  10. Will Trane

    Think this scheme if for Mason’s benefit re passing game rather than run. And Mason prefers a very up-tempo play. Still in a 2 back set with 3 receivers. #31 and Mitchell in those packages are more important to me than H back personnel. Depends on how officials will allow D to sub re play clock start, because back will remain and 3 Rs are going to change based on routes.

  11. Mayor

    Help! Not wanting to hijack the thread but…I am in an extended email conversation with a friend who is a national sports TV commentator about the dismissals and UGA being portrayed inaccurately as Thug U. My point to him was that the offenses for the most part are actually minor, drinking under age, smoking pot, traffic violations, etc. and that very few have been serious criminal violations. He’s in denial, replying that there were 31 serious violations by Georgia players in the last 4 years. My recollection generally is that there may have been 31 violations but very few were serious. Senator, or anyone, can you give me some specifics to pass on to this guy to show him that this meme is BS? Thanks in advance.

    • Your friend has a meme and wants to stick to it regardless of what the facts indicate.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Tell him to call Butts-Mehre. I suspect some moral do-gooder will be happy to provide him a detailed list of every single offense without having to go through the trouble of a Georgia FOIA form.

      After all, zero-tolerance + full transparency is what they are all about.

      • gastr1

        How about he call some other schools and see what their policies are and/or what kind of shit they’ve been covering up for the last however many years?

      • Mayor

        FWIW I took your advice BJ and suggested he contact BM. He said he would.

    • Cojones

      Yeah. Fuck him. Around here a “national sports tv commentator” is just another dickhead with less brains than it takes to blog at gtp. Invite him to come on here with his blathering pile of warm do-do and we’ll give him the inside dope. He’s already the outside dope.

    • Dog in Fla

      Dear Anyone:

      I am in an extended email conversation with a friend who is a national sports TV commentator about the dismissals and UGA being portrayed inaccurately as Thug U…. Senator, or anyone, can you give me some specifics to pass on to this guy to show him that this meme is BS? Thanks in advance.

      With Warmest Personal Regards,
      The Mayor of Hamas

      Dear Mayor:

      That’s a very good hijack question. Tell your friend who is a national TV commentator that he is harshing your mellow and you know people who will have his ass reassigned back to where it belongs, the weekend weather desk, which is where it came from unless he gets squared away afkingsap

      Let him know that it is a well-established principle of international management law that he must trust and/or but verify, which means not calling bullshit on your incoming emails without giving you the name, chapter and verse of his bullshit because he can operate the Google as well as you and yours truly can..Also ask him what team he is recruiting for because you’re going to turn him in right now on national TV once you get past security.

      Thank you and God Bless America
      Your Friend,
      Dear Abby

    • Dank Jankins

      The newest ones are not on here but here are some from 2012 back.

      Ty Flournoy-Smith, TE: Marijuana dorm incident, filling false police report. Now at Alabama
      Isaiah Crowell, RB: Felony gun possession (charges later dropped). Dismissed from team. Went to South Alabama.
      Alec Ogletree, LB.: Multi-game suspension for team rules violations. (failed drug test)
      Bacarri Rambo, FS.: Multi-game suspension for team rules violations. (Failed drug test)
      Carlton Thomas, RB.: Three separate one-game suspensions in 2011. Quit team before spring practice (Failed drug test)
      Sanford Seay, WR.: Dismissed from team for rules violation. (Theft)
      Chris Sanders, WR.: Dismissed from team for rules violation. (Theft)
      Nick Marshall, CB.: Dismissed from team for rules violation. (Theft) Went to Auburn
      Sanders Commings, CB.: Gets 2-game suspension for simple battery, disorderly conduct conviction
      Branden Smith, CB.: Faces suspension of at least one game for arrest on marijuana possession.
      Jordan Love, CB.: Transferred after this past season for lack of playing time
      Washaun Ealey, RB.: Transferred to Jacksonville State after multiple disciplinary run-ins at UGA
      Zach Mettenberger, QB.: Dismissed after arrest (and eventual conviction) for sexual battery. Went to LSU.
      Dontavius Jackson, RB.: Transferred out after suspension for DUI. Went UAB.
      Demetre Baker, LB.: Dismissed from team following arrest for DUI. Went to South Alabama
      Montez Robinson, DE.: Dismissed after arrest on domestic violence charges

      • Mayor

        Thanks. These look like pretty small potatoes except for a couple. Also. UGA kicks out Marshall for stealing then Auburn let’s him in and WE are the thugs? This really pisses me off.

        • Dank Jankins

          Most of our issues have been alcholo or weed related which the 1st offense would not even be noticed as most SEC schools because they would not be suspended. There have been some really bogus things like emerging from an alley on a scooter and not givig an officer your middle name. Every now and then there are serious things like the battery charge against the DT this year.

          I am getting tired of the bashing though too when most of this things ONLY come to light because of UGA’s stricter policies. UGA gets the bad press for player transgressions yet the schools that dismissed players end up at get the feel good redemption stories (Auburn, LSU).

    • Macallanlover

      Mayor, he may not be your friend. Either that or he is stupid. The record is public and the list of victimless crimes are dominant. These incidents never see the light of day at other schools, even the police forces would tell you they don’t have time for that shit. Someone needs to correct Adams’ crusade and let the cops get back to protecting citizens from real crime. A beer, a joint , or a suspended license isn’t that dangerous, now what goes on while the police are wasting time booking these students can really hurt you.

  12. rocksalt

    Just look at how Malzahn uses motions with the H back position – probably some keys right there.

  13. Completely off topic, but….. Good Lord, Matt Hayes. So they’re not even payed employees and yet we’re talking about future wage garnishment? Maybe Hayes has a future with the IRS.

    • Dog in Fla

      I am sure the NFLPA will be all over Matt Company Man Hayes’ idea like Rice on a woman

  14. MGW

    A Gurley/Hicks backfield may be the least fun to tackle in the country.

    • Jack Klompus

      He ain’t lyin

    • Ask Clemson and USCe about that combination. Even the WWL’s reincarnation of Lawrence Taylor and Derrick Thomas wanted no part of either one in Athens last fall. Gurley ran through Clowney a couple of times, and then Clowney complained we ran away from him.